Welcome to my website about predators, Wolf mostly in Sweden but other predators in Scandinavia


The powerful film about Tyresta Wolf, also called Södertörn bitch and halter.
Goran Nyrén, 69, the hand is the man behind this wonderful movie
There are many who are out there to protect her d¨förvaltningsrätten rejected 3 inhibitions in The Friday. But we will not give up, than it will more and more appeal to the Appeal.
Come and demonstrate on Friday 15 december. See the article on the right.

Here we present our own American wolf dogs> Arnstorps AmericanWolfdog
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Welcome to my website about predators, wolves mostly and unions Dandelion Animals.
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*Compensation for wolf killed the dog about; 20.000kr > Read more

Read about License Hunt 2017 here > WOLF HUNT 2017

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Includes photos from blah License Hunt 2010, 2015 & 2016

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Read Lord of the world's most expensive wolf called “Red Riding Hood, Susi & Junsele wolf”

> Lord of the world's most expensive wolf



Parliamentary milestones: 20 regeneration in Sweden, representing approximately 200 individuals.

height: Please 60-85 cm. Up to 90 cm for adults hanvargar.

Body length: 140-200 cm Weight: ♀ 30-40 kg, ♂ 35-60 kg

In Sweden there were originally wolf in all regions except the Gotland. Purposeful persecution by humans for long periods led to the species reduced in number. Bounty already introduced 1647 and was not abolished until well into the 1900s.

1965 there were more than ten wolves in Sweden, and at fridlysningen years 1966 considered the Swedish wolf population to be virtually extinct. 1978 was born a wolf hill to the east of Kiruna 1983 was born in a litter in the North Värmland.

After fridlysningen took 30 years before the Wolves began to increase in number. I maj 1991 Wolf was born two litters in Sweden 1996 born three wolf litters, one each in Varmland, Dalarna and Jämtland. 2005 born 15 pieces wolf litters in Sweden and Norway, most of them in Central Sweden.

To the north is limited establishment of wolves in the interests of reindeer husbandry. Southbound car traffic constitute an obstacle, because many wolves die in traffic accidents.

A film about the wolf and its vulnerability in Sweden today, Mona Setzer with music by and with Sofie Reed.

In these pages is a detailed presentation of dead Wolves. 2010-2016


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You who want to be involved to share your work in our territory are welcome to do so anonymously or not, it chooses you. To educate some of us in the know is just an advantage.
Nothing will be written that can put any animal or person in danger.

“Slide, digging and tig” is an expression that is sometimes heard in reference to illegal hunting. Several of the large carnivore species hunted illegally with weapons, traps and poison.

The dog's vest from wolves

Wolf Proof's electronic vest for hunting dogs from wolves is based on the wolf gets an electric shock in the mouth during an attack. Skyddsvästens active part, the covering back, rump and neck, contains a comprehensive trigger. When the wolf attacks the hunting dog and a tooth pressed against the vest will trigger to trigger an electric shock in the wolf's mouth through the live silver straps that go around the back.

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