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Updated 2017-10-10 PM; 19.00
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The chase ended in the country 10 October when the last bear was shot in Idre. See the article below in Dalarna 1

updating 2017-10-10 pM; 19.00
dead bears….. 219+3 thrusts
& 1 pusher

The page has more detailed information to date & articles from the respective counties.

area Manual assign Dropped Left    
40 42 Jakten
inkl.2 överskj
Jamtland 2A + 2B 40 40 Jakten
Jamtland 1A + 1B 30 31 Jakten
Gavleborg 2 6 7 The hunt was canceled
Dalarna 4 2 2 Jakten
Dalarna 3 8 8 Jakten
Dalarna 2 30 30 The hunt was canceled
Dalarna 1 8 8 hunt was canceled    
Varmland 2 2 Jakten
Gavleborg 1 24 24 The hunt was canceled    
Vasterbotten 26 26 The hunt was canceled    
Hela landet 216 219      

The quota has been reached on the year's bear hunt. However, Dalarna still 2 bears left to precipitate. The total felled bears today 217 pieces 2 counted thrusts.,

Number of females convicted of;
Total = 109 st

Västernorrland 1&2 = 11 st
Jamtland 2A + 2B = 21st
Jämltand 1A + 1B = 11 st
Gävleborg2 =2 st
Gävleborg3 = 3 st
Gävleborg2 = 16 st
Gävleborg1 = 12 st
Dalarna1 = 2 st
Dalarna2 = 16st
Dalarna3 = 3 st
Dalarna4 = 0 st
Vasterbotten = 11 st

Here we will follow the thigh hunting bear.
Today 17/9 precipitated the first bear Varmland
Today 8/9 The hunt is Embargoed Västernorrland and the remaining 6 bears in Dalarna, area 1 & 2 bears Varmland.
Bears shot 217
Included 3 thrusts + 1 pusher

Wounded bear in Jämtland- 27/8
No bears shot Saturday 2/9
Shift of Gavleborg 1, in Värsternorrland 2 and in Dalarna 1 overshooting. 
>see further down this page
100 of the country 216 Bears were convicted on the third day of hunting!!
Updates will take place every evening.
Scroll down to see the counties' numbers.

216 bears may be shot in this year's hunting license starting on 21 August in four of six björnlän.
> The county administrative boards
SVA= National Veterinary Institute.
Now you can follow the SVA page and see places, weight, gender, etc.. They obviously have not yet had time but they have registered 18 bears. Click on the link above.
License hunt for bears in Norrbotten 2017 är canceled.
 > County Board have announced that no license hunting issue in Norrbotten County in the year when the last count shows decreased bear population and a large number of bears have already been put under the protection hunt.

26 Bears should be folded in Västerbotten
  Decisions licensed hunting bear Vasterbotten 2017 complete

 40 Bears may be held in Utah. The county is divided into two hunting areas:
   beslut_bjornjakt_2017 Vasternorrland

Overall 30 Bears will trap in Texas
 License Hunting for bear Gavleborg 2017

48 Bears can be folded in Dalarna
 Decision-licensed hunting-bear-2017 Dalarna

Folded or pushed bear must be reported to the County Board within two hours.
Gavleborg, total 31 (1 over / påkjutning)
Allocation 30 Bears

Shift of a bear
Ljusdal:12 bears.
Ovanåker: seven bears.
ockelbo: five bears.
Bollnas: four bears.
Sandviken: two bears.
Gavle: a bear.
 LST Gavleborg

08.55 reported the last bear folded or pushed in Subarea 2.
Thus, the quest Embargoed here and bear hunt in total within the county is over.

24 Bears have been convicted or slid so far.Hunt är canceled in subarea 1.
04.51 reported the twenty bear.
05.02 reported the twenty-third the bear.
05.20 reported the twenty-fourth and last bear.

A bear remains in subdivision 2
bears have been shot including those 2
07.36 reported that a bear was convicted or pushed in the area.
09.00 reported that a bear was convicted or pushed in the area.

The hunt began early and already at 05.00 was the first bear of 12 shot in Texas. This informs > Full Hälsingland and at other times is to see in the link.

This in Subarea 1 where the maximum 24 Bears can be folded
Twenty four Bears have been convicted or slid so far today, Monday. There remains therefore Ten Bears of the award in subdivision 1.

09.20 by the seventeenth and eighteenth bear.

10.30 reported on the nineteenth bear.
10.43 reported the twentieth bear.
11.00 reported the twenty bear.
11.55 reported a twenty bear.
12.37 reported the twenty-third the bear.
*15.55 it turned out that an earlier pushed bear crossed the border and killed in the eastern area.

> Karta on area 1 och 2

In Sub 2 not more than 6 Bears can be folded
Tre Bears have been convicted or slid so far today, Monday. There remains then three bears of assignment in the area two.
OBS ! The bear was reported pushed the clock 05.00 during Monday morning is now out numbered when it was found that it was safe. Shot in the area 1 15.55

15.35 reported that a bear was convicted or pushed in the eastern area.

*15.55 reported that a bear was felled in the area. The bear was pushed in the western area, but crossed over to the eastern area and was found folded.

17.18 reported that a bear was convicted or pushed in the area.

* same Bjorn (Please also SVA's tables of numbers shot and area charts)

DALECARLIA, total 48 ( 1 overshooting the 24/8)
Allocation48 Bears
Where you are > SVA

Jalle shot the last bear
Idre (JJ) On Tuesday convicted the last bear in the bear hunt 2017. Jalle Spånberg and his plotthundar has had a great season and it ended with a 103-kilogram hanbjörn.

28 a female shot & den 30 a male shot, both in Älvdalen
Of the total quota has now 42 bears shot.
In three of the four hunting areas, 2, 3 och 4, passionate pursuit canceled.

Hunting Area 1 - Northern Dalarna: 8 bears. The chase ended 10/10 -17
Hunting Area 2- East Dalarna: 30 bears
The hunt was canceled
Hunting Area 3 - Western Dalarna: 8 bears.
The hunt was canceled
Hunting Area 4 - Southern Dalarna: 2 bears left or an adult female over 80 kilo.
Raiders Cancelled






Bears have been convicted today in the area 2. thus the allocated 30+1 precipitated with 1 overshooting och hunt in area 2 är canceled.

Five Bears have been convicted during the day. On Wednesday, a total of 29 bears shot.

At the time 15.02 on Tuesday announced the provincial government that the figure increased again - this time to 17 bears. 15 of those convicted in the area two and two of them in the area three.

21 Augusti
Seven bears convicted in >Dalarna County
 11.41 four more bears shot - three in the hunting area two and a hunting area three.

,Hunting Area 1, 2 - Northern Dalarna: 8 bears > Karta

Hunting Area 2, Five + 15 + 11 - East Dalarna: 30 bears.– 31 shot = 1 overshooting. The hunt was canceled. > Karta

Hunting Area 3, Two + 2 +1 - Western Dalarna: 8 bears (with the honkvot 3 bears) > Karta

Hunting Area 4 - Southern Dalarna: 2 bears (with the honkvot 1 bear) > Karta


Västernorrland, total 42 (2 thrusts)
Allocation 40 bears

Bear hunting is finished for the year in Västernorrland. It also convicted two bears too much of the county.
It was reported in the space of half an hour to four bears shot, says Karin Saltin hunting administrator at the county government.
>Bear hunting Embargoed Västernorrland

Bears felled during the day. 6 bears remain in the county.

 2  On Tuesday convicted a bear in Sundsvall and Ornskoldsvik.

Over the weekend, the convicted 7 bears in the county. It now remains 10 bears.
Now it is 30 bears shot in the county, which means that two more have been shot this weekend and it is 10 left to chase. One has been shot in the Tarn, Solberg, Ornskoldsvik, and the other in Junsele, according county government.

Now it is 17 bears left to hunt - two have thus been convicted sometime between Thursday and Friday.

19 bears re steel tilldalningen

At lunchtime on Wednesday is 21 bears the 40 precipitated in Västernorrland.
> Liverapport
Ange: 8
► Male at 192 kilo
► Male at 191 kilo
► Male at 135 kilo
► Male at 72 kilo
► Male at 90 kilo
► Male, age weight
► Male, age weight
► Male, age weight
Ornskoldsvik: 5
► Hona, 119 kilo
► Hona, 119 kilo
► Male, 140 kilo
► Male, age weight
► Male, age weight
Sundsvall: 3
► Male at 58 kilo
► Hona, 117 kilo
► Hona, 127 kilo
Sollefteå: 2
► Male at 116 kilo
► Male at 147 kilo
Kramfors: 2
► Male at 146 kilo
► Male at 178 kilo
Timra: 1
► Male, 124 kilo

On Sunday, the bears two to convicted to date. The number of convicted bears now totals 15. In total, 11 bears precipitated in area 1, and four bears in the area 2.

Another female has been convicted. This time clock 11.50 i Järkvissle, Liden.
The number of convicted bears in the county is now up to 13.

> A total of ten bears convicted during the bear hunt. Four of them were shot on Friday - two in Stöde, a Ånge and a Gideå.



21 Augusti

Four Bears have been convicted of Väternorrland

> First the bear shot

Today began the hunt bear and the 9:30-time came the first report that a bear had been shot in Västernorrland. The bear was convicted in Haverö west of Ange.
Shortly thereafter precipitated two further bears.

area 1; Ange, Sundsvall, Timra, Härnösand and Kramfors municipalities.
area 2; Örnsköldsvik and Sollefteå.

A fourth bear has been convicted in Hällsjö Stöde afternoon.
> Karta


Vasterbotten, total  26
Allocation 26 Bears


Bear hunting in northern is now Embargoed.

This after the last bear on the assignment only been pushed and later on Sunday evening convicted.




> Five 
Bears shot in northern Sweden during the day.

Another five bears have been shot on Tuesday in Västerbotten. This means that it is already shot ten since the hunt began on Monday morning.
A bear pushed close Loitavare, Dorotea. The bear is now convicted
Early on the morning of Tuesday, 22/8 shot further three bears in > Vasterbotten.

21 Augusti
Early Monday morning, at time 06.00, shot a bear at Frost Hill in Wilhelmina.

> Karta


VÄRMLAND, total 2
Allocation 2 Bears

other bear, male shot outside Torsby

> first bear, male shot in Varmland, Torsby
Värmland has licensed two bears during the hunting license. The hunt has been hampered by the County Administrative Board of Värmland's decision to ban hunting with dogs in the entire northern Värmland.






21 Augusti

Given that a female bear with three cubs have been documented in the northeastern part of the county, the board has decided to change the terms of an earlier decision to license hunting bear.

The amendment concerns an area in the northern part of the county where bear hunting may be conducted, However with the help of dog. Female bears with cubs, and cubs in the company of female, are always protected from hunting. The change in the conditions of the race aims to further reduce the risk that a female bear shot by mistake. In other County may hunt bear conducted in accordance with the conditionswas resolved on 21 juni. The change also means that you also can hunt bears without the use of dogs in the northwestern part of the county that were previously completely excluded from the hunt.

> Resolution on amendment of the conditions of license hunting bear in 2017 in Värmland County
> Map to change the decision 

Noll Bears have been convicted

> Swedish predators Association to stop the bear hunt in northern Värmland


JÄMTLAND, total 70 + 1 wounded
Allocation 70 Bears
thus, 2017 year license hunting bear complete.

License hunt for bear is Embargoed in area 1a (2017-09-07)

License hunt for bear is Embargoed the region 2a (2017-09-02)

License hunt for bear is Embargoed the area 1b (2017-08-31)

License hunt for bear is Embargoed in the region 2b (2017-08-25)



Jamtland 1A + 1B award 30 which 27 is felled.
3 Remainder

Jamtland 2A + 2B award 40 which 39 trap is
1 Bear left
Jamtland 1A + 1B award 30 which 22 is felled
8 remains

In 1A + 1Carry it 7 left of the allotted 30 bears where. It is now 23 Bears felled in the area.

According to > SVA


Wounded bear is still not found - Police warns public not to go out in the woods

8 Bears have been convicted on Sunday morning.
 > Sunday
At 21.00 Sunday remains only 17 Bears before the allowed quota of 70 indivuder is reached.
The hunt is Embargoed Jamtland 2B but is still ongoing in 2A.


12 Bears have been convicted during the day
So many bears can be folded:
Highest 30 in area 1, of which a maximum 15 be felled in the area 1b.
Highest 40 in area 2, of which a maximum 20 in zone 2b. The hunt is now Embargoed in the region 2b.

area 1:
1a 14 bears left
1b 9 bears left
area 2:
2a 5 bears left
2b (hunt was canceled)

Eight bears shot in county today - soon half the quota filled


Bear shot in Sörviken. It was shot in Jämtland area 2B, 

21 Augusti

Four Bears have been convicted

> Maps of hunting areas

> Bear hunt is on – 4 bears shot in the county

Part of Härjedalens, Berg and Åre municipalities located north of the road 501 och 502, west road 84 between Linsell and Hedeviken, north road 315 and west of road 316, E45 and road 321, and south of the E14.

The parts of the county that is located south of the European route 14 (E14) not included in area 1a.
> Karta

area 2a
Part of Åre municipality located north of the E14 and west of road 666. Part of the municipality of Krokom west of the road 666 och 671 (paths between Mörsil and Kaxås), north of the road 675 och 675 (Kaxås-Tulleråsen) and road 340 (Tulleråsen-Lillholmsjö), north road 344 (Lillholmsjö-Follinge) west and north of the road 339 (Follinge-boundary of municipality Öjån), Some of Strömsund located west of Munsvattnetvägen and road 801, Some of Strömsund located north of the road 342 and west of road 814, 998 och 1002 (Lidsjöberg-Norråker).

The parts of the county that is located north of the E14 not included in the area 2a.