Uppdaterat 2017-11-07
Another licensed hunting vague been decided but appealed, however, the 2 compounds. At the licensed hunting of wolves, we will be looking at several places around the wolf counties.
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On fårfarmen in Western Ämtervik looks like this. Not surprising at all that the wolf is in the area's forests and even come to visit ! 
Fences are beneath kretik.Enlarge up and look close to the fence wires.
3 thin wires, and since only 1 on another pasture fårstängsel but it is no problem to get under. Some parts are just on the hill. Wolf can go into the courtyard and directly into a pasture in one place. No preventive work on G with Predators resistant fencing at the farm but rather the opposite, the yard is very bad shot overall.





Uppdaterad 2017-01-15
Now is the monitoring times but reports from both Värmland and Dalarna as well as other parts of the country, depending on what kind of reports we receive.
On this page there > Illegal traps from earlier alerts.

> Here you can follow the events in licensed hunting 2017

I am grateful for the cooperation of several marker and hope this site will be a small forum for that work.

It will usually not be mentioned in detail what the people in place, nor exactly where we have monitored.
All those who submitted images and reports remains anonymous.


Jangen April 2017










Brattfors territory, license hunt 7/1 2017
Today there were many unpleasant hunters at the northwest corner of the hunting area.
Around Horssjön shooting range.

© KA vargskydd.se

Collage from Brattfors
More pictures can be found on page WOLF HUNT 2017

© KA vargskydd.se Deployed Sheep carrion.




Hunting on G, weekend 15-16 Oktober


Hunters on passports

Pictures of Sjundareviret, 2015 as well as from autumn 2016.

Protection hunt here has been extended t.o.m the 30 nov. which is almost can violate the Animal Welfare Act if at all allowed to hunt an animal for so long ! Protection Hunt was adopted on 3 maj 2016 and has continued since. (5Mon)


Protective hunting of wolves has lasted more than five months. But without result for the hunting.
2016-10-12 > SVT
The bitch was shot 29/9 2015 > County Board
Here at one of the pictures found one of the last droppings were from the male who has not been seen since January 2016.
> LT

Who can set up this African mask and what is the message of the ISF ?

Image is not available

Winter 2015-2016

Winter 2015-2016

Offal from hunters at Mölnbo

Image is not available

Is this a usual place of slaughter ?

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Molstabergs Säteri

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Pictures of Dalarna, Municipality of Falun in October 2016
collage-photo-rod Eldalen pengarna












Pictures from a day trip to Borgvik Grums Municipality on 7 September 2016

An old unmarked trap in a paddock about 6 km from Borgvik.

Heading layer

Here, at selection 1(one) was attack.

As you can see here, it is Borgvik a small territory that has a committed group of families.

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Anki and Niclas Lundsten do Borgvik live

pdf bild1slutkarta-vargrevir-20160601


It is not up to date with the cull after the wolf attack in Grums municipality where 46 may killed. In Ms Falkevik, predators manager at the County Administrative Board of Värmland.


Day trip in Jang, The transmittance and Fredriksbergsvägen
Bevakningstur August 2016












Gräsmark, Varmland




Gräsmark, Varmland

Sjundareviret, Gnesta
Photo by © R L P

Hunting Area culling wolves from April to June 2016

Hunting Area culling wolves from April to June 2016 Sjundareviret Gnesta, Sörmlandsleden


Female wolf and Petter Ryback was just 40 meters away and stared at each other for a minute.
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license hunt 2015
Olsjöreviret, Dalarna
wolf numbers 36 now is the death of those who settled in the quota distribution in those respective counties.

Kim Aronsson_Olsjohanen license hunt 2015






We were also on this day in place in the territory Lövkullen when the male wolf was shot by one shot the wolf died instantly.

Note: Wolves shot and scabies infested, are not counted in the quota which we believe should be included in the vulnerable quota number. Tragically is that thus pushes more wolves than what has been determined. Obviously, it is good that these wolves are killed to avoid plagued.

Even a few freelance journalists on the spot.

County administrative boards nature watcher Mats Hallin came in the same car together with police. At this writing, has not yet been calculated by the male in the ratio, CAB is made when the inspector is complete. Bert kom as: ½ tim. later to the site & Vargen besliktigades.

Young Huhne På Vrgnen of bridesmaid: 2year and completely healthy.

Today 25/1 We were also looking around Björnhyttan, Ljung ridge,Gonäs, Blötberget & Bjärkas.
Endas low activity in the area because of the tracking.


We were there today as well 2 journalists heard, however, 2 fast subsequent shots just before 10.30 & a shot after 14.00. Alla 3 the shots came from the area Gonäs.

No more typing today, in addition to giving you these beautiful winter photos from a sunny Saxdalen vicinity.
© Kim Aronsson


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERADuring Saturday's wolf hunting in singing The territory, Dalarnaconducted a silent demonstration.830

At the lake Ejen between Leksand and Dala-Järna had eight lighted torches and four symbolic memorial candles for the four wolves to be removed from the territory.

- Our ambition is not to disrupt the hunt, but just to show our dissatisfaction with the political decisions, among other things led to the current licensed hunting of wolves.

As late as last Thursday decided to implement the silent demonstration.


1 Vargtik young Sangenreviret_20150124

1a wolf a young vartik shot in Song The territory 2015-01-24


Here, a film from licensed hunting 2011. Lövsjöreviret, Dalarna

© Kim Aronsson