Environmental Protection Agency is a government agency for environmental issues. We work on behalf of the Swedish government on environmental issues in Sweden, EU and international.

Environmental Protection Agency has a central role in environmental work and driving, support and coordinate the implementation of environmental policy.

We are responsible for issues concerning climate and air, mark, Biodiversity, contaminated areas, recycling and waste, environmental monitoring and environmental research.

EPA will work to the generation target for environmental work and environmental quality objectives set by Parliament reached. We will if necessary propose measures for environmental work development.

The Agency's activities are funded by state appropriations. The money is used in part to the management and staff, premises and IT, but mostly for activities such as environmental monitoring, environmental information provider, environmental research and international environment- and climate cooperation.

The Environmental Protection Agency's mandate is to distribute state funds to other actors working for example with the protection and management of valuable natural, clean-up and remediation and compensation for wildlife damage. EPA also supports outdoor organizations and to local climate investment under the Climate The step.

Environmental Protection Agency's operations are regulated including an instruction to be decided by the Swedish government. Each year also decides the Swedish Government on the objectives, requirements and financial framework for the Environmental Protection Agency's operations, in a so called appropriation.

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Negotiation of the appealed decision on culling

EPA has the 30 April participated in the oral hearing in the Pre district court in Stockholm concerning an appeal against a decision on the culling of wolf bitch in Junsele.
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The genetically important female wolf that EPA is moved again in his territory near Junsele. There are no major rensamlingar in the area because the villages had time to move their reindeer during the time the female wolf is not found in the area. It is probable that the female wolf now remain in the territory. Drop-off collar with transmitter, which was put on in conjunction with the female wolf moved, has come off by itself.

Female wolf and her male stood in the winter with extensive problems for reindeer herding. Reindeer demolished and flocks dispersed. In field grazing 4 000–5 000 reindeer in winter. Various alternatives were tried. Female wolf had been moved three times before. Since moving is stressful for the animal judged Environmental Protection Agency that it not be appropriate to move her again.

On behalf of the government tried Environmental Protection Agency along with the county administrative boards and the Sami villages to find a solution to female wolf and her male could stay and get puppies in Jung Harness.

But the damage to reindeer herding was serious and extensive and it was hard to find a solution. Twice awarded the Environmental Protection Agency culling. In the first chase sacrificed male wolf. Both times, the decision has been appealed to the Administrative Court of the Association Nordulv, predators, Sweden Wolf Association and Society for Nature Conservation and the hunt is stopped.

Since it was not possible to implement a cull investigated the Environmental Protection Agency if it was possible that despite previous recommendations to move the female wolf a fourth time. The 8 March, the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to move the female wolf. The decision comes from 12 March to 31 mars 2013.

Female wolf Susi moved
The 14 March caught the female wolf in and moved. It was a spirited female is released from between Rimbo and Edsbro in Norrtälje. She recovered quickly after the move and went away from the site.

The night of Maundy Thursday continued the female wolf to wander north and was in the northern part of the municipality of Örnsköldsvik five to six mil from the place where she was captured – see map below.

During the Easter weekend returned female wolf to his territory near Junsele. There are no major rensamlingar in the area because the villages had time to move their reindeer during the time that the female wolf is not found in the area. It is probable that the female wolf now remain in the territory. Drop-off collar with transmitter, which was put on in conjunction with the female wolf moved, has come off by itself. The county administrative boards collaborates with the Sami villages on measures to minimize risk of damage to reindeer herding. EPA is working.

Anyone who has seen the wolf bitch or other predators can add their observations in the database Skandobs where the public can add their observations.

Waiting for the decision of the Management Mr. Right
The case is currently before the administrative court, pending final judgment. The Administrative Court is now preparing the case by allowing the parties to submit further comments. Environmental Protection Agency shall give its opinion in the case no later than 8 mars 2013.

The Administrative Court's first decision

The first time the Environmental Protection Agency's decision regarding protective appealed in January 2013. In February, the administrative court and its decisions overturned when the Environmental Protection Agency's decision. Three criteria must be met for culling should be granted.

  • There should be no other satisfactory solution than culling
  • Protection Hunting must not hamper the prospects of achieving favorable conservation status of the species
  • High probability of serious injury

EPA followed this protection when the hunt was granted in late February.

This has happened Källa; Environmental Protection Agency

Time This happened Further reading
Oktober 2012 Sameby applying for culling  
  EPA rejects the application  
November 2012 Environmental Protection Agency was commissioned by the Government, together with the county administrative boards and the Sami communities try to find a solution  
December 2012 New application for culling in December 2012  
7 januari 2013 EPA rejects the application Press release on the decision
9 januari 2013 Meeting with Sami Press release of the information meeting in Junsele
11 januari 2013 In late December 2012 applying the Sami village of culling Environmental Protection Agency grants culling Press release on the decision of culling
17 januari 2013 Protection Raiders challenged and stopped Press release on interrupted culling
8 februari 2013 EPA requested the Administrative Court that the protection should be resumed the hunt. Environmental Protection Agency's claim is rejected. The Administrative Court does not think the Environmental Protection Agency's decision met the criteria. Press release on appeal
26 februari 2013 New application for culling in February 2013 Press release on the decision
26 februari 2013 Protection Raiders challenged and stopped again Press Release
8 mars 2013 The decision to move the female wolf Press release on the decision
14 mars The bitch has been captured and moved News release
15 mars The bitch has been placed Press Release

Healthier wolf population may limit the number of wolves

EPA estimates that the number of wolves is needed in Sweden to the wolf population in the long term to be preserved is about 380, among other things, depending on the number of regenerations and how large contribution Sweden gets new wolves. It is also important that the EPA successful implementation of planned measures to genetically enhance the wolf population in the coming years.

NVV 20121019

The national management of the NVV 2012-2017

Maj 2012

Press Release

Reduced inbreeding important in wolf management

For the first time, Sweden has a management plan for how we will take care of the Swedish wolf population.

Nvv 20120601

Press Release

Online Consultation on the wolf open to all

EPA invites the public to submit concrete proposals to make it easier for people to live near the wolves in Sweden. The consultation takes place on the web between the 2 och 5 May and is part of the work of the management plan for the wolf.

NVV 20120426

Discontinuation of wolf puppies - one piece of the puzzle for a viable wolf population

Discontinuation of wolf puppies from Nordic zoos for wild wolf territory may become an important contribution to genetically enhance the inbred wolf population in Sweden in a disease control purposes safely. Naturvardsverket.se

Decisions on the last move of the genetically important female wolf

EPA has decided to move the genetically female is important that moved in an area with herds of Jämtland and Västernorrland in a couple of weeks. Several attacks on reindeer have been.

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Interim report of the mission for the release of wolves in Sweden

Draft rules for the culling of large carnivores

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Guidelines for skyddsjak Read more >

Svar från NVV Göte Hamplin. Rejection skjyddsjaktansökan on finsrysskan / Susi. CASE ID;NV-01233-12

National Parks

National Park is the finest a natural area can be. It is our natural heritage that we save for ourselves and future generations, to visit and preserve. Here you can read about Sweden 29 national parks. Click on the name of the map or the menu to the left to read about a park. Read more>Regler om skyddsjaktEnvironmental Protection Agency and several county councils decide on preventive hunting of large carnivores. EPA sectoral authority for hunting and working for the Hunting Act and EU Directives in the area. The government has permed rules for domestic owners' right to protect their animals against attacks by predators.Read more>illegal hunting, poaching of wolves, Who is behind? Outside the grazing land, pointing mostly in the same direction when it comes to the issue of illegal hunting of wolves, namely hunters collective.This concerns both agents, motive and opportunity which Crime Prevention Council clearly shown in his report
” Illegal hunting of large carnivores - Conflict in the lawless country?”. Inside the grazing area may also include members of the reindeer industry as potential perpetrators.Info. Vargreviret.comDogs in the wildMeanwhile 1 March 20 August you must keep your dog under extra large unattended when you are out in nature. This is apparent from section 16 in the Act (2007:1150) on the control of dogs and cats. It says that dogs should be prevented from running loose in the land where there are wild.