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62 territory secured in Sweden, mars 2017


26 turf secured 13 januari 2018

> ArtDatabanken

>Rovbase NVV
>Diarium LST
>government Offices
> Jaktförordning (1987:905)
> the courts of Sweden

> The county administrative boards

2018-11-07 It is not in the current situation made any new decision in the matter you are asking. EPA extended the exemption for the use of shotgun hunting from helicopters.

Marie Edvall, Rovdjurshandläggare. Division of Wildlife.
County Administrative Board of Dalarna County / County Administrative Board of Dalarna, Sweden

 > Decisions on extended hunting season and changed the hunting area for culling by wolves in Idre new sameby(9605856) (0)_TMP

 > 2Exemption hagel_Beslut NV-07912-18[2687]

 >  Nordulv_överklagan Dalarna20181004[2688]

The application means illegal hunting(9491783) (0)_TMP (1)
Applications for funding for work against illegal hunting 2019

 > Decisions regarding protective of tortious lynx

Västmanland District Court – hunting skein 2018
Updated messages from Västmanland District Court

Monday 26 / 11.
Message from Västmanland District Court.

“There will be no negotiations today when it got into a decision on lifting the arrest current Pettersson and Hedin. Persson has so far remained in custody, and we have prosecuted coverage on him 3 december.”
VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 diary 2018-11-26[2719]


Friday 23 /11. No negotiation booked in the matter.
Message from Västmanland District Court,
The prosecution later 2018-11-27, Roland Pettersson
The prosecution later 2018-11-27, Karl Hedin
The prosecution later 2018-12-03, per Persson




Thursday 22/11. No negotiation booked in the matter.

Wednesday 21/11. No negotiation booked in the matter.

Tuesday 20/11. no negotiations booked in the matter.

Monday 19/11


Fedagen the 16/11-18
No protocol today from the court but will on Monday, however, we have Karl Hedin's appeal and Svea Court decision dismissing the appeal.
 > oveklagan Karl Hedin 2018-11-16

Svea HR Ö 10693-18 Final decision (not particularly senior) 2018-11-16[2696]

No negotiations are scheduled on Wednesday 14th and torsdgen the 15/11

Tuesday 13 / 11 -18

 > VstmanlandsTRB5279-18Dagboksblad2018-11-13 (1)

 > VstmanlandsTRB5279-18Beslutunderrttegng2018-11-13[2681]

 > Canyon TR B5279-18 Aktbil 60[2635]

Monday 12/11-18

Communication from the court today is that no negotiations take place today.

day 7
Thursday 8/11-18

Message from the District Court today;
There is no court hearing booked with today's date in that case.
The next hearing in Västmanland District Court is the 12/11, 11.00

Day 6 Wednesday 7/11-18

Message from the District Court today;
There is no court hearing booked with today's date in that case.

Day 5 Tuesday 6/11-18

 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 79[2653]

Day 4 Monday 5/11-18

 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 74[2652]

Negotiations continue on Monday 5/ 11 pM; 9.00

Day 3 Wednesday 31/10-18

Canyon TR B5279-18 Aktbil 60[2635]


Day 2 Tuesday 30/10-18

VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 55


VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 56


VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 57


VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 58


Day 1 Monday 29/10-18


 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 14[2601]

 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 15[2602]

 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 16[2604]

 > VA¤stmanlands TR B 5279-18 Aktbil 17[2603]



  > Decisions on culling by wolves in Idre new sameby, Älvdalen municipality(9435309) (0)_TMP

 cull application 28 okt 2018 2.doc(9399051) (0)_TMP[2615]


  > Refusal of controlled hunting for wolves in Ludvika_ Gagnef_ Vansbro municipality(9251403) (0)_TMP[2523]

Refusal of controlled hunting for wolves in Ludvika_ Gagnef_ Vansbro municipality(9248545) (0)_TMP[2524]

Refusal of controlled hunting for wolves in Idre new sameby(9100637) (0)_TMP

Cull application wolves September 2018(9064417) (0)_TMP


License Hunting Decisions on Bjorn 2018

Surrender -of-wheel-to-make-decisions-on-licensed hunting-for-bjorn_NVV

nv-08042-16-Surrender rat-to-decide-on-skyddsjakt_NVV

Decision-license hunting-for-bear-Varmlands-lan-2018


Decision-over complainants license hunting Gavleborg_NVV

License Hunting bear 2018_Norrbotten

Decisions -overklagande license hunting Norrbottens_NVV

Decisions on licensed hunting bear in Dalarna County 2018

Decision-over complainants license hunting Dalarna_NVV

Decisions on licensed hunting for bear 2018 Jämtland

Decision-over complainants license hunting Jamtland_NVV

Decisions licensed hunting bear 2018 Vasterbotten


>Inventory Wolf winter 2016-17


>advantageously up-vargprover-21dec2017 (1)

>number-wolves-in-s EFT omrakn-fir ​​territory


>Lopnde-Rpport-Warglget-2017-12-21 slakttrad-Skanda-square-2016


Decisions on culling of a bear in Tåssåsens sameby(8177724)

Decisions on culling after three lynx in Handölsdalen sameby

Decisions on culling after a lynx in Tåssåsens sameby(8133557)

New decision on the protection hunting of wolves and Hybrid Lst Sodermanland
Valid from 2 Feb.- 31 Mars 2018
Decisions regarding protective for wolf and hybrid wolf dog ink. repealing the previous decisions

> Obduktionsprotokoll Södertörns Wolf Halter

The Administrative Court decision concerning license hunting wolves 2018
2790-17 varmland
2792-17 Dalarna
2789-17 gavleborg
2793-17 Vastmanland
2791-17 Orebro

DRIS / Animal Rights In small hamlet
 > Dris appeal 28 dec 2017 wolf HfD_v2_2362-17_2437-17_2451-17_2485-17_2517-17
JO notification of the decision of the Court 218 if Södertörns Wolf
8438-2017 Notification

Dris JO notification of the decision of the Court 218_20171213

Decisions Handolsedalens Sameby


Application for culling Ryssjöreviret

No. 1. Ryssjö territory Gavleborg cull application 8399-2017 Axmar and forest Aso -10 decmber

No. 1. Ryssjö territory Gavleborg cull application 8399-2017 Axmar and forest Aso -10 decmber

Skyddsjakts decision on Södertörns Wolf
Lulea FR 2786-17 Judgment 2017-12-14

decisions målnr 2788-17 Rejection of Appeal Halter Administrative målnr 2786-17

Södertörns bitch Administrative Court Lulea 2786-17 Mp appeal, NSF, Nordulv.

20171206 MP Haninge appeal the County Administrative Board decision on culling the wolf Södertörns(1) (1)

A decision granting conditional(7389668)_Skyddsjakt-Sodertorn_2017-12-06

culling map-Södertörn wolf 2017-12-06

 > Tjansteanteckning LST Stockholm Sodertornsvargen2017-11-28
Requests for skyddsjakt1 Sodertornsvargen 2017-10-10
Request of culling Sodertornstiken2 2017-11-09
Requests for skyddsjakt3 Sodertornsvargen2017-11-11

How to appeal Appendix besvärshänvisning_171206

Skjyddsjakt Wolf, Älvdalen local Dalarna

Decisions on culling by wolves
> M_Begäran of culling
M_Beslut about the hunt leader

Genetic vital Wolf Norrbotten

Norrbotten 3 e skyddjaktsansökan, genetically important wolves and wolverines 15998-17

> No. 1. Norrbotten wolf 16280-2017. Public mixture JK. Akkavare vvo. Deppis nLA. Mountain Bonas VVO. Pjesker-Granudden jl
>  No. 2 Norrbotten wolf. 15998-2017 Mausjaur sameby
No. 3. Norrbotten wolf 16204-2017 Mountain Bonas 2017-11-17
No. 4. Norrbotten wolf 15125-2017-2 Service Note East Kikejaure sambey

The Administrative Court of licensed hunting of wolves januai 2018
FRVärmland (1)

Autopsy Report SVA-Hunting on vargflock 7 Hybrid Puppies in Bie Sodermanland
 Autopsy report of all wolves shot in Bie

>  Prelimin-Report-Autopsy-en wolf pup
ObdProtokoll SVA Wolves- Hybrids-Bie 2018 01

2 Hybridvalp1 Bieobduktion_2017-11-24 v2975-17 prel rapport
> v2901-17 prelim replies 1a wolf male in Bie shot the 14 nov 2017
DNA report
Hybridtest_Rapport_171011[1608]_Grimso M Åkesson

>v2901-17 prelim replies 1a wolf male in Bie shot the 14 nov 2017

Over Complaint cull 218-6060-2017 Hybridvalpar

     > Reply Lamentation Over culling Bie 20171102

Revised culling decisions 218-7453-2017. version 3 20171212

  >    Decisions on culling by wolves and hybrids between wolves and dogs 2017

Here are all autopsy reports in each after we get the benefit of these.


Skyddsjaktansokan Brattfors 2017-11-22 8686-2017 1.1

Norrbotten 3 e skyddjaktsansökan, genetically important wolves and wolverines 15998-17

MF Article Immigrant Wolf 2017-12-01

Rackenreviret, Varmland

Varmland 218-8908-207 Decisions protective hunting for wolves Rackstad The territory (7361686)

The decision to review the decision Rackstad Varmland 2017-11-20(7280592)[1720]

Rejection Rackstad Varmland 2017-11-17 218-8471-2017.pdf(7285761) (0)_TMP[1718]

Refusal Rackstad The territory varmland 2017-11-20(7278154)[1717]

PULKomplettering cull application wolves Rackstadsreviret2017-11-13



Ansokan Ryssjoreviret 2017-11-16

The appeal and other documents in the file handed over(7240864)[1700]

Appeal 2017 11 12 Arvika, Sunne cull a wolf doc(7240862)[1699]

15198-17 Service Note 2 at call 7Nov Norrbotten

15125-17-3 Tjansteanteckning the call 7Nov Norrbotten

15125-17-2 Tjansteanteckning the call 6Nov Norrbotten

15125-17-1 Ostra Kikkejaurs Sameby Soker harmed culling of Varg5 November

8443-17 Resolution regarding amendment of jaktomrade 14 Nov Varmland

8443.2 Tjansteanteckning of beslut14 November Varmland

Handolsdalens Sameby 20171028_Skyddsjaktsansökan wolf(7153779)[1698]

 > Luleå_TR_B_2074-16_Dom_2017-11-10

1A decision granting conditional(7209001)[1668] Rack The territory controlled hunting 20171109
Appendix 1-218-8154-2017(7228420)[1669]decisions kartaRackenreviret20171109

Scandal that some hunter wants to shoot the whole wolf territory Racken_20171107 MF

Tracks and tracking of large carnivores

Service Note 1[1662]Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note 2[1663]Continued Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note[1660]Left Kikkejaure Sameby

Beslut 218-10802-2017[1670] 2 wolves Dalarna 20171019

Decisions on extended hunting season sameby 2017-11-06

Additional Decisions sameby 2017-10-27ompositionering 218-11236-2017

Service Note 1[1662]Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note 2[1663]Continued Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note[1660]Left Kikkejaure Sameby

 > NVV guidelines for decision skyddsjakt_978-91-620-6568-3

decision-cull-wolf-20-SE-2017 Riala


 > Decision-of-cull-for-wolf-in-Handolsdalens-and-Tassa Sens cearrus

Withdrawals from SLU:s publikationsdatabas SLUpub M

nara-wolves report



 > Wolf territories winter 2016-2017 regularly update

>  DNAextra-collection-wolf-2016-2017

exam[1423]Coarse hunting crimes against predators

number-wolves-in-s EFT omrakn-fir ​​territory

Inventory WOLF 2016_17

Varginventerin 2015-16

> Guidance on inventory methodology for large carnivores


Five-year-plan-for-genetic gain-of-wolves-2016


001The current Scandinavian wolf population

>  iventering-Wolf-2015-16-978-91-620-8764-7

Mission favorable conservation NVV_20150401

 > VR 1-2015 löshundar in wolf hunt 2015

report inventory-sized predator-2015

wolf-Scandinavia-201415-Swedish Norwegian-2015-06-15

>  strategy-game management template-nv-2015-06-30

SlutsvarSVA_Kynna (2)

The certificate for Kynnas genetic value

 > 2007_22_illegal_jakt_pa_stora_rovdjur

PDF ealso[1423]Coarse hunting crimes against predators

PDF guidance-ang lst decision-licensed hunting wolves

PDF Inventory WOLF 2016_17

Strategy for Swedish wildlife management. Environmental Protection Agency
PDFstrategy-game management template-nv-2015-06-30
EPA has completely lost its function as a support for our nature and our predators.
PDF   >Annual SVA large-predator-2016
PDFhunting license-Wolf-2017 Final Report
PDF > Previous years' license hunts


   > Judgment in Case B442-15
[2016-12-21] Norrköping District Court


Kolmarden Zoo and Zoologiske manager Mats Höggren sentenced to responsibility for the fatal accident with Wolves 2012.