There are rumors that the wolf population includes hybrids between dogs and wolves, but extensive studies of wolf researchers at SLU and their Norwegian colleagues show that it is not true. - We have better genetic information about the Scandinavian wolf population than are available on any other wild predator population in the world, says Johan Mansson, Researchers at the Department of Ecology at SLU.

The Scandinavian wolf researchers working together on research Skandulv. Since 1983 they have collected DNA from more than 1 200 individuals, including five of the seven wolves who founded the population in Scandinavia (DNA profiles on the other two have been reconstructed with the DNA of their offspring). Samples have been collected from dead and living wolves (blood and tissue) and from droppings, urine and hår.- With all this information we can reconstruct a family tree and track individuals' origins and kinship until the wolves who founded the population, says Johan Mansson, coordinator of Skandulv.DNA analysis makes it possible to distinguish the territorial couples, confirm the rejuvenation of the territories and to identify and monitor individuals of particular interest (For example, immigrants from the Finnish-Russian population).The results show that the first two founders of the Scandinavian wolf population descended from the Finnish-Russian wolf population. They were not the descendants of any remnant of the original Scandinavian tribe or from wolves in zoos or hybrid progeny of wolf and dog. The remaining five wolves that have migrated in recent times is also derived from the Finnish-Russian wolf population. Although there could be involvement of dog uteslutas.Däremot it is true that wolves can hybridize in the wild with several species of the canine family, including hundar.- However, all available data indicates that it is extremely rare, says Johan Månsson.I Scandinavia is a single case documented. The female and a dog had puppies in Norway 1999. Three of the five hybridavkommorna were killed and none of the two remaining pups have been found again in 15 years inventories and DNA analysis. Single hybrids between wolves and dogs have identified genetic markers in Latvia. Some cases are also reported from including Bulgaria, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula. It is also known that there has been historical. So, for example, the black color available in some North American wolves originated from dogs, maybe introduced to North America 12 000–14 000 years ago.

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more info about Wolf Dogs

The North American Indians had wolves, dogs,they were very careful to take puppies that seemed calmest. For that they would be tamed so fed Indian women pups at their chest and they took them before they got eyes. When they opened his eyes, it was the first they saw a man .The story I heard many years ago by a North American Indian on one of my many trips . Most of us have probably heard of Jack London and the Wolf Dog. In fact, there was nothing unusual that the diggers took a puppy and when it grew up, got it mate with the draft dogs, as was often the breed Malamut or husky and so they got a strong and sustainable features dog. In this way came the American wolf to dog (American Wolfdog) American Wolfdog is one of the dog with a strong body language and bred to be a sound and healthy breed that connects strong ties to its owner and family . When talking about wolfdog talk about F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 etc.. This means how many generations of dog is the wolf. Sweden is allowed to have five generations of wolves. I would say that there is no American wolfdog, either in Sweden or abroad who have the wolf so close in their genes. All American Wolfdog is bred on American Wolfdog. When you have an American Wolfdog you will most likely be asked how many % Wolf contain your dog. I go unwillingly into % for it can be very misleading. But I do this to clarify some things. If a 100% Class Prr Sig Made 100% dog then becomes the offspring 50% dog and 50% varg. Then maybe you mate with a wolfdoggen 100 % Wolf then the offspring 75%. You mate two 75 % wolfdog becomes offspring 75%. This is about genetics and it means that some puppies get more dog genes and some more wolf genes. This does not have to look to make no behavior ( Googling on Starcross Wolves) All dogs descended from wolves, the only difference between them (in addition to appearance and temperament) the generations from pure wolf. The original league shepherd stamboken studbook Deutche Schaferhunde (SZ) show several clean wolves have been used to create the breed and it's about 90-100 years ago. Similar events have been revealed in the Malamute Huskies Belgian shepherd dog. But keep in mind all wolf dogs are bred on wolfdog and through selective breeding has been able to preserve the wolf genes and received a domesticated wolf. What is a wolfdog AMERICAN: First and foremost, a family dog. You would never expect that a wolfdog is like a regular dog, it will not always do what you say even though it is easy to learn and is both smarter and intligentare than most dogs(wolf has 20% larger brain than a normal dog and 200 % greater sense of smell) What is important is that you socialize your wolfdog from that it is a puppy and let it visit many places and learn to drive early, when most wolf dogs can get motion sickness. You should also let it meet many people. All American Wolfdog has a certain shyness and can be reserved with strangers. In the mer in the mindre. SOCIALIZE YOUR wolfdog early so will be no problem. American Wolfdog is very easy to learn and learn things quickly, but it can also get bored easily if not get a reward. It also needs stimulus and above alt need your American Wolfdog much love and caring and would love to be with their owners and family overalt when it becomes very faithful to his flock. You can not compare your wolfdog with any other dog breed, one can say that this is a dog that is a bit of cat and dog with the wolf intlegens and smarts. I would say that one can reach as far as anyone with this race. One thing that surprised me very much is not to duty and the military in Sweden have woken up to this race in the Russian army used it diligently. Females usually runs only once a year, in contrast to other dog breeds, which runs twice a year. American Wolfdog must have nutritious food, raw kött leg. A good food should contain protein ( adults 24-30% puppies 30%) fat (adults 18-20% puppies 21 %) fibers. The feed should not contain cereals. If you are interested in an American Wolfdog so remember to find out as much as you can and read about the wolf, too.. Also remember that there can be a big difference in high content and low content. (content was generated) A reputable breeders have their puppies in the home environment and lets her wolfdog breed inside because it is important to be with the bitch and the puppies feel a hand and even odors from the beginning. Often is the expectant father on the doorstep and watching when they give birth to their children in common. A reputable breeder will let you also get a pedigree for your puppy. This should be careful. A reputable breeder keeps itself up to date on both foreign and Swedish breeders. The first American Wolfdoggen or wolf hybrids they were called) was taken in by a man named Per_ Inge Matsson) The dogs were taken out at the end of 80 s and early 90 the number. There were two high content (%) wolf in them. The dogs named Adam and Moses. Adam and Moses is the basis of all Swedish American Wolfdogs in Sweden. Per- Inge mated these dogs each with a German Shepherd bitch. A man named Odvar Johanssen in Värmland bought puppies by Per-Inge and paired them in turn with Schafer and called them Swedish Wolfhound. De wolfdoggen som kom in var parade med German Scheperd Timberwolf Polar varg Macenzi varg. With Line Breeding has since developed the American Wolfdoggen. How then have bred, I can not go into because it can only answer the breeders. I want to clarify that American Wolfdog is not a wolf hybrid ( high bride artificial means in English) After the measurement, all breeds hybrids. American Wolfdog is a consultation of the White German Sheperds (scäfer Malamut German Sheperds and Makenzie wolf Polar Arctic Wolf wolf (Canis lupus arctos) There are three subspecies of wolf dogs in Sweden: Czechoslovak Wolfdog (CSV) Saarloos wolfhund (Holland) ( American Wolfdog (USA Canada) The first two mentioned are approved in the Swedish Kennel Club. Was this by the EU. American Wolfdog stems from early 1600 of . Google on Wolf Crossing ) A anna page, You should google on the American India died of Mark Klemper, which is one of the originators of the American Wolfdog Before even thought of the idea to acquire an American Wolfdog, so ransaka yourself are you willing to live this wonderful dog's life, You must have own house, fence around your yard dog door so wolfdoggen can go o the way it wants. Enjoying the outdoors. Be willing to adjust your life for wolfdoggens need for it will not adapt to your. Remember to have an American Wolfdog is a way of life.

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