Two wolves tried to dig into the dog yard
The wolves around Lillhärdal is becoming more intrusive. On Sunday night two wolves trying to get into a shelter at a property in the middle of the village
LT 20120305

County Administration concealed culling decisions 6 days – public only when the wolf would be pushed

WAS appeal. Controlled hunting of wolves in mittådalen.
County Board rejected the application for controlled hunting of wolves from Mittådalens and Ruvhten Sijte / Tännäs cearrus.

Within Mittådalens winter grazing area has recently remained a wolf and within Ruvhten Sijtes field has two wolves tracked. There have been no reports of injuries in the form of rivnar reindeer. 20120220

Controlled hunting of wolves in mittådalen
Mittådalen applied for protective hunting of a wolf on 25 januari 2012.
Sami village stated that the area that the wolf was in, is a staging area for the coming slaughter and isolation.
The application was referred to the wolf's presence will lead to dispersal of the herd
LST 20120131

Wolf was shot west of Sonfjället
A wolf was shot yesterday afternoon north of Ransundet. The County Administrative Board had granted the culling of wolf male who was in the area west of Sonfjället
KISS 20120131