My name is Kim Aronsson and I am passionate about protecting animals in distress and to preserve the predators that remain.

I have had time to become 60+ and has been working with animals since her teens, and grew up in the countryside in Småland with many animals on the farm and in a hunting breed. Hence, I have of course taken my hunting license on both small – och big game.
It has become very instructive.

I have worked as a veterinary nurse at a private practice in Stockholm and wildlife conservation education.
I have lived and been with the RSPCA in Sydney, Australia recently and were living both there and in New Zealand.

In the early 1990s, I was one of the first members of the then new association BLANDIS which was under construction. I then got the opportunity to help with the continued construction of this compound. Now this is a very big Rix organization called right BLANDIS RIX. >
I am a member and Judge of breeds at shows and I've updated my judgments certificates 2015 (link on the page).
I was also the owner of an American Wolfdog. They were a new “ras” in Sweden and then called the Wolf Hybrids. It turned out that these wonderful dogs could be the beginning of my vocation as a patron of the wolf.

I was president of Animal Friends Jonkoping few years where we apprehended many animals at the animal shelter. We placed out between 200-250 animals annually that received new homes. Later on we moved to Dalarna to further protect wolves closer in different ways. At the same time launched its own animal shelter called Dandelion animals naturally have followed to my current place in Värmland with my family. (The link is on this page).

I founded the organization Wolf Association Sweden WAS, (is on Facebook) 2009 which is an organization for the conservation of the Swedish predators but primarily the wolf is the most hated of all predators. Obviously this in the whole of Scandinavia.
The first 2 years was named the organization Wolf Army Sweden. I let the latter organization resign from The International Wolf Army because of Army's agenda and values ​​and thus changed the name from Army of Association. (while. is)

Now I feel that it is time for others to take over this organization when I resigned earlier this year in May (2016).
I aim to continue privately to care for the animals that need help, to devote myself to my family with our own dogs and cats, (ArnstorpsMix. link on the page) and to monitor illegal activities like hunting mm.

Here are some of my pictures over the years in this slider.
More pictures at Gallery

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