Controlled hunting of wolves outside Pine Island has been canceled

Protective hunting of wolves outside Pine Island has been canceled, the reason is that hunting the leader resigned his position after the Environmental Protection Agency's formal decision on the matter. The wolf has torn 19 get on Purple grate
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Controlled hunting of wolves in Pine Island archipelago

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Wolfterritories formed in noröstra Uppland
A wolf territories may be starting to form around Öaterbybruk in Uppland. Wolf has in all cases observed in the area for about a month
Sv Hunting 20120529

Swimming wolf surprised rescue
When the fire was out of practice yesterday turned up something very unexpected in the water 20120425

County Board: It is a wolf
The large animals that many people in Sunnersta, Alsike and the E-4 exit Knivsta have seen in recent days is a wolf 20120228
Wolf observed in Tierp
TIERP At eight o'clock on Wednesday morning saw the fireman Roine Jansson a wolf outside Tierps society.

Moved female wolf was released in Uppsala county release area
The genetically important female is that for the last time was moved from Jämtland County on Monday released in Uppsala. Spill area is one of the release areas that the EPA has to choose among those designated by the County Administrative Boards in Central Sweden in response to the government mandate they received during 2011. Nvv 20120209

The sheep are not threatened by wolves
Wolves in Uppland is no threat to the sheep population. With the right measures can wolfterritories and sheep farms coexist, writes Maria Enfeldt and Johan Enfeldt 20111223