Hunting License Dalarna 2018
License Hunting-wolf-2018_Dalarna

The hunt will be conducted during the period 2 January 2018-15 February 2018 or until the provincial government avlyser pursuit of this happens before 15 februari 2018.

Wolf gets under 9 § hunting regulation hunted from one hour before sunrise t.o.m. en timme efter solens nedgång.

Number of wolves that can be folded

In total, a maximum of six (6) wolves folded. It turns out that there are fewer people in the territory as regards the actual number.

License Hunting area is Flat The territory. See area map.

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No to the culling of wolf in Falun 20121026

Hunters critical to the wolves move 20120210

Third wolf move JO-reported
EPA has notified ombudsman for the third time, having moved the Finnish-Russian genetically valuable female wolf, reports the Mount Wilson.
Swedish Hunting 20120211

For more info go to LST page.

Two wolves struck in the municipality of Falun
A wolf was hit and died after an accident in Enviken on Wednesday and on Friday morning was hit another wolf in Svardsjo region
dt.se 20121013

Gimme Wolves must not be postponed
Leksand / Falun
County Board does not permit controlled hunting of wolves in Gimme The territory, which is located in the local Leksand Falun. There are hunters, residing in Leksand who applied for controlled hunting of wolves in the territory
dt.se 20120914

Four requested arrested for hunting wolves
The four hunters suspected of illegal hunting of wolves in Lillhärdal in Härjedalen requested now in custody.
Arrest negotiations will start after lunch.
- I am a hunter myself, and ashamed of them, says an acquaintance of one of the four
Expressen 2012050
SVT Play Häktnin
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Wolf killed on highway traffic 70
A wolf was hit and killed in an accident on Monday morning on Highway 70 between Borlange and Djurås. It was just after one o'clock 7 as the wolf came up on the road at Gagnbro between Norr Amsberg and dove on the highway.
– It went incredibly fast and I had no time to react tell the motorist, Nicklas Pettersson Mockfjärd who was on his way to work in Borlänge.
Nicklas believes that he drove around 80 kilometers per hour when the accident occurred
dt 20120507

Sameby flock to the culling of three wolves
Dalarna County Administrative Board has approved protective hunting of three wolves that reside in the reindeer herding area in the municipality of Älvdalen. On Tuesday also included the County Administrative Board's decision to reject the three culling applications in Hortnäs-Sunnanäng and Sundborn
LST Dalarna 20120417

County Board rejects the controlled hunting of wolves in
Ruvhten Sijt
LST 20120322

No to protectively
It was in February as Sami filed for protective hunting of the two wolves as part moves inside the reindeer herding area.
County Board on Tuesday said no to the culling of the two wolves on the grounds that they mostly move in other areas outside the reindeer herding area
dt 20120314

Hunting politicians decide about game
Four of the five politicians in the county administrative wildlife management delegation are active hunters.
- It is the county council that nominated these people, and I have not had occasion to check their background, says Governor Maria Norrfalk – Chairman of the delegation, who are also hunters
dt 20120312

Game Tracker has not been able to see some wolf tracks
County Administrative trapper and the inspector has not been able to see some wolf tracks on the site of the suspected wolf sighting. However, they have seen older lynx tracks away from the deer. - It is very possible that the boy seen a wolf, but the deer was killed by a lynx, says Lars-Axel Magnusson, county administrative inspector
nwt.se 20120310

They are tired of wolves in the village
Now we are beginning to get tired of nothing is done by the authorities, says villagers in the village Gardvik, between Toftbyn and Svardsjo. Pet owners and parents of young children are tired of having wolves Prowl around the corners on both daytime and nighttime
Dalademokraten 20120306

Circuit criticizes the union's predators work
Rättviks jaktvårdskrets is not satisfied with how the Hunters Association runs the wolf issue. The circuit would therefore change the board in Dalarna, adding a new county chairman and a new president of the Swedish Association for Hunting. - We must have leaders who put the heels on the floor, beats fist on the table and stand up for ourselves affected hunters, says Inge Brorsson, Chairman of Rättvik circuit
Swedish Hunting 20120302

No to the culling of wolf in Insjön
Preschool The bundle in Insjön, Leksand, may no, on the application of controlled hunting of wolves. It announced Dalarna County Administrative Board on Monday evening.
The reason is that "the wolves have not caused such damage that it would be justified by culling
Dalademokraten 20120227

Wolf army ombudsman reports wolf decisions
Wolf army Sweden, which according to their website represent 2000 followers, has filed a JO-declaration of the killed wolf idre.
dt 20120220
Wolf Pups are born into seven territories in Dalarna
County Administrative Board – to date – established regeneration in six, probably seven, wolf territories in Dalarna and three shared with other provinces.
Tracings are being implemented daily to assure the quality of wolf puppies were born in the spring.
But the work in all the territory is not completed until the end of March
dt 20120216
No culling of wolf in Långsjöreviret
Dalarna County Administrative Board says no to the culling of wolves outside Svardsjo in Falun Municipality. This despite the fact that the wolves moved inside the villages and seen chasing prey day and night
Hunt & Destroyer 20120213

No to culling of Svardsjo wolves
Dalarna County Administrative Board says no to the culling of wolves outside Svärdsjö.Enligt application wolves moved inside the villages and seen chasing prey day and night.
dt 20120210

Moving Wolf ended at Ostervala
Female wolf that EPA anesthetized and moved from the mountains on Monday released near Ostervala in Heby Municipality in Uppsala County. - She disappeared with great speed through the trees and it has gone as fast since then she is far away now.
No wolf moved to Svenljunga.
hunt & Destroyer 20120210

No wolf moved to Svenljunga
The Russian female wolf has not been released, this time in the south of Svenljunga. Every transfer of a wolf cost around half a million crowns. The cost is taken from the Environmental Protection Agency's regular funding.
BT.se 20120210

Wolf killed by helicopter



The wolf killed the male will now be brought to Uppsala for veterinary examination. Photographer: Nisse Schmidt

A wolf male who described the reindeer in Idre area were killed on Thursday afternoon at culling by the municipal hunters.
The wolf dropped from helicopter.
Protection Hunt was granted by the provincial government after the application of the sameby
Aftonbladet 2012020
dt 20120209

WAS appeal

Yes to the culling of wolf in Idre
Now there is again a wolf in the reindeer herding area east of Idre. Dalarna County Administrative Board believes that the case of the wolf that since last fall been traced in the area, but has now begun to purify. County Board considers that the risk is great that the wolf fortsättar tearing purifies and grants the Sami village culling application
LST Dlarna 20120209

Decisions on preventive hunting for wolves within Älvdalen Municipality. Dalarna.

Female wolf Susi part of wet dermatitis
It moved vargtikens GPS transmitters were picked up by, and her wanderings is therefore not possible to follow. According to the Environmental Protection Agency measure was necessary because the wolf had eczema transmitter collar. – Wet dermatitis called symptoms. While some dogs are like that, and this case is believed that she got into snow during the necklace and that it has not dried, said Ruona Burman, wildlife coordinator at the Environmental Protection Agency
Swedish Hunting 20120207

Wolf anesthetized near Brunflo




Finskrysskan is called SUSI = Wolf in the Gulf.
Even earlier there was a transmitter mounted on the wolf. The transmitter is made to the Wolf on Monday could be localized to an area near Rissnavägen just one kilometer from Brunflo.
Pilot Ulf Grinde on Jamtland flight yesterday from Göviken to the context of shooter and veterinary. On the ground, they had the help of two other people who managed to track the wolf and run it on a bog.
ÖP 20120207. See the pictures of the move.

Shooters in illegal hunting wolves The technical investigation by the male in the Siljan Ring territory suspected of illegally shooting shows that poachers stood on passports. Police also found blood and other trace evidence to suggest that the male wolf killed illegally
Hunt & Destroyer 20120202

Read more about hunting violations on WAS fondsida

New wolf pairs in Dalarna
There are many indications that a new turf marking wolf pairs settled down in the southern part of Siljansringen.

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