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Illegal hunting of large carnivores > Hunting Offenses
“Slide, digging and tig” is an expression that is sometimes heard in reference to illegal hunting. Several of the large carnivore species hunted illegally with weapons, traps and poison.
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> It becomes wolf hunting on Tuesday
The Supreme Administrative Court will not stop the winter licensed hunting of wolves. This means that the hunt can begin as planned on Tuesday 2 januari.

The counties of Dalarna, Varmland, Västmanland, Örebro and Gävleborg has decided to totally 22 Wolves will get shot in the five counties.
The decision was appealed by the likes of Swedish Predators and Nature Conservation at the Administrative Court in Lulea, now decides these matters for the whole of Sweden.

> So goes the appeal of the wolf hunt to

> Wolf Hunt appealed again

After Appeal decided not to grant leave to appeal to the appeals received, turning Swedish Predators now to the Supreme Administrative Court.

> Hour of the Wolf - an exhibition of Södertörns wolf in Tyresta
“Vargtimmen – the wolf in focus” named exhibition at the visitor center for Tyresta National Park that provides information on Södertörns Wolf. The exhibition is open during the Christmas holidays between the hours of 14 och 15.

> Go-ahead for wolf hunting
Appeal in Sundsvall will not be examining the appeals entered on winter wolf hunting. This was announced right in a decision on Tuesday. Thus, the quest to launch as planned on January 2.

The decisions on wolf hunting, starting a week had appealed in all five counties where hunting may be conducted. Appeal notes, however, that there is no reason to grant leave to appeal to the appeals. And thus, the decisions and the hunt can begin January 2.

> Södertörns wolf may have fled to Värmdö
In recent days, several wolf observations made in Nacka and Värmdö.
On Christmas day at half past two, a person seeing a wolf walk calmly at Kvarntorpsvägen in Saltsjöbaden. As late as this morning at ten o'clock to be another person to have had eye contact with a wolf with a transmitter collar hundred meters away at Lillängdalsvägen on Ingarö.
Both findings were reported to the county administrative boards rovobs service, but neither confirmed nor denied by the provincial government. Two more sightings of wolves with necklaces made in Nackareservatet the 22 december.

> County Board rejects the application for protective hunting of wolves in Ryssjöreviret
Today, the board rejected the applications received on the culling of wolves which belong to the so called. Ryssjöreviret. The board has an understanding of the damage incurred perceived as serious by those who suffer and those who are at risk. The laws and regulations of the authority supports their work is among others. hunting regulation which states that culling should as a measure to prevent serious damage continues to occur should be directed to the malicious individual.

Wolves missing in north
Wolves in several territories in northern Värmland has disappeared spårleast. Värmlandsnytt havepreviously reported on wolf territories emptied east of Klarälven. Now you see the provincial government the same tendencies even west of the river.

License Hunting wolves empty territory in Varmland
County Administrative Board of Värmland chose the territory of Vimyren for licensed hunting of six wolves in January. But now it has been shown that the pack has disappeared. Hunters' Association chairman of the county notes that the provincial government selected the wrong area for the upcoming hunting license.

>confirmed: Three wolf hybrids and mother shot
SVA notes that the likely case of at least two small wolf hybrids are felled, but analyzing the responses of these is expected in early January.

Protection hunt continues as planned until it is established that all the animals in the cull area is felled.

Bucht are held responsible for culling
Backstrom writes: "The recent County Administrative Board of Stockholm on culling on a radio-marked female is that recently moved in Södertörn. The decision was motivated by the wolf behavior change, and that residents in the area are concerned about its presence

County Board: Probably more hybrid wolves
This weekend was convicted a normal colored male in controlled hunting area, and the animal will be analyzed by the SVA and Grimsö Research.

> The protection of the wolf should not be weakened
Swedish Parliament can not interpret the favorable conservation as they want. The wolf is still strictly protected.

Peaceful demonstration despite the large wolf conflict
During Friday afternoon closed nearer 200 people in Eskil Park in Haninge for to demonstrate against the approved protection pursuit of “Södertörns wolf”. 
The demonstration organized by animal rights activists in hand came first started at quarter to three in the afternoon in Eskil Park. With placards and chants train went past the Cultural Center, to continue to the town hall and then back to the Cultural Center, where some of the demonstrators made speeches.

DNA inventory: 242 wolves so far found

new-wolf individuals update-v50

Wolf Warning rejected in all instances
Today came a new decision by the Administrative Court in Lulea that neither individuals, compounds, or ecologists can stop the ongoing protection pursuit of Södertörns Wolf.
Neither of Appeal in Sundsvall, who scrutinized three appeals, sees no reason to consider the question.

Protection hunt for Södertörns Varg may continue
The Administrative Court in Lulea, rejects the appeal, the County Administrative Board's decision on culling the vargtid that since the beginning of summer moved on Södertörn, south of Stockholm.

> Appeal does not stop the wolf hunt in Stockholm
Sundsvall (JJ) There is no stopping in pursuit of Stockholm wolf. It is of Appeal in Sundsvall decided after reviewing three appeals

> new ruling: Protection hunt for Södertörns wolf may continue
County Administrative Board of Stockholm has previously decided culling after a wolf in Södertörn. Protection hunt will continue until the 28 februari 2018. The decision has been appealed by the Association Nordulv, Wolf Association Sweden, Swedish predators Association, Hunting critics, Dris -Djurens voice in Sweden, Nature Conservation in Haninge and the Green Party in Haninge and Nynäshamn. The decision was also appealed by more than 100 individuals.
Judgment day: Culling of wolf may continue

Wolf Activists raging in Södertörn
- It's pretty big area activities, but the protection hunters who have been out on several occasions have not encountered those who try to stop the hunt, says Arne Söderberg.
Right in the cull area is a shooting range, where shooters confronted by Wolf-tank hire.
- In addition to the shooting range with visits in his sleep has been photographed cars and entered the registration according to the reports I have received, comments Arne Söderberg

Sets the hunt because of activists
Södertörns wolf to be shot after the decision on culling. But for safety reasons, some hunting party set up hunt, reports SVT News.

> Sami communities applying for controlled hunting of wolves
Tåssåsens and Handölsdalen Sami villages have applied for controlled hunting of wolves. The board has not yet ruled on the matter.

>wolf expert: Therefore, the wolf become dangerous

A wolf that for a long time, staying close to the people can be dangerous for people. The risk is small, but it is. Therefore culling the best option, says predator researcher Jens Frank, who gave expert advice to the provincial government for the decision to cull.
> also read; Fotsnara can become a weapon for the hunting of wolves on bare ground
Grimsö (JJ) Wolf hunting on bare ground is difficult and often unsuccessful. It needed alternative to traditional hunting, mean both the county administration staff and researchers. - Fotsnara would be good tools, says Jens Frank, researchers at Viltskadecenter.

> Protective hunting of wolves is completed

The fourth wolf was shot on Tuesday County Board has granted cull a total of four wolves in Rackstad The territory. According to the provincial government shot one male on Tuesday and hence are protective quest completed.

> JRF will fight for Värmland wolf hunting
Hunters Association (JRF) Värmland appeal today to the Appeal regarding the decision on wolf hunting in the county. JRF district requires it to have postponed 63 Wolves licensed hunt starts 2 januari.
JRF district of Varmland thereby take the battle on the regional authority decides that it is only to have felled six wolves in Vimyrenreviret during the upcoming licensed hunting.

> They want to stop the culling of wolf
One of them was out of the woods yesterday to disrupt the hunt wolf watchdog Ewa Danielsson. According to her, 24 000 people now signed the petition against the culling.

In Facebook groups organize people who want to save the so-called Södertörn wolf away protection hunt. A method of resistance is to move into areas where the wolf has been seen - to make the race more difficult.

Now intrusive wolf shot

Now, there is a culling of the intrusive “Södertörns wolf” which created concern in residential areas south of Stockholm. Göran Åström, Environment Director of the provincial government of belsutet.

> Encountered Arvidsjaur Wolf brings new conflict

> Activists go into the forest to save the wolf
On Wednesday decided the provincial government regarding protective Södertörn Wolf, something like

Foto; SVT

brought severe reactions. In recent days have animal rights activists collected over 14.500 names on a petition. Meanwhile, the provincial government in the last days has received an unusually large number of appeals.

> Green light from the court to shoot Södertörns Wolf
On Friday closer 100 appeals
Still do not have Green Party Haninge and SRF received notice.

> Genetically important wolves from Fell The territory shot in Norway
A young wolf born 2016 after the Finnish-Russian male in Fell The territory has moved from Dalarna County in Norway, where it is being shot in licensed hunting. The Scandinavian wolf population needs new genes so the wolf was genetically important for Sweden and Norway.

So, the hunt for the wolf in Stockholm go to
County Board has received over 80 appeals of culling of an intrusive female is. The hunt, however, is in full swing. - We're trying to find her as soon as possible, says Arne Söderberg, predators officer at the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

> Backstrom (C) demanding answers regarding protective
Värmländske senator Daniel Backstrom (C) want to know what the government is doing to reduce the concentration of wolves in the predator dense areas and has submitted an interpellation to the Minister of the Environment on issues relating to culling of wolf.

Arvidsjaur wolf moves south
The wolf that the past month has been in Arvidsjaur area has slowly begun to move south after the provincial government conducted a disturbance on the.

– Right now, we do nothing with it. We have just circled it and see that it seems to be about to leave the area, says Kjell Sundvall, director of field device, county government in Norrbotten.

> Hunter hits back at criticism

Bertil Forsberg; “We want to be able to let the dogs even though there are wolves in the area”

MP and Nature Conservation Society is appealing

Protection hunt will be conducted within the area bounded by the red mark on the map, excluding from Tyresta National (hatched area). Click on the map to see it in a larger format.

Even Hunting critics and WAS appealed hunt for Södertörns Wolf also called Halter.
HE> Document

Decisions on culling by wolves in Södertörn
The board has now decided on the cull after the transmitters female is that since the beginning of summer moved on Södertörn, south of Stockholm. Protection Hunting is permitted from today, den 6 december 2017, until 28 februari 2018.
A decision granting conditional(7389668)_Skyddsjakt-Sodertorn_2017-12-06

How to appeal Appendix besvärshänvisning_171206

Stop the hunt for the wolf in Södertörn!  Care2 Petitions

New wolf territories formed near the hybrid wolves in Bie
County Administrative Board of Södermanland has found a new wolf pairs. The wolves that may have formed territorial move together not far from the area where the hunt for hybrid wolves in progress.

> Siblings have puppies in Sjundareviret
- DNA score Viltskadecenter shows that the droppings coming from a new individual, a puppy whose parents and siblings were born in Sjundareviret 2015.

Arvidsjaur wolf will run south
There will be attempts to oust Arvidsjurvargen from reindeer herding area by helicopter or snowmobile. Wolf male immigrants from East to Norrbotten seen as genetically valuable to the Swedish wolf population.

New wolf territories in Sjunda
Two of the wolves born in Sjundareviret 2015 is back in the area and have received at least one puppy. Thus, noted that there is a new territory in Sjunda, southwest of Sodertalje.

Wolf shot in the culling south of Idre
It was the third wolf that was shot in a short time. Two weeks agoshot two wolves in controlled hunting in the area of ​​Storbo, west of Idre. The wolf now killed were at Vedungsfjällen in the southern part of the reindeer herding area.

Here are the last hope of the Russian wolf
Time is running out for the genetically important wolves male who is in the area of ​​Arvidsjaur.

Third wolf shot close mown moose
A third wolf was shot Sunday afternoon in Rackstad The territory. The wolves were breathtakingly we lunchtime. When the trackers came Lopan into the area, they saw several wolves ate on a mown moose.

> New culling granted in Rackstad The territory
The County Board has granted the culling of more wolves in Rackstad The territory. No more than two individuals may be held.
- The goal of the race is to shoot an adult, says David Hook, officer at the County Administrative Board in Värmland.
> Diarium

> Protection hunt, initiated on 1 december in Älvdalen municipality (the nedan) must be by helicopter until 15 december. If it turns out that the wolf is genetically important can be hunt be stopped.

- A DNA sample is taken in, submitted to give a quick answer, says Bjorn Forsberg, who is head of the Administrative Board Dalarna.

>  Cull granted on a wolf in Dalarna
County Board grants cull of a wolf in Idre new sameby, Älvdalen municipality.
Protection hunt will be conducted by helicopter and with the help of dogs. Wolf may be killed using both fixed and variable lighting.
Protection Hunting is permitted during the period 1 to 15 december.

>    Hunters want culling of immigrant wolf
Norrbotten's Courier report on the matter. Sameby Western Kikkejaures has applied for protective hunting of wolves moving in the reindeer herding area.
The board has the DNA sample found that the case of an immigrant wolf. The hope is that it moves south to the Swedish wolf zone.

> Wolf Protection of hunting dogs
Grimsö researcher Jens Frank wants a real effort to obtain good and reliable armor for dogs.

Four wolf hybrids found in Södermanland
DNA analysis shows that there was a hybrid between dogs and wolves precipitated in the Bie 20 november.

Hybrid convicted in protective hunting - but yet there are four left
This confirmed M Åkesson SLU yesterday. However, no enskida protocols to be but it is only when all the obduserade and DNA analyzed. Then a document. Autopsy protocols can be found on page PDF document.
It is 3 puppies left that are hybrids and there are female wolf remains. Possibly she 2 brothers who join her as Administrative Board.
Here are the DNA testing done by droppings for genetic origin and hybridization with dog. 2017-10-11
> Hybridtest_Rapport_171011[1608]_Grimso M Åkesson

> Current predators information
Results of DNA analysis confirms that was a hybrid between dogs and wolves precipitated the 20 November during the ongoing protection hunt in Bie. The individual was previously not known by DNA analysis.
The board has also received responses from DNA samples submitted droppings. These results show that further a hybrid between dogs and wolves, a male, in the area.
Overall, this means that there are now four different individuals who are hybrids between dog and wolf in the area including three males and one whose gender is unknown. This is determined by DNA analysis.
Protection hunt continues according to current decisions.

No decision on culling was taken at the meeting
On Tuesday held an internal meeting of the provincial government of Södertörns Wolf, but you have not yet collected all evidence to take a position on the two current applications available on culling.

Optional inventory of wolf 2017-2018
The annual inventory is conducted as usual during the inventory period. At the same time the county administrative boards and the Swedish Association for Hunting a special effort to collect additional numerous DNA samples from wolves

"Södertörns wolf is no threat to the people"

She, also called Gimme a young curious ungvarg looking for a partner! 
Her brother was shot in the Riala wolf territory and she will not go the same terrible fate!
Email protests to; registrator@lansstyrelsen.se
The three applicant is:
– Alexandra Anstrell (M), Chairman Haninge Moderates. She says in its application that economic factors are more important than organic.
– Sandemar Godsförvaltning AB, owned by billionaires JM Construction family (and formerly owned by the family Sandemar (Sandemar castle) of the family Oxenstierna). They engages jaktturism. They complain that the wolf killed, for survival, their moose and deer on their land.
– Årsta Säteri KB engaged in hunting on their land and say exactly the same as Sandemar.
> Read applications here

> No culling of wolves that hinder moose hunt
There will be no culling of wolf in Ryssjöreviret. The provincial government within the county decided.

> Six wolves will be shot in Värmland in winter

> The decision to shoot the wolf may come today

Possible wolf territories in Sodermanland
County Administrative Board of Södermanland quality assured droppings from wolves near Bie, a mil north of Katrineholm.
In connection with a report of a predator grated fallow deer, 5 kilometers east of Bie, County Board took samples of droppings that are now analyzed. The analysis showed that the droppings came from a young female is derived from a territory which lies on the border between Örebro and Värmland

> Press Release
The Administrative Court in Lulea, the decision on license hunting for wolves

> Go-ahead for wolf hunting
The Administrative Court in Lulea rejects all appeals against the upcoming wolf hunting in including Varmland.

> Debate: Wolf research is dubious and unscientific
Hybrid between wolves and dogs are very rare says researcher, case in Bie is the first in Sweden. Today there is no involvement of the dog in the Scandinavian wolf population - apart from in Bie continues the researcher. In a place in the country, in Bie, where the wolf population is smaller than the wolf counties where hunting dogs present more frequently than in those counties, where it happened, a mating in the wild. The female mates with a beagle or wild pig dog (hound) resulting in puppies. Not in any other place in Sweden, it happened say scientists. The researchers are so convinced that he promised to eat a hat if this is so, more convincing would be if he had referred to the result of the impeccable scientific research.

> County Board may take decisions on culling on their own initiative
On Friday afternoon, was conducted a briefing for landowners, jakträttshavare, residents and others interested in Sunne library. Bertil Forsberg got there an opportunity to present arguments for the continuation and expansion of wolf hunting for officers in the County Executive.

Kölstahanne convicted in hybrid wolf hunt
"With the help of DNA analysis has established that the adult animal is a Scandinavian wolf, G137-17, from parents territory Kolsta 2 ", announced the provincial government today >authority website.
The other animal that precipitated the 20 november, a normal colored male, SVA has determined to be a årsunge.
 DNA analysis clear: Wolf convicted in hybrid hunt in Sörmland
Raiders of the hybrid wolves going in Sörmland. Two suspects hybrids have so far postponed. Now, DNA analysis of the first carcass, confirmed wolf that was shot 14 Nov. ready.
>We await the protocol for publishing this

This morning we have received preliminary report on the second (2a) shot the individual who was shot in Bie > den 21 november.
It turns out that it was one of årsvalparna, those hybrids according to DNA samples taken earlier is thus one of these puppies being shot.
We await DNA response from the 1st and this puppy.
> 2 Hybridvalp1 Bieobduktion_2017-11-24 v2975-17 prel rapport

Other wolf shot during culling in Rackstad The territory
At noon, killed another wolf in Rackstad The territory. The hunters tracked down and circled the flock in a small wooded area in the Basic Sea west of West Ämtervik.
Trails snow was still present in the area on Thursday morning. During the night four, possibly five wolves, entered a small area formerly known as the wolves' den at the Basic Sea in the north of Hensgårds VVO:s marker

> Two wolves killed during the cull in Idre
Two wolves have been shot during culling west of Idre in Dalarna. The wolves were killed by helicopter. Dalarna County Administrative Board took in October decisions on preventive hunting of two wolves that remained in winter pasture for reindeer in Idre new sameby. Several attempts to shoot the wolves have been implemented, but the lack of snow has hampered the action.

sameby 2 Wolves 2017-10-19 Beslut 218-10802-2017

Decisions on extended hunting season sameby 2017-11-06

Additional Decisions sameby 2017-10-27ompositionering 218-11236-2017
 Environmental Protection Agency: Even inbred wolves from the east are valuable

Inbreeding has in some cases proven to be great with the wolves that have migrated to Sweden. But it is unclear how it can affect wolf management.

Inbreeding also among immigrant wolves

It has now received preliminary answer to the autopsy on the 1st wolf male who was shot in the Bie 14 november. The male was a completely healthy wolf and was not a årsunge. I await the final answer + DNA response. He was probably one of the mother's brothers who joined the flock. Now it remains to see if the shot yesterday was also his brother. These 3 siblings are found to originate from Finland / Russia according Louisa Häggström on LST.
> v2901-17 prelim replies 1a wolf male in Bie shot the 14 nov 2017

> Yet wolf shot
Although this will be a normal colored male now be analyzed by the Swedish Veterinary Institute in Uppsala for assessing the age and pedigree.
Protection hunt continues now in pursuit of more hybrids.

>Notification lingers on suspected wolf hybrid
> Genetically important wolves in Norrbotten
> “New wolf important for the Scandinavian population”
DNA tests show that a wolf dog with Finnish-Russian origin are east of Arvidsjaur. The wolf is not previously known.
Wolf male carries the genes that are important for the Scandinavian wolf population, provided that it will be successful mating in the Scandinavian population, writes the Environmental Protection Agency in a press release.

> New decisions on culling in Rackstad The territory

Refusal Rackstad The territory varmland 2017-11-20(7278154)[1717]

The decision to review the decision Rackstad Varmland 2017-11-20(7280592)[1720]

PULKomplettering cull application wolves Rackstadsreviret2017-11-13

>Wolves may have a record of inbreeding
> Ecology & Evelution

The Scandinavian wolf population may be one of the most inbred species. At many wolves indicates the gene pool even higher degree of inbreeding than that usually seen in children born to parents who are siblings.
Derived from the small number of immigrants
In Sweden peace called the Wolf in 1966, but fridlysningen came too late to prevent attden domestic vargstamman died out.
It was not until the early 1980s before a wolf litter born again in Sweden. Föräldrarnavar a wolf pairs from Finland, who settled in Värmland. All living wolves in Sweden Hars Strains from this and a few more wolves that also they migrated from the east.

Thus, it is already well known that there must be a high degree of inbreeding in dennuvarande wolves.
There is no direct family connection between today's wolves and wolves during fleraårhundraden previously lived in Sweden and Norway.

Protection hunt in Rackstad: "We hope to get rid of the male"

after the judges: Fearing more difficult to investigate hunting violations

The reason is that prison sentences in search Hank Norrbotten recently failed to reach the two years required for the police to get to do wiretaps

Two dogs were attacked by wolves Saturday morning
Find Harrier was badly damaged when a wolf attacks in Värmland Brattfors The territory early on Saturday morning. the seven-year Antiquity bar armor probably saved the life of the dog. It was the second wolf attack in Värmland during Saturday morning.

> New hundangrepp of wolf in Rackstad Revír
It is the 6th attack on the dog in DETTMANN Värmlänska wolf territories !  The application seeks to cull the entire wolf pack. Read his reasoning why löshundsjakten be prioritized on the page
> PDF document.

Moderate politicians call for increased hunting of wolves
Significantly more wolves should be shot during the winter wolf hunting. It claims the moderate MPs Stone Bergheden and Lars Beckman Monday attends a predator meeting in Ljusdal.

> Applying for a cull of all wolves in Ryssjöreviret
On Tuesday killed an elkhound wolf in Ryssjöreviret in Gästrikland. Now applied for culling on all six wolves in the territory

> Wolf shot after several dog attacks
A young male wolf was shot during the cull in height with Humsjön in Mangskog, Arvika, Rackstad The territory Wednesday. It was a årsvalp in the flock which since last winter attacked and killed four dogs in the area.

>  Then begins the trial of suspected wolf shooter
County Board felt that there was a clear clause 28 cases when a man shot a wolf in Sjundareviret in September 2015.
But police and prosecutors to make a different assessment of what happened and the prosecution has therefore brought. Now the trial days on man identified

> wolf meeting: Three applications for protective hunting inside
There were different opinions, issues - and also some concern at the information meeting on Södertörns wolf in Haninge on Tuesday. Predators experts had including questions about the risk of wolf, which has been unusually fearless of the agglomeration, would attack Haningebor.

Number of wolves in Sweden is determined by illegal hunting, which increases

> First wolf-like animal felled in Södermanland
The first animal is found guilty at protecting the hunt for wolves and hybrids between dog and wolf in Sodermanland.

Plusartikel. > First wolf can be convicted
“Hunter was one of the black wolves of sight Monday night but chose to fold the normal colored, in line with the provincial government's decision. Foto: County Board”
Beslut, culling of hybrids.

DNA analysis: The wolf is unknown (+)items
It shows the first DNA analysis by wolf droppings.
- There are indications that the wolf is of eastern origin, but it is not entirely clear yet and therefore made further DNA analyzes as we await answers to later in the week, says Alexander Winiger, predators administrator at the county government.

If the wolf would be of eastern origin are considered genetically more valuable than if it is of Scandinavian origin. Which in turn affects the county administrative board's handling of the application for the culling of Sami village of West Kikkejaure did last week.
- We strongly suspects that the wolf is on emigration. There are no signs of any territorial assertion in the tracking that we have made.
Alexander Winiger invites the public to be alert and report any sightings throughSkandobs, a service available on the internet.
- We had sightings of wolves in the Torne Valley and in Piteå area in the summer. Now there is snow and it's easier to see traces. We are interested about the wolves moved on, or if they are left.

“It's almost two weeks ago East Kikkejaures Sami village saw the first traces of what they quickly concluded was a wolf. Equally impressive was not the provincial government, who wanted to be absolutely sure of their ground before the confirmed task. DNA samples were taken on droppings, and the results confirm the Sami village fears.
- The responses show that there is a male wolf, but it is a new individual who is not in our database already. You can not see from the population it came from, and we find either no parents to match. Without speculating too much as it is by all accounts a walking wolf, these tend to be not very old – around 1,5 to 2 years old, says Alexander Winiger who are predators coordinator at Norrbotten County Administrative Board.
He says that they have taken further samples that will hopefully show the origin of the wolf has.
Last Friday received news of North reports that a new clean should have been taken of the wolf, this time about three kilometers from Martin Nilsson's house in Mountain Bonas.
- It has been a struggle, he said after visiting the site and seen it with my own eyes.
What is the future for the wolf out, do you think, Alexander Winiger?
- It depends on how it behaves. I assume that it migrates further. The argument for it is that it is a male, seeking tiksällskap and not so great propensity to settle down in one place alone.
Sami village has applied for protective hunting?
- No such thing will not decide until we know what it is for the individual, the answers are expected during the week.”
>Read more: Sameby want to shoot wolves

Female wolf shot on the licensed hunting 2015 in Olsjöreviret, Dalarna

> Connect your dogs- and let the wolves live
Hunters outdated method must end !
We deeply regret that several hunting dogs have been killed, but the responsibility lies with the owners - not with the wolves. Culling of wild animals who defends his territory is totally unreasonable, write members of the Swedish Association predators and hunting Critics.

Extended area of ​​hybrid hunt
County Board are now stepping up protection hunt for wolves and hybrids. By expanding the area to include parts of Vingåker will train for wolves- dog and crossings even greater.

Yes to the culling of a wolf
County Administrative Board of Värmland say yes to the culling of a wolf in Rackstad The territory.
1A decision granting conditional(7209001)[1668] Rack The territory controlled hunting 20171109
Appendix 1-218-8154-2017(7228420)[1669]decisions kartaRackenreviret20171109

Letters to the editor in VF by Marlen Fuglsang(not published)
Scandal that some hunter wants to shoot the whole wolf territory Racken_20171107 MF

> Wolf hunting is legal? 
Letter to the editor: Now whimpers man, because you only get to shoot six protected wolves and appeal the County Administrative Board's decision.

Want removed wolves in Arvidsjaur
In the last week found a reindeer traces of wolves just east of Arvidsjaur. Since then, more tracks found near the farms in the area. Now Sami village have been culling, writes Swedish Radio Sameradion.
Service Note 1[1662]Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note 2[1663]Continued Z Kikkejaure Sameby
Service Note[1660]Left Kikkejaure Sameby

> County Board extends the culling of wolf

Beslut 218-10802-2017[1670] 2 wolves Dalarna 20171019
Web Diarium
The 19 October, the County Administrative Board Dalarna regarding protective after two wolves in the Sami village year round land. Hunting time is extended to the 5 November, according to the first cull decision.

Sluggish culling of wolf hybrids
It has not happened a thing of the culling of the herd with wolf hybrids in Bie Area, north of Katrineholm, then start the 24 oktober.
- But we see no reason to believe that the animals have left the area, says Johan Varenius, function Head of wild drive on the provincial government in Sodermanland.
No posted protecting hunters
In the absence of observations and pictures of animals to hunt, the hunters appointed by the provincial government for the so-called targeted culling have not yet been sent out.

Do trap all Racken-wolves
A hunting dog and two other dogs in ten days killed by wolves in the Western Ämtervik in Varmland. Now they want hunting parties concerned and älgskötselområden have controlled hunting of wolves in the Rack The territory, writes Värmlandsnytt.
> County Board confirms wolf visits in Tingsryd
> The decision on the licensed hunting of wolves appealed by SSNC Dalarna

Fotsnara can become a weapon for the hunting of wolves on bare ground
Grimsö (JJ) Wolf hunting on bare ground is difficult and often unsuccessful. It needed alternative to traditional hunting, mean both the county administration staff and researchers. - Fotsnara would be good tools, says Jens Frank, researchers at Viltskadecenter.

> Do not allow hunting with bow and arrow
To hunt with bow and arrow is something that the Swedish Hunters Association wants to introduce in Sweden. A fundamentally primitive form of hunting. Hunters Association is now working aggressively with Swedish Bågjägareförbundet to get the EPA to approve bow hunting when the regulations for hunting medium to be reviewed next year.

Five sheep killed by wolves near Fagersta
Wednesday morning it was discovered that five sheep killed by a wolf at a farm near Fagersta.
- It was the owner who discovered it when he would watch the sheep in the morning, says Fredrik Perols of the provincial government in Dalarna, which has been in place and examined the tracks after the event.

> Dogs attacked by wolves
In ten days during the moose hunt is a hunting dog killed and two dogs have been attacked by wolves, Hunting state around Western Amtervik. The events have been Bertil Forsberg, former county chairman of the Hunters Association in Varmland, to act. In a letter to the provincial government to apply now if culling of all wolves in the Rack The territory.

> Questions and answers about wolves in Södertörn
Since the beginning of the summer, The female moved in Södertörn. Below we provide answers to frequently asked questions about the wolf and the current situation.
Where will the wolf in Södertörn away and when she came here?
The wolf is a girl born 2016 in territory Slettå 3 Norway and the siblings of the male who was convicted for culling in the municipality, (area around Riala) den 10 oktober 2017

Want removed löshundar in wolf hunt
Swedish Predators want off löshundar in wolf hunt. The compound can possibly imagine that a dog at a time is used, if it is not running as fast “the wolf is subjected to undue stress”, writes Predators in his appeal of the wolf hunt.

Four organizations appeal wolf hunt

>Predators appeal the decision on wolf hunting

Decisions on the hunting of wolves has been taken by the counties of Värmland, Örebro, Västmanland, Dalarna and Gävleborg. Any decision has now been appealed by the Swedish Society for Predators.

> Today came the response to the appeals made regarding. culling in Bie.
>  Over Complaint cull 218-6060-2017 Hybridvalpar

Reply Lamentation Over culling Bie 20171102

Decisions on culling by wolves and hybrids between wolves and dogs 2017


Kill wolves – or other animals? ( +items)
Could this be the remains of two dead wolves, or is there any other animals? - You can not exclude that there are wolves, says Mikael Fransson, predators officer at the Stockholm County Administrative Board.

Foto: Asa Sundberg Published 31 oktober 2017

When Trosabon Åsa Sundberg Friday was out jogging in the forest at the height of Furuholmsnäs off the thong she made a macabre discovery. Two dead animals lay next to the road. And not any animals, she means.

- At first I thought it was wild boar but that it was not. I am 100 percent sure that it is two wolves. They were really killed, and was close to the road and not far into the woods or, says Åsa Sundberg.

The carcasses reminiscent to the untrained eye undeniably a lot about wolves. When SN contact Mikael Fransson, Predator officers at the provincial government, He is also unsure.

- One can not establish the image that there are two wolves. In such cases it is serious hunting offenses, says Mikael Fransson and consult a few colleagues.

Both sheep and fox mentioned as possible alternatives, based on the image the provincial government will see.

- They look pretty small out kraniestrukturen similar perhaps more any other animal, Also tandloben is a bit strange. But it can not be excluded that there are wolves nor. The animals are in such poor condition that it is almost impossible to say. One would have to collect and send them away to analyze what kind of animal, says Mikael Fransson.

There have been reports of several wolf sightings in Sörmland in summer, including Katrineholm neighborhood. In May, reported the SN of a wolf attacking a lamb in Thong region and claims handled, probably superficial.

- because we saved it in half a day, in very many kilometers, nearly one mil, it is a sign that it is heavily damaged. It is so healthy that we will not catch up with it, said Johan Varenius The county rural unit.

Politicians disagree about the wolf meeting in Haninge

Want all the wolves folds at Jangen
On Monday left the Hunters Association Varmland an appeal by the municipal vargjakts decision to the Administrative Court in Lulea. Of the appeal shows that the six wolves county administrative conceded hunting is not sufficient to reduce the concentration of the wolf in the county. The Association therefore wants the Administrative Court decides whether to expand the hunt to include two additional territory, Glaskogen and Jangen.

> Information about ongoing wolf sample collection in Sweden 2017-2018:
We collect samples in Rovbase as soon as we can, but sometimes it can take a few days. Direct link to the registered samples in Rovbase: http://rovbase.se/…. Link is updated continuously. OBS! Here you can also see other types of samples taken by the administration in the same period.

Handsölsdalens Sami village filed an application for the culling 28 oktober, a wolf. The wolf is in their Renars winter pastures Vemdalsfjäll – Älvros. I cull application, service entries, images, etc., Lst.

The board has seen wolf tracks from a single wolf in the same area as the two wolves killed recently. The wolf chased clean Sunday, Vemdalsfjället between Vemhån and Rätan. Reindeer moved there last week and there were some stray rjuniper area. DNA samples are submitted Sunday, will be ready in a week and it is sent as a priority test.

Talked to three of Jämtland lst this day and said verbatim: “Last Sunday saw the moose wolf hunt clean, they have managed to take it we do not know ..”

Lost wolves north:
1. Last summer there was a genetic vital wolf in Norrbotten. Then there was snow on the ground, it was not possible to trace where the wolf went. It could be the move in this area. A dung samples gave better results. Rovbase ID's:R5005378. DNA ID is D473990.

Analyzed first as a simple test that did not give enough information. Revealed it was from the wolf from the east or the wolf came from earlier immigrant wolf. sex unknown. Sekfrensanalys showed that was not from a dog. Wolf was also not on the line from Nyskoga, founded by the bitch. Tiveden bitch came in later, it can not rule out coming from the line or from the Finnish-Russian origin.

2. In Pitea observed a Scandinavian wolf, last summer. The wolf gets killed, lst first thought it was a bear that had been there. But DNA analysis of saliva, showed that it came from a wolf.
We must answer this week from DNA analysis, what it can be for individual wolves
/ M F

JRF appeals wolf hunt in five counties
Hunters Association (JRF) appeal the county administrative boards' decisions on licensed hunting in five loans totaling 22 Wolves. Total should 166 wolves folded in counties, according to the appeals made by the respective JRF-districts in the affected counties.

HE> SVR appeals wolf hunt

Hunters national association wants to shoot 17 Wolves – appeal the County Administrative Board's decision
Hunters Association Gavleborg want to shoot 17 wolves in licensed hunting next year.
Therefore, the Hunters' Association appealed against the County Administrative Board's decision means that two wolves may be postponed.

EU Directive amends: Can facilitate wolf management?
Parliament's Environment Committee, ENVI, want a more flexible use of nature directives. Among other things, the ENVI see an update of the annexes of Art- and the Habitats Directive.
It may eventually come to light, for example, the Swedish wolf management.

Wolf Hunt appealed
Hunters' Association are now challenging the decision on the licensed hunting of wolves and want to shoot 63 instead of six wolves.
Kjell Emilsson is the president of the Hunters Federation of Värmland and he says that it decided to appeal because you think that the allocation is too small.
- Six wolves in the award is nothing here in Värmland when we have so much wolf and problems, says Kjell Emilsson.

Södertörns wolf let themselves be intimidated
Fright experiments have not had any impact on the so-called Södertörn Wolf. But any culling the wolf is not relevant in the current situation.

Over Complains wolf hunting in Örebro County
Örebro (JJ) Only two wolves will be shot in winter wolf hunting in Örebro County. The appeal is now the Swedish Association for Hunting, who want to have a decision on that territory drained.

Several wolves can be killed when hybrids pushed
County Board gives go-ahead for protective hybrid wolves. But to differentiate hybrids from ordinary wolves can be difficult. Therefore, it has been determined that all wolves in the area to be shot in batches until hybrids are eliminated.

> DNA analysis confirms that the correct wolf was shot
The medical examination of the wolf shot in Riala area two weeks ago, is now ready. The results show that the DNA samples from the shot wolf male correspond with droppings found east of the E18 in Vallentuna.

The decision: Wolf hybrids to be launched
Protection hunt should last from the 25/10 to the 28/2 2018, or until otherwise determined!

One of the puppies. The dark color was part of the County Board became suspicious that it could move on hybrids. PHOTO: COUNTY BOARD


PDF>> Decisions on culling by wolves and hybrids between wolves and dogs 2017

> The County Board decides on the cull to protect the Swedish wolf population
Today, den 24 oktober, the County Administrative Board in Stockholm County decision on culling by wolves and hybrids between wolves and dogs within a limited hunting area in Katrineholm and Eskilstuna municipalities. The decision to cull taken to protect the Swedish wolf population from the genetic admixture of domesticated dog

> Jägarbas want specialist teams for wolf hunting
Emil Stolpe Nordin calls to groups of specialists set up Hunters, regionally or nationally.
- One can imagine that the group simply travel to the site, moving into the community and stay until the problem is resolved, says Emil Stolpe Nordin SVT.
He would also be snares and traps to get used.

> Now being investigated culling of Stockholm Wolf
Alexandra Anstrell, Chairman of the Moderate Party in Haninge, has received the provincial government to investigate the culling of wolves south of Stockholm.

> Culling of two wolves in Dalarna
County Board has granted an application culling of wolves from Idre new sameby. It will now culling of two wolves north of Foskros, Dalarna.

> Hybrid wolves are classed as game under the Hunting Act

Bievalparna killed for the sake artskyddets

> The extent is not clear when looking at hybrids in Bie

> Puppies in Bie noted hybrids
County Administrative Board of Stockholm County has found hybrid puppies between wolves and dogs, it has now been confirmed by DNA analysis. It is the first case in Sweden.

>Hybrid Puppies have been discovered. Environmental Protection Agency
If required the Environmental Protection Agency may grant exemption for hunting medium

> Puppies in Katrineholm is a mix of wolf and dog

> Two wolves attacking dog – female is shot in Gördalen.
It was in that Gördalen, two wolves attacked a dog. One wolf, a female managed direct on P28 !
> Even a wolf shot after attacking dog
It is the third wolf that attacked a dog in the county since Monday. The wolf was shot directly and the applied P28 !
On Tuesday,shot a wolf east of Folding in the municipality of Falun after it attacked a dog. Also earlier in the week, last Monday, became a hunting dog was attacked by a wolf at Bass Hill in Gagnef Municipality.

New decision of intimidation measures

Reason; In its decision justifies the provincial government like this:
"The events that have been reported in the area testify to a wolf following person / people with unleashed dogs in a very intrusive way. Wolf has been a few meters away from the people and reluctantly allowed himself to be intimidated by the location.”

Fright action may be implemented within the marked area, but not in Tyresta National Park. Karta: County Board

> One of Riala-wolves folded - protection hunt ends
At quarter to three in Tuesday afternoon went County Board out of the news: a hunting party that performed the controlled hunting in the area around Riala has precipitated a wolf in the municipality,.

>Wolf shot after attacking dog for moose hunting.

Just after 10.00 on Tuesday shot a wolf in connection with an attack on a dog in the area Hosjö in Falun, this according to information from the police. The wolf was shot at P28 !

Wolf may have been run on in Brottby

> Here are filmed Södertörns wolf right in Brandbergen
New filmed wolf meeting in Haninge - but also a first confirmed fatal attack on a cat.

>Cull after Kolsva Wolf goes out

> Activists and hunters in the battle of wolf
The decision to cull was taken following reports of a wolf that came so close to a three year old as seven meters.

> Who's afraid of the wolf? 
A citizens' thoughts about our endangered wolves and protection hunt for the wolf in Stockholm.

Operation "Rubber Shots" has been launched against the wolf
The board has initiated the attempt to shoot rubber bullets at Södertörn Wolf. But without success. “They have not found the wolf when you have been out”, says Christer Berggren, game manager in Haninge.

Here is the first image of the wolf pups
County Administrative Board of Södermanland last year received permission to use the so-called wild cameras at the inventory of large carnivores. The purpose of the inventory is to create the best possible picture of predator populations in the county. The cameras were set up in places where the provincial government received hints that there could be predators or previous history of lynx. At the end of the summer was captured then two wolf pups on the image on one of these sites, north of Katrineholm. At these cameras were set up to catch any lynx image.

> web radio: Want hunting at least two wolf territories
Intervjuv by Mikael Moilanen
At least two whole territory should be removed, says Emil Stolpe Nordin Hunting Journal's web radio.

The wolf needed to nature to feel good
Biodiversity is vital for human beings to survive in the long term. Everything fit together and disappear a species often fall more from. A healthy wolf population helps keep other wildlife populations healthy. Eco-tourism can be developed. More and more people are concentrated in cities, and therefore, the demand for wilderness experiences increase. This creates jobs. The wolf also for its own sake. It is "created" by evolution without regard to man.
A timid wolf in its natural environment is hardly a threat to humans and the fact is that no one has been injured or killed by wolves in the wild in Sweden since the 1800s.
-” Martin Persson”

> No rubber bullets fired despite the close encounter with the wolf
The decision to disrupt and intimidate the impudent wolf south of Stockholm has so far failed, despite close contact with the wolf.
The ongoing protection hunt north of Stockholm has also been unsuccessful over the weekend. No new incidents have been reported.

>Wolf couple were shot from the helicopter 30 september

Two wolves killed

>Decision-of-cull-for-wolf-in-Handolsdalens-and-Tassa Sens cearrus

>Stockholm Wolves born in Norwegian territorial problems
North of Stockholm, in the old Riala The territory, ongoing cull after seven sheep and three pet dogs killed by wolves. The area has a male wolf from the kontroverisella Slettåsreviret in Norway.
-“Both individuals in the parental couple is equipped with a GPS transmitter and positions from last week shows that the two are still in Slettåsreviret.2
Says Veronica Sahlén seniorrådgiver, wild section Environment Agency”

droppings from 401 different wolves found

Culling of Vallentuna Wolf appealed
decision-cull-wolf-20-SE-2017 Riala

Protection hunt for a wolf in Riala area extended
A decision on the extension of the cull and conditions(6986482) 

Secrecy surrounding the wolf hunt: “Attempted to disrupt earlier”

 Genetically important wolf in Tiveden have puppies

How will the wolf hunt go to: has two specially trained dogs

>The wolf in Tyresta area

> environment Director: "We want to make a decision that holds"
> Can be controlled hunting on wolf Riala

In the current situation has two controlled hunting applications submitted to the provincial government, both of which affect the wolf that attacked the pets and get in Riala, north of Stockholm.”
Sweden is isolated in his wolf hostility: Wolf big increases in Germany and Romania prohibits all hunting
by > Chris Ceder

DNA samples taken at the shot wolf - few reports of wolves in Västernorrland year. (+page)
“-Using DNA samples should county government is now trying to find out if the shot wolf west of Ramvik and near Viksjö can be “Habborn-Wolf”. A wolf that last winter spent part north of Viksjö.
- We already have hit the same male that last winter spent in the area of ​​Habborn north of Viksjö. It may be the wolf, but it remains after all to see, says predators Officer Lars Wiklund.

He goes out on the moose now and the matter handled even by police, who was called to the sceneThen the wolf shot this weekend connection with an attack on a dog.

This under Section 28, that says you have the right to protect domestic animals and pets during an ongoing attack.
Read more: So many predators in the county ( 2016)

That it is if “Habborn-Wolf” is probably not that far-fetched to believe. As late as 25 August, the provincial government DNA response of droppings from the wolf in Habborn, between Kramfors Harnosand.
It turned out to be the same as wolf during the past winter including visited Paljaka in Graninge and Bergeforsen in Medelpad. Perhaps also the wolf in winter is thought to have passed through Bollstabruk.
The wolves can move several mil in one day.

In Ånge where you can usually find a wolf territories have seen wolf tracks in winter, but no certain territories.
Otherwise, says the provincial government that there are no confirmed reports of wolves this year.

A minimum level of wolf is not set up regionally and according to management, it is possible with some wolf rejuvenation in the county.
But only if it takes place in the southern regions, outside the reindeer herding area and shared Gävleborg. “-

> Shot the wolf that threatened hunting dog - the investigation is dropped by prosecutors
Last Saturday was shot a wolf during moose hunting season when it threatened a hunter's dog near Viksjö in Härnösand.
The investigation has now been closed down by environmental prosecutor Christer B Jarlås.
New data on Vallentuna Wolf: “Something attracts to stay here”
> Stockholm wolf - this has happened

Wolf was shot west of Ramvik
A wolf was shot on Saturday morning west of Ramvik in Ångermanland. The wolf attacked a dog in connection with moose.
- The incident is being investigated by police and will be submitted to the environmental prosecutor, says Peder Jonsson.

No culling of genetically important wolves
County Administrative Board of Norrbotten say no to a cull application of wolves from Liehittäjä sameby. According to the provincial government are no documented injuries of the wolf - which is also known as genetically important.
There will be no culling of wolf
 Mia Olausson, conservation director of the provincial government, gone out with that culling is not relevant at the moment.
> Wolf hunting appealed by hunting Critics

> So deciding on winter wolf hunting
In late September, the counties of central Sweden decide on winter licensed hunting of wolves.
careful allocation, a raised floor for the wolf population and focus on not chasing so-called genetically important wolves.
There are three cornerstones EPA press in its guidance to the provincial offices forthcoming decision on licensed hunting of wolves.
In late September, the counties of central Sweden decide on winter licensed hunting of wolves.

Want instant search of immigrant wolf
Norrbotten (JJ) Sami villages north of Haparanda want immediate culling of the immigrant wolf that is in the reindeer herding area.
Note; This wolf dog is genetically important wolves are the only one in Sweden at the moment.

>Three sheep were torn by wolves in Tyresta

Now prosecuted the man who shot the female wolf in Sjundareviret - suspected of serious hunting offenses
Female wolf was shot 29 september 2015. County Board saw at first nothing remarkable event, but accepted the athlete's explanation - he was fired after the wolf had been aggressive toward a loose dog and not let itself be intimidated away. Such action is allowed under a clause in hunting regulation.

JRF asks hunt 166 Wolves
To bring down the trunk to the parliamentary decision on 270 Wolves get JRF proposal licensed hunting of wolves counties following distribution:
Dalarna: 35 Wolves.
Gavleborg : 17 Wolves.
Varmland: 63 Wolves.
Stockholm: zero wolves.
Uppsala: zero wolves.
Örebro: 21 Wolves.
Västmanland: 30 Wolves.
Västra Götaland: zero wolves.
Overall: hunting 166 wolves.?
end quote”-

On Friday, the provincial government decided to extend the decision to cull a rowdy wolf in Kolsva and Solmyra.

 > BeslutskyddsjaktKolsvaVarg20170825

Wolves south of Sunne
The wolf is not eaten by the ewe, However, a fox had been there and eaten.

> Wolf sniffed the lawnmower
A wolf was photographed when sniffing a robotic mowers on Saturday morning. In just over three hours, then went two wolves unabashedly around and visited all 15 farm plots in the area.
Wolf The couple are said to be unafraid of people.

Applications for permits to cull the wolves.

Kolsva wolf not shot - now the protection of the hunt

Kolsva-wolf has been seen again
During Thursday morning received the County Administrative Board in several reports that the inquisitive wolves, which has killed pets in Kolsva, has again been seen in the area.

> No trace of Kolsva-wolf

Unsuccessful tracking the hit wolf

“The wolf is visible everywhere, continuously”