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The memory of the Alpha pair of Almunge The territory

enough knowledge, those who spread lies and lack the knowledge to get it disproved or Hakan says…..
They should not be allowed to stand unchallenged..

Mary Heather Wallenberg
Bjorn Ranelid
Hakan Forsberg
Thomas Alm

The Lord warns men - not wolves.
Let us once and for all put up with Rödluvefenomenet and leave it behind us. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf is the saga that led to the mudslinging of the wolf.

One of our most well-known folk tales. The original version told from the little girl's point of view; An innocent and naive girl fooled by the voracious wolf, and gets eaten along with grandmother.
It interprets easily the superficial message completely superficial as that wolves are dangerous. But Little Red Riding Hood is a fable. A fable is characterized by a vigorous narrative that does not claim to be true. They have a sense morality, therefore something to teach. Charles Perrault, the first to sign the tale 1697 end with the words: ”Barn, especially well behaved pretty girls, Never talk to strangers because they can, in such cases happen to be food for dinner for a wolf. I say wolf, but there are various kinds of wolves.

They are those who follow the charming, calm, polite humble, pleasant and cordial kind of girls to their homes or on the streets. And unfortunately, these are the wolves that are the most dangerous of all. "The Lord is saying that small and weak in all communities have suffered the category greater and strongest drop.
And the message is to warn children of all when young girls to suffer from male violence. Something that often missed the story the moment with our children about Little Red Riding Hood today. Instead of conveying fear and hatred for the animal wolf, we should discuss the saga real message and societal dangers of our children and to clarify that the wolf in the story is a symbol We can also asked us what it smeared the wolf have to say about the saga?

Written by Mary Heather
copyright to the image; Mary Heather


The wolf never offered to man's court

The war has left all the teeth in the mouth in addition to wisdom tooth.

Heavy bombers breaks the silence of the birds libraries.

Tanks rolling on the moor are not asking the lilies of forgiveness and guns close their eyes never on his single eye.

When the flowers are crazy and the birds fall dead to the ground, it is high time that nature holds court and counsel with man. Rådjur, Moose, lynx and bear forest action, but the wolf is not invited.

Almost all people in Sweden die without having seen a wolf in the free state. Halter was born in a den in Nordre Ulvsjön in Norway. One day she began her walk across the border to Sweden and on to Varmland before she came to Tyresta National Park and its surroundings in Södertörn.

Thus, the Halter with their paws signed his death warrant in the human realm. No one has seen her attack children, woman, man or pets. She hits deer, wild boar piglets and rabbits for survival.

Hunters courting the Stockholm County Administrative Board, and they play on a finely tuned instrument that sounds of people's fear of the neighborhood where Halter lives and moves in the chips. It protected the wolf is not clear when power gillrar their traps with the exception of the conventions and conservation laws.

Halter has lived for two years and now she seeks a male to mate with and raise a family. There is not a lot of wolf pups in ten million people in Sweden.

The total number of wolves in Sweden may place in a classroom where the wise game warden had been giving lessons in respect for animals and nature. Who has turned wolf to man's enemy in a hunting?

17 000 hunters have registered to hunt wolves in the kingdom. In the war against the dog's brother and ancestor would also repeal roam. The landowners have as little to set against that when the state holds mining and searching of ore and gold.

Two of Grimmas full brothers is shot and dead. It took place in a so-called cull. The concept is interpreted exclusively unilaterally to man's advantage in these cases, because the wolf can not ask for mercy and demand justice. All jurors in court yesterday on two legs, and they can speak, write and act in its own thing.

The wolf must rely solely on their minds, but athletes are assisted by dogs with cameras, binoculars and GPS seeking enemy on four legs. The hunters move in the vicinity of mushroom pickers and people running and walking in the forest.

The people abusing the earth, the air they breathe and the water, but the deer heats the ground when they put down to rest. The canon put his red breast against the snow melts. Quiet and dark nights howling wolves at Skansen, so that it is heard over Djurgårdsslätten and away against Östermalm.

Halter has sometimes its paw ground within sight of man. She has not attacked dogs. Cars and other heavy traffic on the roads at Södertörn. Mälaren is wide and deep. Perhaps she senses danger. In any case, she has no claim against the hunters. Trigger finger and the eye in the crosshairs are merciless when the shooter may barley on its prey.

Poachers will stop at nothing when they seek their prey. No one can deny that animals have been hanged and tortured. Poisoned carcasses have been laid out to attract wolves and lynx. Game animals have died in baits and traps.

Nature is never good or evil. The fish in the sea gives birth to man and the earth and the land gives her harvests of grain and other crops, but none of this is good in itself.

Only man of all beings can be attributed to the good and the evil, and it is she who rules over and decide what should be the one or the other.

The wolf is the most cosmopolitan of all the predators on Earth. It lives in all the languages ​​of the world and people are constantly given the derogatory nickname. Its fur has been described as pale gray and dirty yellow in color. The slanted eyes are like ice in tone.

The wolf is considered to be monogamous and pairs being probably linked life, but the males are fighting fiercely for females. The mating season lasts from late December to mid-January.

Wolves live in arctic cold regions, dense forests and hot steppes and it has over the centuries adapted to the different nature- and climates. Large Adult wolves of reaching almost 150 centimeters in length and adds it to the tail so it will be another half meters.

Halter live as a lone wolf in Tyresta National Park and the grounds around it. She has never heard a bedtime story and she has no mother, father or siblings who can comfort and play with her in his neighborhood.

Whom the Bell Tolls Halter. The hunter who shoots her will carefully write down and remember the exact time of the victim's death. There will be a trophy to his collection.

Now is Christmas time on earth and halter walk in the land where man does not want her. She is dubbed to be the prey and outlaw. Hunters forming gear and to trap her.

A halter is a fastening for horses and other animals which are fastened around the neck and nose. The concept is hereby a name for the young wolf. It is a beautiful word that defies human intend to capture and destroy a living being who is an enemy only in one party's rifle scope.

Written by Bjorn Ranelid, december 2017

Admin thank Bjorn for permission to publish his article.


There is so many lies about the wolf

After living with wolves, I can share with you the experience that means.
This in Spain Lobo Park.
They have large enclosures with about 70 wolves as part of a worldwide chain for preserving show species in order to have a reserve for the future, and fresh blood. Today in Sweden shoot the wolf coming. 70% tjuvjakt.
There is a certain morality and ethics that does not shoot a cow before calf, for the calf will not get a hungersdöd to meet- but morale is missing when it comes to wolves. You shoot the animals coming no matter what animal it is.
Is it a bitch with puppies, becomes puppies without control and training of parental pair. Hunters do these puppies for bandits, who do not know to be afraid of settlement or people. Slide a mother to kindergarten children and let the children go adrift to obtain food and shelter. It is inhuman.
A wolf eating wild. not domestic animals. But the puppies but the parents do not have the knowledge. It takes the easiest of the can not. A wolf belongs otherwise the world's shyest animals. Let it be that ATLA them into communities with food, so you avoid them. The ex some countries I've visited, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada etc. so, society has understood that you can not shoot down the wild.
Nature is for one purpose and that is not our thing to push away all the animals.. In the cities I visited with wolf dense areas., and you have full control of wolves and other predators. Anyone who goes near predator which has bells on clothing and bags. Predators hear them a long way and have time to walk away. There will be no conflict. In all the shops are popping shots to buy.
Will an animal close by yet another in a string and sends. The bang like a rifle shot. There are specially designed häxpipor. Animal meetings.
The animals will definitely be frightened by them. If any animals still come too close, there to buy pepper spray, walking away over 5 meters and animals turns directly. Since it has been in these wolf dense cities laws that say no garbage barrel must be unlocked. No leftovers get are accessible to predators.

Foto: I take down groups to Spain to meet wolves and have a week of lessons about wolves and what it means. Here is one of them. In this vast enclosure is about 30u

Strict fines if duties on it and throw food without protection. Would anyone be afraid if he still gets into any predator is an emergency number to call to the zoo guards will direct. They shoot pea bags on animals fearless. They shoot even jalapeno spray bullets which hurts properly.
As you understand, covers the towns of the need for protection, and the people and animals can live in harmony. None of the people I asked were afraid of predators. They knew that nature is a part of society and that it does not resolve the conflict by firing everyone and everything. None of the people I asked in Romania, (1000.century wolves), Canada (100-century wolves) Bulgaria (1000-century) wolves were afraid of predators. They lived with them. And with all these measures, it was no treat for a predator to go into society. There is too much discomfort. And in Canada.
A wolf family will be left alone, will never see. It is one of the world's shyest animals, if you do not feed them into society, and do not shoot the wrong animal.
What excited you got the wolf does nothing. And you who have dogs, Disconnect the dog d you see wolf. Not that the wolf attacks the dog, but because the dog attacks the wolf, in the belief that there is another dog. I had three dogs from 70 Wolves, no problem. But I'm dog trainer and knows to call my dogs in wolf meeting.
Unfortunately let ignorant people odreserade dogs in wolf territory. And remember. The wolf does not go to a dog mum or dad leash. And those who lost their dogs out of negligence shall not stålta in newspapers with his dead dog, it is shameful and least incredibly stupid, letting the dog run after the wolf. The dog does not know what a wolf is. but it ought to mum and dad do.
Written by / Hakan Forsberg


Varg, a defense for the accused.

Vi i lever i antropocen, the time that human activity globally has affected Earth's climate and ecosystems negatively.
We are facing severe climate change, and unfortunately there are indications that we have now created self-sustaining processes. We still faces the sixth and most powerful mass extinction the planet experienced, In addition, we have poisoned the land, water and air with the 150 000 various chemicals, the oceans are filled with plastic / mickroplast…

For me, the wolf debate a symbolic issue that reflects anthropocene, We can not do that sensibly protect the wolf population, let it grow genetically healthy, strong and give it good habitat across our country, so we can handle any of the other problems.

It's about changing the way of life and our thinking.

"Every form of life is unique and must be respected, no matter what value it has for man, as to be able to show other organisms such respect must be guided by moral rules for their conduct. "From UN:'s World Environmental declaration.

The debate surrounding the wolf to be or not to be has been in Sweden since some wolves wandered into the early 1980s and a new wolf began to form. The conflict between those who want a genetically healthy and viable wolf population in Sweden and those who do not want the wolf here, is hard. The debate is to say the least infected.

The fear many words against the wolf is clear phobic, imagined and built on urban legends, myths, tales and prejudices.

The dog is a domesticated wolf and about as dangerous. Trauma brings fear, and this fear is inherited generation after generation. The wolf has learned to fear man so profoundly that fear is inherited, the same applies in general our views on wolves and other "dangerous" animals. That fear is inherited depends on epigenetikens mechanisms. Epigenetics is preparing the next generation to survive in a new environment, not only in the strictly physical, the same applies to social, cultural environments.

The fearful and stressed brain produces small molecules that can "turn on and off" a gene, the process allows for quick changes in gene function without a genuine mutation occurs. No changes in the genetic code arises, but shares on or off. Epigenetics means "at nuisance, romances", there is therefore outside the DNA:t.

My words should be seen as reflecting the wolf in Sweden. I try to objectively defend the predator, as well as other. The wolf is the ancestor of the dog and the dog is just a domesticated wolf. The wolf is not a threat to people and if we maintain a good strain prey is the risk of attacks on humans is minimal.

The conflict is factually entirely in some people (Destroyer) do not want the competition and do not want to see the wolf taxes elk population.
The second conflict is in the typical Swedish tradition with löshundsjakt.

The planned licensed hunting winter 2017 (As with the earlier) is a real threat to a genetically weak and vulnerable wolf population and contrary to Swedish legislation and EU:s regulations. The wolf is an ecologically important species missing in Sweden, its return is one of the most gratifying and important ecological events of the last century. Especially considering all the gloomy statements about declining biodiversity and ever longer lists of endangered species.

The wolves affecting among other things the composition of prey tribes by greater trap animals in poor condition. The wolves affect grazing patterns of prey in the positive direction, animals move more and hunter leaves residues after slain prey in the forest, which in turn is important for other animals. This is called cascading effects. The wolf hunting enhancing biodiversity, far better than the human, and is continuing.

Obviously also bring wolves' return worries, it is of course itself, after all, if a large and potent predator.

A wolf attacks can be very heavy for those affected. The damage will be great because the sheep are in a stängslad trap and the fleeing group. The wolf's hunting instinct is triggered to maximum. Coming out in the pasture in the morning to feed the ewes and find half of them torn by a wolf leaves no one indifferent. Anyone who does not understand that every such event also involves a deep sense of sadness, anger and powerlessness of those affected, should stay completely away from predators debate. We care about and feel for our domestic animals. When a domestic animal, dog or get, will be taken by wolves all feel the same anger and despair. For example, when an inspector comes to the site so he / she will be the face of the whole predator management and policy. It's like no opportunity to say:
"- But you must understand that you can not let your dog loose in a wolfterritories?”

But we can also protect our domestic animals. There are both predator repellent fences and shepherd animals good alternatives. It requires lattices right, not too close stones or of stone walls which can be used to jump into the predator. That one protections even against watercourses, because the wolf swims well.

The damage to domestic animals is when they occur serious, but something that should emerge in the debate is that they are very limited. Year 2015 killed 243 get the wolf. This represents less than one per thousand of the Swedish agriculture around 600 000 får. Despite growth in the wolf population statistics seem to have stabilized at a low level. This suggests in turn that the efforts of predatory fencing works, but it needed more targeted financial support for fencing to protect domestic animals.

The same picture emerges when it comes to dog attacks. If the wolf seen the dog that changing the number of attacks have been far far more. The wolf sees a dog like a wolf and dislike intrusion into his territory.

Culling is basically good, although genetically valuable wolves must be saved. It usually is justified to shoot off problem wolves, since, in general, a few animals, accounting for most of the attacks on domestic animals.
Hunting license, However, done without making distinction on which wolves caused damage.

Our elected politicians in recent years have clearly shown that they are willing to break the laws they themselves helped to enact or follow in the EU. When other countries demand their right to defend "traditional" types of hunting, the same requirements as our government and two large hunting federation set / sets, requires our government clampdown on these countries. These include French and Spanish demands to maintain their traditional hunting birds with traps, network and limstickor.

Here in Sweden the freedom of hunting of wolves, hunting license, as it is called. The politicians' excuse is that "gaining acceptance" of the wolf. But acceptance can never be reached by a group of hostile predator hunters are allowed to go out in the woods with their personal agendas, To reduce the wolf population and to avoid competition.

Varg- and rovdjurshatande hunters want to get wolves to behave in an unnatural way to cultivate the myths surrounding the problem wolves. They know that if the parents of a wolf family killed so kids will not have the opportunity to learn the natural behavior, like to stay away from the communities and to hunt natural prey. This teaches the kids by their parents.

These hunters also know that if you kill one of the parents increases the risk of attacks on domestic livestock significantly as a maverick much harder to trap game. Comprehensive license hunting involves a much greater threat than culling to the vulnerable wolves. This deliberately selective hunting increases the risk of attacks on domestic livestock and the presence of young wolves surrounding communities, thereby leading to mass media reporting of these cases, which creates a more negative view of the wolf.

If the wolves need a shot of it must be done by specially trained hunters, Please civil servants and absolutely no agenda of its own, who have a thorough knowledge about the behavior of wolves and role in nature.

The wolf and other animals, organisms have the same right as we live here and we are the ones who are completely dependent on natural ecosystems work, that evolution must proceed without us interfering in our great foolishness and believe that we are "God's image" and can behave as we please.

It is basically not you and me it's all about, it is that we must not give up the children of the enormous poverty we are creating…

/Thomas Alm