“Ulvemysteriet” also called Project Wolf

Skåne Zoo took charge of the Society for Nature Conservation Project Wolf to breed wolves that were released in Värmland-Dalarna. - There was never anything of the plans, says Anders Bjärvall.
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The programs aired under the name Ulvemysteriet, premiered 2003 in Norwegian TV.
Soon also start a government-appointed inquiry in Norway about wolves genetics.


For Centuries. Wolves have been characterized as bloodthirsty beasts and the bane of helpless livestock. determined to overcome this misconception, filmakers Jamie and Jim Dutcher-creators of the Emmy Award Winning Wolves at Our Door, spean six years in a tented camp in the wilderness of Idaho-living with a pack of wolves!
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The Wolf Man -The Diary of Paul Balenovic (BBC documentary)

Movies from Kolmarden evidence in Wolf trial. 2016-08-29

NORRKÖPING Three hours of film including Youtube, three attendants
and an expert on socialized wolves will show how Kolmarden manage their wolves.
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Emotional Music Wolves Touch – The Mountains Will Remember Wolves


Vargkriget – Poaching wolves in Sweden – THE WHOLE MOVIE


Poaching in Sweden – Vargkriget – Of the 1. Follow all 6 parts.




Energy Healing Wolf

Donna Eden Talks About Wolf Auras

Romeo the Wolf at Mendenhal Glacier Juneau, Alaska


BBC Wolf Pack. The story of one of the largest wolf packs in the world.

A Man Among Wolves. Shaun Ellis

Mission: Wolves visit Syracuse 2011