License Wolf hunting in Värmland County 2018
 Decision-licensed hunting wolf-varmland-2018

County Administrative Board of Värmland County has decided to license hunt highest 6 Wolves within anarea comprising territory Vimyren. The hunt will be conductedfrom 2 January to 15 February 2018or until the County Administration previously avlyser hunt.
Allocation and hunting area
Hunting Area: Vimyren
filmed material: Press conference Thursday 28 September 2017 the County Administrative Board Värmland in connection with decisions on licensed hunting of wolves in Värmland County. Predators Manager Maria Falkevik.

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Status of New territory (1 mars 2017)

varaa: Family Status clear.

Medskogen: It needed additional traces and DNA to find out the status.

Bert Tarn: Territory marking couple early in the season that has not subsequently been found.

Juvberget: Family Status clear.

Elgklinten: New territory south of Juvberget mostly located in Norway. State territory marking couple so far.

rot: Family Status clear.

Kockohonka: New territory southeast of the Östmark. State territory marking couple so far.

Shadow height: Family Status clear.

Haersjö: There is not much information so far.

Magnor: New territory north of Skillingmark which is largely in Norway. Family Status clear. The pair established themselves probably already late last winter in the area.

Skillingmark: State not ready. Pending DNA response.

Glaskogen: There are many questions still awaiting more DNA response. Possibly there is a new pair which have been traced closer Glafsfjorden, but it is not investigated yet.

Borgvik: More DNA response and preferably more trackers are needed to confirm the status. Pending DNA response.

Rackstad: Pending DNA response. Probably turf marking pairs, but not the same as the previous winter.

Visma: Awaiting DNA response from the tracings are there to confirm the status.

Brattfors1: Of the pair of Brattfors previous winter has only bitch identified. She was hard scabies infested and liver probably no longer. Even a puppy from this pair was born 2016 has been identified as the territory will be recognized as a rejuvenation this season inventory even if the animals do not live longer.

Brattfors 2: The new turf marking couple killed in hunting area Brattfors licensed hunt 2017.

Sandsjö: Family Status clear. The bitch is not identified in the DNA yet.

Jangen: Revirvägen marking pair clear. New individuals in the couple.

Gårdsjö: Revirvägen marking pair clear. Consists of the bitch from Gårsdjö and the male from Jangen previous winter.

Olsäter: Family Status clear. The bitch was convicted on culling in January.

Forshaga: by Revirmarkerande, but much farther east than the previous winter. Under investigation is still.

Gåsborn: Famijegrupp ready. New bitch since last year, Born in the shadow height.

Aamäkk: Family clear.

Nordmark: Family clear. The turf marking the couple, and a progeny were convicted under license hunt in hunting area for Brattfors.

Vimyren: Family clear.

County Administrative map of inventory data for wolves (1 mars)

The red marks Family.
The circular symbols linked to the grouping symbols are splines that grouping is based on.
The symbols of stars is the DNA sample and where there is a number on the icon, it means that there are several observations (tracings, DNA-prov mm) Close to each other.
The white lines show revirets surface based DNA response so far. These will grow as more DNA samples analyzed.


 20160408> Preliminary results from the inventory of the wolf in Varmland







status June 2009 :by Revirmarkerande (New) Jangenreviret
status June 2010 :Family
status June 2011 :Family
Rejuvenation 2009 :and
Rejuvenation 2010 :and
Rejuvenation 2011 :and
Rejuvenation 2012 :and
Rejuvenation 2013 :No
Rejuvenation 2014 :and

The bitch från Forest 5 DNA-regnr Sv/No M-06-05 / V222
The male from Kynna 2 (F1) DNA reg G6-12

New; Värnäsreviret & Medskogenreviret

The female is supposed to be about fourteen years has caught the image of Jang The territory. It shows the county administrative inventory of the area.
Records Old wolf caught on camera

Alpha bitch in Jang The territory can be Scandinavia's oldest known wolf. She was photographed this week together with two other wolves at a älgkadaver Jang territory. Last bitch left some traces in December 2014. As was found her DNA in the droppings found in Jang The territory, and it was later confirmed that she had also given birth to puppies summer 2014.
Since then, Jang bitch been gone.
Records Old Wolf has given birth to ten litters

Facts Jangentiken

• Birthplace 2002 in Nyskogareviret of northern Värmland
• Formed the territory of Jangen few years later
• Gave birth to the first litter 2005
• Have since given birth to ten litters 40 documented puppies
• Estimated birth 50 – 60 puppies and the bitch who bore most puppies in the wolf population
• Is also the oldest wolf in all the years that Skandulv research on wolves in Scandinavia
• If during his time as alfatik in Jangen harvested four males and got puppies with all four
• Now go along with a male born in Kynnareviret. The male is a so-called F1, a wolf where at least one parent is an immigrant wolf
• Jang bitch got its transmitter collar on 31 January 2006. She was assessed as being 3,5 years old
• Several attempts have been made to label if the bitch. She has consistently refused to cooperate with researchers
• Spring 2014 she gave birth to her last litter. She was twelve years old
• 14 years old, she is still in good body condition and retains its position as alfatik


County :Värmland / Hedmark

Grasmark karta2









Status winter 2011/12 :by Revirmarkerande
Status winter 2012/13 :by Revirmarkerande
Status winter 2013/14 :by Revirmarkerande
Status winter 2014/15 :by Revirmarkerande
Min :2
Rejuvenation 2005 :and
Rejuvenation 2010 :and
Rejuvenation 2011 :No
Rejuvenation 2012 :?
Rejuvenation 2013 :No
Rejuvenation 2014 :No
The bitchhärstammer from Gråfjell
The maleBorn in Furudal
The bitchperished 2004 together with a dog in a shorter time.
M0610Parental Female Born in Gråfjellsreviret
M0611Parent Male
Borni Furudalsreviret. Löpblod registered Feb. 2008.

A wolf was convicted in Grassland The territory
Registered 6 jan – 26 feb 2009
15-08-18 Tried to kill wolves with toxic dog food
15-08-17 Tried to poison predators with glycol
13-11-02 Wolf puppy shot
13-11-02 No trace of wolves shot in Grassland
13-11-01 Wolf shot in Grassland
13-05-13 Dare not hunt with dog
10-09-29 Requires culling of wolf
10-09-28 Culling application after five wolves






Jagare e Grardsjo 2015

Hunter in place in Gårdsjö license hunt 2015. ©KS










Animals Forest;

Only turf marking animals

  • Juberget 1 by (delas with Norway)
  • Medskogen 1 new pair
  • The housing 1 here (shared with Dalarna)
  • Hästberget 1 by (shared with Dalarna)
  • Be warned 1 new pair
  • Aamäck (shared with Dalarna)
  • Gräsmark 1 by
  • Glaskogen 1 by
  • The torso 1 by, genetically valuable male from Kynna
  • Gårdsjö 1 by
  • Sandsjö (right now uncertain rejuvenation)

Territory of rejuvenation 2011

  • rot (delas with Norway)
  • Narrow
  • Acksjö
  • Shadow height, with a genetically valuable founders from Kynna
  • Jangen, with a genetically valuable founders from Kynna
  • Gåsborn, with a genetically valuable founders from Kynna (partly in Örebro County)
  • Loka (shared with Örebro County)
  • Brattfors
  • Animals Forest, with a genetically valuable founders from Kynna
  • Hasselfors (mainly in Örebro County)

Statistics show unchanged älgavskjutning and very few predators damage despite continued large wolf population in Värmland

The latest statistics show that älgavskjutningen for hunting year 2011-12 Located on the same level as the year before, as your 7200 Moose. Of these over 3000 calves, ca 150 less than last year. Game injury statistics for Varmland 2011 shows that wolves killed 14 sheep and 7 dogs. Lo killed 4 sheep and 1 get. This is historically very low numbers.

At the same time, we have had a continued large wolf population by over 20 wolfterritories. The wolf population seems to have increased between 2010 och 2011, at least not in Värmland. We have received several new wolf territories, but the number of regenerations 2011 looks to be slightly less than 2010. Wolf inventory is not finished yet but this is preliminary data.

Lars Furuholm

predators Manager

County Administrative Board of Värmland

Tel 054-197074

It is not easy to manage large carnivores in the media

Look to the Evening Post (Expressen) have spoken with a "predator tracker for the provincial government in Kalmar and Kronoberg" in intimidation article “Within ten years abuzz wolf down here“. Should I believe in what stands as he seems to be not very familiar with our reality "up here" or wolves behaviors and living conditions. According to the article he expresses himself particularly if Värmland and Dalarna, where wolves are common today, but without actually being active there.

LST Predator Management

Predators have killed animals last year

Difficult operation to put out wolf pups in the wild wolves dens

VÄRMLAND: Environmental Protection Agency is poised
Environmental Protection Agency is poised to deploy a dozen wolf puppies from zoos in wild wolf females. Two of them could end up in Varmland. But that's easier said than done. Success requires good spårsnö, to find females and their lairs, get zoo puppies and concerned landowners clears
nwt.se 20120301

No to the culling of wolves near urban areas
"Not once has there been any wolves, but instead about dogs, deer, fox and squirrel ", writes the provincial government in its decision
nwt.se 20120229

No more culling in Torsby Wolf
The wolf that should have caused concern in and around Fensbol and Utterbyn in early February, has apparently left the area. On Wednesday, the state is culling out and the provincial government will not renew it
VF 20120228

High risk of uncontrolled increase of the wolf
Swedish Hunters Association did not participate in the symposium predators of the wolf's future held in Karlstad on Saturday. There wolf researcher Olof Liberg noted that hunters and government painted themselves into each corner. Which leads to the wolf population increases and the number of dead dogs and may only become more and more
nwt.se 20120227

Fugitive Torsby Wolf has pulled its kos
Culling has been granted in February on an intrusive wolf in Torsby but when the chase began to stack the wolf - and has not been seen since then. From the beginning it was seen in the area Fensbol-Utterbyn the outskirts of Jang The territory
VF 20120216

WAS appeal Torsby Wolf

Worried atmosphere in Assarebyn - No decision about the killing of injured wolf
An injured wolf moves around Assarebyn.
Many in the region feel that the wolf should be shot, but such a decision has not come from the provincial government. This is despite the recommendation of a surveyor is that it should be killed
ttels.se 20120211

Hagfors want culling of wolves
Hagfors applying for controlled hunting of wolves intrusive. Although the two municipal hunters and three hunt leader submits an application cull
VF 20120209

Protective hunting allowed on intrusive wolf County Administrative Board of Värmland grants culling the wolf that for a month acted oskyggt in Fensbol / Utterbyn, Torsby
Swedish hunting 20120208

Decisions regarding protective,
TosbySkyddsjakt wolves in Fensbol and Utterbyn
The County Administrative Board decided on 7 February on the culling of a wolf that has shown a oskyggt behavior and behaved intrusively close to the buildings in Fensbol and Utterbyn, Torsby. The overall assessment is that the wolf is developing an unwanted behavior and that there is no other satisfactory solution than culling.