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>  Prosecutors Åse Schoultz will appeal the ruling
Prosecutor Åse Schoultz, who had demanded severe punishment than the court dropped the accused men to, is not satisfied with the verdict that she considers to be too mild and says she will appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Press Release 14.00
The judgment in hunting target, B 2074-16
[2017-11-10] Luleå District Court
The District Court has today delivered its judgment in the so called. hunting target.
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The district court has sentenced 37-year old man with two counts of aggravated hunting crimes, consisting in that he shot a wolverine and a choker a bear, and for weapon failure and failure of the arms Act, to imprisonment for one year and three months.

A 74-year old man has been convicted of complicity in the rough hunting offense regarding the bear, and for aggravated larceny, weapons offenses and so-called species protection offenses (He had bought a bearskin that it was not allowed to trade with) to imprisonment for one year. The penalty has been reduced in view of the man's advanced age and health problems. The district court, however, acquitted the man from a prosecution for serious hunting offenses.

A 46-year old man has been convicted of complicity in the rough hunting offense of the bear, and the rough coat of failure and failure of the arms Act, to imprisonment for one year and four months. The man, however, acquitted of six charges of aggravated hunting crimes, one of which acts alleged to have been committed by 74-year-old, and from a prosecution for incitement to serious crime concerning hunting wolverines.

Furthermore, a 29 year-old man convicted of receiving stolen goods and hunting weapons offenses, but exonerated from a breach arms Act deemed call, to probation and community service, and a 63-year-old man convicted of hunting Receiving, but acquitted of gun crime, then the prosecutor put indictment, to the same penalties. None of these men were indicted for serious hunting offenses.

Finally weapons, ammunition, illegal traps and animal skins förklarts forfeited, which means that the defendants lost objects, that will be taken care of by the state.

The reason the 46-year-old and 74-year-old acquitted of the charges of aggravated hunting crimes are mainly the only real evidence of these charges were photos and movies illegally killed animals found mainly in the 46-year-old mobile phone. Although the District Court in and for itself believes it is proven that it is he who took the pictures and was in the places where the animals are killed, it is sufficient that, in its view alone, not for it to be considered a reasonable doubt that it is precisely these people who actually hunted and killed the animals in the way that åklagaen claims.

> Defense objections – point by point
On Thursday held out pleadings in court in Luleå in hunting violations harness and prosecutor urges jail for four of the five defendants.

Negotiations have now been completed. The verdict will be announced on Friday 10 november 14:00
Interviews and comments come in the evening broadcasts and on > svt.se/norrbotten.

Prosecutor Åse Schultz

> Timeline: This has happened in the hunting violations Hank

Here you can see all the evidence, images, etc..
> Hunting Hank

Had bear skull in the freezer - government official suspected of receiving hunting
The man who had commissioned the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten was arrested at his home in connection with a high-profile raid conducted at several locations in northern Sweden last August. In his freezer found a oflått bear head with a rope wrapped around the nose and mouth. The bear was also marked with a chip and was part of a research project.

The prosecutor believes a conviction
The lawyer: "The evidence so thin that the prosecution should never have been brought"
Hunting Crimes Hank: Who took the pictures?

Today's negotiations looking to advance very important out. Even crucial to the trial results.

The assistant to the far right, here in conversation with hunting profile and the shooter in a break.

Can prosecutor Åse Schoultz prove that the images and videos found in the involved men's cell phones also included the current mobile phones? The defense argues that the files can be sent and then stored in the mobiles.
During the morning, the police technicians to testify. Defense attorney Jonas Westerlund is also called an expert.
Westerlund defend the so-called hunting profile, a man of 45 years old as the prosecutor sees as principal in search Hank. For the suspicions against the man hears rough hunting violations in six cases.

> Hunting Hank: So says the suspects

> Leif GW Persson: "This is qualified cruelty"

> The principal refused to answer the prosecutor's questions
Day 2 > DIRECT LINK SVT News. Today you will hear the principal
Today six counts to be taken up.

  1. Roughly hunting violations – where a 37 year old man suspected of shooting a wolverine
  2. Incitement of hunting crimes – where the main suspect suspected to have induced / encouraged 37-year-old to kill the wolverine
  3. Jakthäleri – where a 39 year old man suspected of having allowed his dog to tear and pull the dead wolverine
  4. Roughly hunting violations – where 37-year-old suspected as soon as a bear
  5. Complicity hunting violations – where the main suspect encouraged the 37-year-old and given advice on how he should proceed
  6. Complicity in rough hunting violations – where the main suspect's father is suspected of having passed and transported material to the bear trap

> Summary of yesterday in search Hank.
“-All hearings are a smear of bad memory, unaware, lies, mutism and whitewash. They use the Sami culture as a protection of their own ignorance of their possessions, where mobile phones, computers M.M.. just magically disappeared from their homes. It goes so far that even their dogs have been borrowed without their awareness. ”

Day 1 > LIVE REPORT · SVT in place in the courtroom

The trial can of course also be extended!
The trial of one of the largest hunting Hanks begins today at Luleå District Court. Five men are accused of a total 22 crimes such as coarse hunting offense, larceny and receiving.
4 these men are reindeer herders and all 5 are linked to each other!
Eight predator suspected to have been killed illegally and some of the animals must have suffered before being killed.
It was in August last year that some 40 police officers raided several addresses at the same time. Five men were arrested then and today, then begin the four-day trial in Luleå District Court SVT News are in place and report directly.

Here are the five suspects in HUNTING HANK:

  • The main suspect, man 46 year
    Charged with six counts of aggravated hunting crimes (killed three bears and three lynx), instigating rough hunting offense, aiding rough hunting offense, rough coat of failure and failure of the arms Act.
  • The main suspect's father, man 73 year
    Prosecuted for complicity in aggravated hunting crimes, rough hunting offense (killed a bear with his son), violations of arms Act, rough larceny species protection and crime.
  • Man 39 year
    Prosecuted for receiving the hunt, law violations of arms and larceny.
  • The main suspect tremänning, man 37 year
    Prosecuted for two cases of rough hunting offense (killing a wolverine and a bear) and two cases of larceny.
  • Man with earlier official mission to the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
    Prosecuted for receiving coarse hunting.

- Environmental Prosecutor Åse Schoultz has lifted seizures of weapons to the Police Authority, not to my client. He has therefore not been returned few weapons. This had Åse Schoultz could help but that was not the case. Now, instead of police authority to decide whether there are grounds to believe that the weapons could be misused or that the licenses will be revoked. The suspicion against my client has not been tested in court, He requested never arrested. He denies crimes. Nevertheless lifted not convicted him, says one hunter's attorney Sven Severin. He continues:

- Although the Åse Schoultz know that elk hunting begins soon, it seems she does not want to contribute to my client can participate.

Continuation of the suspects and div.bilder taken from trial
Here are more movies from SVT News

Film lynx in a trap found in the main suspect's phone, which is one of the prosecutor's evidence against the man.
Foto: The preliminary investigation

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Urban Robert Edelbro, 46 year, ground
  • Roughly hunting violations – a shot bear 3 juni 2016 together with the 73-year-old
  • Roughly hunting violations – choker lynx 15 januari 2016
  • Roughly hunting violations – scoring lynx using illegal trap 23 mars 2016
  • Roughly hunting violations – scoring lynx using illegal trap 24 april 2016
  • Roughly hunting violations – scoring a bear 31 maj 2016
  • Roughly hunting violations – a shot bear 19 juni 2012
  • Incitement to serious hunting offenses – provided details of a wolverine to 36-year-old
  • Complicity in rough hunting violations – advised and assisted with materials of snaring of bears
  • Aggravated larceny
  • Violation of the Weapons Act

Åke Martin Urban Edelbro, 73 year, ground

  • Complicity in rough hunting violations – transported bear trap
  • Roughly hunting violations – a shot bear 3 juni 2016 together with the 46-year-old
  • Violation of the Weapons Act
  • Aggravated larceny
  • Species Protection Violation – Bought a bearskin

Johan Pär Åke Lund, 36 year, Kalix

  • Roughly hunting violations – shot a Wolverine 25 July 2016
  • Roughly hunting violations – choker a bear 5 August 2016
  • Two cases of larceny

Tony Mattias Grandlund, 39 year, Älvsbyn

  • Jakthäleri
  • Violation of the Weapons Act
  • weapons Offenses

Ivar Rune Stokke, 63 in Jokkmokk

  • Roughly hunting Receiving, kept bear a skull in a freezer container.
  • Violation of the Weapons Act.


Nearly one in ten wolf autopsied at the National Veterinary Institute have either been killed illegally or have old bullet wounds. But the illegal hunting harvests long more victims than this - it can be about as much as 50 wolves per year. 

Two deer were victims of poaching

>Now Norrbotten Hank up in court

> Hunting Hank: So says the suspects

The State criticized in connection with a large hunting tangle

> Prosecutor satisfied with jaktbrottsdom

 Lynx hung live in trees - mobile film evidence of hunting crimes tangle
A lynx snaras in a tree. Another thing that caught in a cage startled by a barking dog while a stick is pushed into the side of lodjuret.Om one month on the trial of hunting crimes tangle of Norrbotten where five men accused.
Aftonbladet has taken some of the films that show how animals are plagued.
> Link to film

> Several cases of persecution and illegal hunting

> After suspected hunting scandal - two people can get back their weapons

>  Large scale illegal hunting of wolves

> The accused wolf shooter had pictures of many wolves
> Atal against wolf shooter jeopardize löshundsjakten

> The film, which shed men Hunting in Criminal Hank
>Trial in October Jaktbrottshhärvan
> Now prosecuted the man who shot vartiken in Sjundareviret for serious hunting offenses

>Misstänkt jaktbrott unauthorized baits at bear hunt
> Negotiation facing trial in search criminal scandal
> Illegal wildlife snares i Segmon, Varmland
> Natural guardian Hakan caught hunting suspects on mountain
> Hunting crime 2. Police blew up the international league
> 2 people arrested for planning rough hunting violations
Here is the 5th suspect in Hunting Hank
Composed of SvtNyheter, Illegel predator hunting
> The prosecutor looking forward conviction
> Tortured and killed predators
>Telephone tapping a key piece of the puzzle
>Inaction by the Agriculture minister makes it illegal predator hunt can proceed
>Bustle Hank swells
> Poachers booms woods wolves