Licensed hunting of wolves 2018

County Administrative Board of Örebro has decided to license the hunting of two wolves in the territory Kindla. The hunt will be conducted from 2 January to the 15 februari 2018 or until the County Administration previously avlyser hunt.

The purpose of licensed hunting is to limit the negative socio-economic impacts, facilitate moose management, domestic animals stance, limit the damage and thereby create conditions for the sustainable management of wolves, improve the ability of co-existence and in this way preserve the wolf population at a favorable conservation.

Decisions on licensed hunting for wolves in Örebro County 2018



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Number wolves; 5

Final response was hit on autopsy Örebro Region. 20120707


A couple of territorial marking has been traced in the winter 2010/2011. Winter 2009/2010 became a new territory marking pairs found in an area previously called Uttersberg The territory, now Hedbyreviret. The male died in the spring 2010, during winter 2010/2011 it was noted that a new male now goes along with the female in his territory. The territory is divided by Västmanland.


A territorial marking couples have traced several times during the winter 2010/2011. The territory is shared with the Värmland County. Hasselfors The territory has shown steady wolves since the winter 1998/99, regeneration has previously found nine consecutive years (2000-2008).


Rejuvenation 2010 confirmed. In collaboration with wolf research was carried out in which lykontroll 6 puppies were counted. During the winter, most 7 wolves tracked. One of the puppies, en only, shot during the hunting license 2011. The territory is divided by Dalarna and Västmanland. A territory marked the couple was registered in the area winter 2007/2008, Rejuvenation has previously stated 2008 och 2009.


Rejuvenation 2010 confirmed. In collaboration with wolf research was carried out in which lykontroll 2 puppies were counted. The former male in his territory have left the bitch for pair production in Ulriksberg The territory (the ram), there is now a new male in the territory that is the father of the puppies from 2010. The territory is shared with the Värmland County. A territorial marking couple were traced in the area winter 2006/2007, Rejuvenation has previously stated 2007, 2008 och 2009.


Rejuvenation 2010 confirmed. During the winter, most 6 animals tracked. The male, who is the father of 2010 years litter, was formerly part of the territory marking the couple in Lokareviret. The territory is divided by Dalarna and Värmland. The first time a territory marking couple was registered in the area was winter 1999/2000, Rejuvenation has previously stated 2006, 2007, 2008 och 2009


A new wolf territories have arisen in Örebro County. It is a genetically valuable male wolf, together with a female, have established themselves northwest of Nora. The territory is called Stadrareviret after Stadra farm at Lake Grecken.

LST 20120408


Two wolves have formed a new territory in Karlskoga Municipality which will be called Villingsberg The territory.

LST 20120331 (submit more data when it is published in the LST örebro).

New wolf territories involving county

During winter 2010/2011 was found two new wolf territories involving Örebro County. The first is Gåsbornreviret territory that mostly affects Värmland County, but also extending into the Örebro County between Loka and Ulriksberg The territory. The second is called Norareviret which is the first territory which wholly within the Örebro County. during February 2011 County Administrative staff began tracking a new turf marking couple in the neighborhood of Stadra. For information about Nora The territory (First dubbed Stadrareviret) click here.

Continued investigation into the death of the wolf

HÄLLEFORS investigation into the dead wolf was found in a pond outside Hällefors continues. Police said the Nerikes Allehanda that although crime of “extermination” may be relevant. Still, however, there was suspicion of serious hunting offenses. Wolf body are necropsied at the National Veterinary Institute, SVA. jaktJournalen 20120507

Pet owners may no to wolf hunting

Lindesberg Four owners in Lindesberg Municipality has requested to carry out culling on two wolves in an area between Yxe, Torp foundry and Vedevåg. But the provincial government in Orebro says no, arguing that the wolves in the territory is not the injury-prone than other wolves. Animal owners will appeal the decision.NA 20120303Notice; New Predator. County Board Örebro County

Obs!!! Because of time constraints and changing of web systems that are not updated this page for further. Here is a brief summary of the current predatory events in Örebro County and in Sweden. Isolated reports of wolf and lynx are not reported for reasons of space.

Tracks wolf on winter holiday

Some resting up on winter holiday. Others choose to spend holidays in the woods. Tvärsnytt has followed Fältbiologerna out to track wolves.

The area they are looking into is Mustio, outside Örebro. The area should be five wolves, but so far, the ten young people failed to see any.  20120223