This page will follow 2017 year license hunting on the 24(addition1) wolves to be shot with a top of the 2 januari t.o.m.15 februari. Click on the photos to enlarge
Uppdaterad 2017-04-04
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Final report SVA
hunting license-Wolf-2017 Final Report


Year License Wolf hunting ended today, 15/2 2017. Unfortunately, did not last the wolf as a bitch.
She had survived fr.o.m. den 25 January to today. very sad

Information on previous year license hunts can be found under the following links: 20102011, 2015, 2016 ).

Additional allocation in Loka territory.

 In Loka territory decided County Administrative Boards in Örebro and Värmland the 7 January to extend the assignment of a wolf, Included when a total award 7 Wolves. The seventh wolf dropped during Sunday 8 January and the "new" ratio became filled.

 updated table: 2017-04-04
area Allocation Dropped Remaining    
Varmland Brattfors 6 6 The hunt was canceled Karta  
Värmland / Örebro Loka 7 7 The hunt was canceled Karta  
Dalarna Orsen 6 6 The hunt was canceled Karta  
Gavleborg Blyberg 6 6 The hunt was canceled Karta  
Hela landet 25 25      
No. ALL-nr ID date Sex Age Weight Hull Municipality Remark  
1 M493122   5/1 Hane  
2 M493125   6/1 Hane  
3 M493131   7/1 Hona  
4 M493132   7/1 Hane  
5 M493133   7/1 Hona  
6 M493134   7/1 Hane  
No. ALL-nr ID date Sex Age Weight Hull Municipality Remark  
1 M493117   4/1 Hane  
2 M493123   5/1 Hona  
3 M493127   6/1 Hane  
4 M493128   6/1 Hona  
5 M493129   6/1 Hane  
6 M493137   7/1 Hona  
7 M493141   8/1 Hona  
No. ALL-nr ID date Sex Age Weight Hull Municipality Remark  
1 M493121   4/1 Hane Adult
2 M493120   4/1 Hane Årsunge
3 M493138   7/1 Hona Årsunge
4 M493139   7/1 Hane Årsunge
5 M493140   7/1 Hona Årsunge
6 M493376   15/2 Hona Adult
was pregnant 2016
No. ALL-nr ID date Sex Age Weight Hull Municipality Remark  
1 M493101   3/1 Hona Adult
the same pos. as M493102
2 M493102   3/1 Hane Adult
3 M493118   4/1 Hane Adult
4 M493126   6/1 Hane Årsunge
5 M493136   7/1 Hona Adult
6 M493135   7/1 Hona Årsunge

>  The County Board is the police - last wolf should have been postponed to late
Wolf hunting last day Wednesday shot the last wolf. But according Dalarna County Administrative Board convicted the five minutes late, and has today made a police report about a suspected breach of the hunting regulation.

Click on the picture to SVA's Report

The last wolf shot - minutes before year hunting license would be interrupted
Just minutes before the wolf hunt would end the year discovered a hunter wolf and shot it.
- It was really the eleventh hour when this was the last day of this year's hunting license, says Christer Gruhs as information officer at Hunters Association.

the. Brattfors territory
Wolves from the three territories were convicted under license hunting


Answers to the submitted name list  European Commission K Vella.
SVar from EuKommissionen K Vella_



No more wolves will be shot in Varmland
> The last wolf elude hunters


SVA's interim / Pdf
Interim report for the autopsy of wolves felled during the hunting license 2017


Vargjakten in Orsenreviret resumes this weekend – new attempt to trap the bitch who remain in the territory

> 13 wolves autopsied

Diarie Decisions of assigned hunting in Dalarna & Örebro County 2017-01-09 Yet a decision on culling of wolf male in Munkfors has submitted 10/1-17

> Shot wolf was full with hail
The wolf that regard is the heaviest of the 24 wolves, in 44 kilo rooster. He was shot on Saturday 7 January connection Hårssjöns firing range within Brattfors The territory.

> ALL new force.
 The wolves shot in Blyberg The territory has autopsy - no sign of inbreeding
Here you can see an autopsy on the wolf, and listen to what is being done in the survey.
- These wolves were healthy and fine before they died. We found no pathological (diseased / abnormal) changes on them. It is seldom we see it. Most wolves we obducerar are healthy, says predators coordinator Tomas Meijer at the National Veterinary Institute. It meant also that there are a large number of unrecorded cases of dead wolves, Thus, illegal hunting.

> The hunt in Orsenreviret taking a paus

>At lunch on Thursday rolled wolf hunting started in the NAS and Orsenreviret. This after trackers found fresh tracks. The wolf is pushed but have been found to be undamaged.
> SVA. Last update

Notification from SVA current felled wolves -Gävleborg

More wolves will be hunted. Decisions have been made on assignment in Örebro & Dalarna County but 1 each wolf !

>Unclear if more wolves will be shot – Maria Falkevik

> Decisions on extended assignment for licensed hunting for wolves in the hunting area Loka in Örebro County


>218-104-2017-Orebro decision-if-extended assignment

> Additional applications for licenses to hunt wolves in Dalarna County 2017

218-170-2017-Decision-about-extended assignment




SVA end protocol Dalarna Gävleborg_2017-01-10


Uppdaterad 2017-01-10 pM; 17.40

Read more>
Quantity; 24
Quantity; 24+ (2-§40b +1 protectively)=28
Blyberget / Gavleborg; 6 döda / Hunt canceled
Brattfors / Värmland; 6/The hunt was canceled
Loka / Värmland, Örebro; 7 (Scabies 1) The hunt was canceled
Orsen / Dalarna; 5(6) The hunt was canceled & begun again 9/1




I hope you have been able to ascertain, and able to understand how it happened in broad terms. It is worse for those who are out and document then these people will always be very badly treated by the hunters. All of these so-called. men get powers beyond what is lawful and absolutely can not be taken by them. Last time it was a white-clad man with a rifle came up to the car window and wondered what we were doing and what we called. When he did not get his question answered, he went behind the car and grabbed the trunk to open it. In the back sat two dogs that could easily have been run directly out of the territory.
What is done about such abuses to hunters, SJF, LST, et al ? 
Thanks to me / Amin


Tonight's statement from SVA shows that the 6th wolf in Orsenreviret has submitted.

2017-01-08 pM; 18.21
>More wolves can be shot?

2017-01-08 The chase ended in all territories.


The 6th and last wolf is sent to the SVA during the evening and thus 2017 year license Wolf hunting in Sweden over.
25 wolves have been shot and 3 wolves have been shot outside the licensed hunting.
1 the cull and 2 pieces scabies infested wolves in § 40b.

Altogether now lost Sweden 28 wolves and optionally 2 or more territories.
(This should be checked up)


Wolf hunting is Embargoed in Lokareviret – tracking the seventh wolf underway

Vargjakten expanded in Lokareviret

Refresh SVA 2017-01-07, 16.05.Click to enlarge.


End of the hunt in Blyberg The territory - last wolf shot

Five of the six wolves felled in Gavleborg - in just five days

Seventh wolves can be hunted in Lokareviret
> = 6603411

Vargjakten Orsa The territory: Five of the six wolves shot - the quest can be completed during the day

Sixth wolf skjuteni Lokareviret and another to be shot

Awaiting today's decision

Decisions on licensed hunting for wolves in Örebro and Värmland 2017

Appendices to the decision on the license hunting for wolves


Photo from Brattfors hunting area. © Private

>Applying to trap more wolves
wolf hunting: Only one wolf remains on the license in Lokareviret.

> Wolf precipitated in Lokareviret
> Licensed hunting of wolves in full swing

Today there were many unpleasant hunters at the northwest corner of the hunting area.
Around Horssjön shooting range.



Female wolf was shot at Mögsjön in Brattfors Hunting Area. Photo County Board

>Wolf convicted in Brattfors The territory 

> The second Lokavargen has been postponed







Photos from today's visit to Brattfors The territory. © Wolf Protection
(Click on the photos to enlarge)


> Scabies Wolf shot - but do not count

A wolf shot in Lokareviret

Scabies wolf in Loka. Photo County Board

First wolves shot Orsenreviret

The hunt started in Lokareviret.
Groups of hunters were seen and Scabies wolf was shot near the Nykroppa at Lake Storstälpen.
Hunt set in Brattfors The territory

Wolf hunt has begun




First 2 wolves shot in this year's hunt - follow the wolf hunt here

Blyberg The territory is extended with 3 km and is thus adjacent Lingbo The territory where the male goes along with an F1 female from Priest Forest The territory. Thus, an offspring from Galvenhanen.
It's dreadful that it has expanded the hunting area where Lingbohanens DNA marker were known.

SVA's Homepage
> License Wolf hunting 2017

All wolves shot during the hunting license is inspected by the county. Sagittarius can keep the skin, and the skinned body sent to the SVA. At SVA carried out an autopsy on the wolf to determine the health status, age






Snowfall – then start hunting of wolves

Photos from today's visit to Brattfors The territory. No hunting. Dock one found Gets cadaver.


This is a crime against Infectious Diseases Act and shall be notified to Länsveterinär. Tagging removed. © Wolf Protection

Carrion Location of a sheep between Lövhöjden and marsh, and is reported to Police that the dumping of carcasses. © Wolf Protection













Lack of snow stop the hunting of wolves

Press Release
The Supreme Administrative Court will not stop the licensed hunt for wolves
[2016-12-30] Supreme Administrative Court

Supreme Administrative Court, Beslut > HFD6983-16Avslag Inhibition WAS
more decisions >

 Full 1a decisionlicensjakt_efter_varg_i_gavleborg_2017
Dalarna     > licensed hunting-pa-wolf-2017_beslut-Dalarna
Varmland > decision-licensed hunting wolf-hot country-orebro-2017

Environmental Protection Agency 2014-10-30 > decision-delegation-licensed hunting wolf-middle-rovdjursforvaltningsomradet-20141030

Varmland – 6 Wolves (Brattfors territory).
Orebro / Värmland – 6 Wolves (Lokareviret)
Dalarna – 6 Wolves (Orsens territory)
Gavleborg – 6 Wolves (Blybergsreviret).
In Västmanland allowed no hunting of wolves in winter. County Administrative Board's overall assessment is not to take a decision on the license hunting for wolves 2017.

Appeals from WAS, Nordulv, SRF and the Nature Conservation Society of the District Court rejected.
Now you can appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

WAS Today, 29/12 appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court regarding the licensed hunting of wolves
New claims,Gaevleborg and Varmland & Örebro County.

Information about when the decision on the wolf hunt will be announced
[2016-12-29] Supreme Administrative Court
The Supreme Administrative Court will announce a decision regarding both 2016 as 2017 year license hunting for wolves Friday 30 december 2016 pM. 10.00.