Nature conservation
eller nature conservation means protecting a certain type of natural.
Nature conservation means both that you want to protect specific habitats and the animals and plants that live there in order to preserve and promote the the biological diversity.

Protection-County Board

In nature conservation also includes safeguarding the geological diversity, ie geological phenomena that have a high conservation value. There are many different types and forms of conservation. Natural protected to preserve a diversity of animals and plants, representative geological phenomena, clean water, beautiful views, varied scenery and the opportunity for people to get to enjoy all this, today and in the future. In a wider definition of conservation includes also landscape management[1] och wildlife management[2].

Infectious Disease
The law is a development of Section 7 of the chapter on public dangerous crime i The Criminal Code.

Animal Infectious Disease Control
Here you can read about contagious animal diseases and infection between animals and humans. Agriculture is the authority responsible for monitoring and combating of infectious diseases of animals, and for the monitoring of the national disease situation.

Infectious Disease – SVA
Infectious Disease County Board
Handling of slaughterhouse waste