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29 Dec, It becomes wolf hunting on Tuesday

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The Supreme Administrative Court will not stop the winter licensed hunting of wolves. This means that the hunt can begin as planned on Tuesday 2 januari.
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The 27 December came The Administrative Court decisions, rejected all appeals and the go-ahead for the hunting of wolves. Appeals have been made to Supreme Administrative Court


The 27 November, the Administrative Court's answer to the appeals made on licensed hunting 2018th

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The Administrative Court in Lulea, the decision on license hunting for wolves
[2017-11-27] The Administrative Court in Lulea has today delivered judgment in five goals, related licensed hunt for wolves in Dalarna, Gavleborg, Varmland, Västmanland and Örebro. The Administrative Court rejects all appeals, which means that the county administrative boards' decisions is made and licensed hunting of total 22 wolves is permitted in certain specified areas during the period 2 januari 2018 until 15 februari 2018.

The compounds Nordulv, Wolf Association Sweden, Swedish predators Association, Critics Hunting and Nature Conservation in Värmland and Dalarna, appealed and requested in the first place that the decision should be annulled.
For more information contact;
Niklas Lind
alderman manage
0920 – 27 76 60


The decisions came 28 september 2017 in Sweden
area Maps & Territory Maps are available on the respective territories pages submenu “Territory”
> Dalarna

The hunt will be conducted from 2 January to the 15 februari 2018 or until the County Administration previously avlyser hunt.

Licensed hunting of making a total of 22 individuals below 5 County as the county administrative boards consider this to be of limited amount and a reasonable outlet in relation to the fox population size and growth.
The affected counties in central predator management area, after consultation agreed on a consumptive use by county as follows:

  • Värmland - 6 Wolves > LST
  • Örebro – 2 Wolves > LST
  • Dalarna - 6 Wolves > LST
  • Gavleborg - 2 Wolves >LST
  • Västmanland - 6 Wolves > LST

Decisions for download


License Hunting-wolf-2018_Dalarna
Decision-licensed hunting wolf-varmland-2018
Beslut – license search wolf 2018 2.0_Vastmanland
Appendix 1 – Hunting Areas Kolsta
Decisions on licensed hunting for wolves in Örebro County 2018
 SVA Table License Wolf hunting 2018

Territory Allocation felled wolves
Flaten 7 5 + 3 scabies = 8
flat 2 0
Kolsta 6 6 hunt was canceled
New Forest 2 2 The hunt was canceled
Vimyren 6 2

Number of hunters per county + Invited to hunt 2018


February 15

Copyright Kim Aronsson 14 feb 2018









License chase last day 2018 !
No more wolves have been shot during the hunt last days, 15 Wolves + 3 scabies wolves have precipitated during 2018 years of wolf hunting !

No more than 2 shot wolves are found in Vimyrenreviret in Varmland.
Suspected iligegal hunting at least 4 pieces then 7 pieces have been seen and photographed on the game camera (Sv Hunting) Before beginning the hunt.

No activity has been reported which is known somthing yesterday that 8e or today.
(Note; 3 skabbvargar, Flatenr) is settled at SVA)

A total of eight wolves shot in Flat The territory, but three of them have been classified asskabbvarg and therefore deducted in the total award.

Several have asked about the status of the wolf territory where the license hunted in years. This is the part to unconfirmed information the editors have produced. In New Forest (Gavleborg) stated the now empty of wolves. In Flaten (Dalarna) there are as reportedly maybe a wolf remains. I Kölsta (Västmanland) there is at least one wolf left. In Vimyren (Varmland) it may be wolves plot. I Kindla (Örebro) there are reportedly wolves who go through the small hunting area from time to time.

It is conducted is currently no licensed hunting of wolves in Värmland Vimyrenreviret. There are four wolves left to lower the allocation, but the question is whether there are any wolves remain in the territory?
Two wolves were shot directly when licensed hunting started. An adult male who was suffering from scabies and an adult female. Analysis of the convicted female wolf shows that she has not given birth to a litter.

Very cold today, -18 
No major activity today but we went around the whole territory and across in both directions for a few hours. Altogether 12 mil only.


Today, the Department of the Red Ulven been out for a walk. It was the -15 men iskyla, no snowfall and cloudy. Not plowing today as it has been plowed in the day before yesterday. Does time tracking Vimyren.

02 No activity

The last wolf was shot in Kölstareviret, Västmanland with numbers; M494892
Thus, the last of the six allotted wolves shot in Kölstareviret and the hunt is Embargoed.

Activists missing for about; 6 hours before the three were found.
The police at first refused to come, even though five people were missing. Three found, a bleeding from head. Two still missing. Police arrived after a long time finally in place by helicopter blah.
All five were found at 21.30 time.
>Read the Aftonbladet article

No plowing of forest roads in Vimyrenreviret and it is thus no traction or very limited one, depending on the car and tires. No hunters out what we have in the team speaking.

at 11.00- time precipitated in the fifth wolf Kölstareviret, Västmanland.
A wolf remains on the allocation of the hunting area informs the provincial government in Västmanland.

No wolves have been convicted over the weekend

License hunt in all territories have been shutdown due to weather and some fights in Kölstareviret, Västmanland under investigation.
> police begin 13 investigations by fractional at wolf hunting

Here is a video from one of the days in Kölstareviret, Västmanland with HSS and a small clip from Vimyrenreviret, Värmland, where a warner from the Red Team Ulven close the eyes of the male wolf shot there on the second day of hunt.

On Sunday, dropped another wolf in flat territory.
Six wolves can be folded flat to the territory of the regional authority Dalarna decision. Total now has eight wolves shot in the territory. Three of the eight wolves have been affected by scabies and postponed pursuant to Section 40c hunting regulation.

Quick update from Kolsta today.
The day was fairly quiet no violence from hunters (it may be that a journalist was there?)
Apart from some inblockeringar from hunters' side was the day not very eventful, which also means that no wolves were killed today.

No wolves shot this day in the other the territories.

Another scabies infested wolves shot in Flaten-Billsjöreviret in Dalarna
The wolf was shot with the support of Section 40c hunting regulation and it remains thus continued a wolf on the allocation of territory.
This now means that 15 wolves incl 1 skabbvarg = (increased allocation) in Dalarna total have been convicted in this year's hunting license.

Two wolves have been convicted today in Kolsva. The first at noon and the second about; 16.00

The hunter in the mask Revealed

Hunter trained by Jägareförbundet
Hunters Association's general mandate will be taken away from them immediately and managed by competent individuals, especially organizations that do not use violence against the animal or women. Hunters Association is directly inappropriate organization to handle hunting issues and matters related to hunting or safety. It is the monster they created that lack any form of respect for animals, people and the environment.

Hunters in Kolsva abusing a child, girl is under 18!!
Swedish hunters in Kolsva beat up and tries to strangle a child!! This young female that the hunter is abusing is under 18!!

It continues to snow and it will be colder.
Fellows needed in Västmanland! 
Hunters in Kolsva abuse women, sieves with loaded gun at people and threatening to shoot them to death, smashing windows, destroying cars, tearing and pulling in people, pushed and hit people.

Right now, a hundred hunters in Kolsva in Västmanland, several of them are hunters who had traveled there from Dalarna and Värmland. They hate the wolf so much that when they slaughtered the ratio of their County, go to Kolsva to get murdering any more Vin number.

With tracks snow was also a successful outcome of the wolf hunt. A wolf has today been convicted in Kölstareviret, Västmanland. Total now has two wolves killed in the territory and it remains there four wolves on assignment.
Rest in peace

Kolsva Hunters attacking activists 2018-01-17

Five activists have been attacked by a number of hunters during the day and are reported to the police.
Hunters have run into their car several times, blocked cars and tried to rip them out of their cars and threatened them to life.
One raised his hand to a female activist and tried to overturn the car with people in it.


 In Vimyren there has not been any activity dOn it's been snowing all day and the snow is up to 6 dm. Plowing of forest roads is going on when required snow chains on tractors.


Much snow falls in central Sweden.
No more wolves felled until today. It is 11 pieces in total of which 2 had scabies. 1 in Dalarna & The male has the image of Vimyren. However, his coat on the reverse path when he then passed scabies infestation.
Hunting Association Dalarna applies for extended licensed hunting of wolves in Flat territory.

>read more here.

photo; Private

During the weekend there licensjagats wolf inom Kindlareviret, Örebro. For the first time since the hunt began tracings showed that there were wolves inside the area and the search was therefore started. Wolves batter, however, out of the area without any hunter saw them.
> Read news articles on the front page

In Norway, all 16 assigned wolves convicted in the so-called wolf zone. The idea behind the decision was that all wolves in the territories Julussa and Osdal would be folded but local hunters claim that there are wolves remain in the territories, despite the hunt.
"Hunting Act says there are at least three wolves left in Osdalsreviret and that there are many wolves remain in Julussareviret", säger Knut Arne Gjems, Norwegian Association of Hunters och Fishermen Association ledare in Hedmark > till Bond magazine

During the week, no organized hunting of wolves implemented in Vimyrenreviret, Varmland. The reason will be lack of trails and snow

In Kölstareviret tryActivists disrupt licensed hunting wolf.
Local hunters say the Swedish Hunting the reason that hunting is slow in the area do not depend on activists. Instead, the lack of snow that obstruct the hunt considerably.

Hunt underway in Norway and 15 of 16 assigned wolves have been shot in the territories Julussa and Osdal.

No wolves have been convicted of any of the territories over the weekend much because of the weather conditions that were both very foggy cold.
I Kindlareviret, Örebro, so far no organized hunting of wolves has been conducted. It has been and continues to be poor track conditions.

06-11 Vimyren No wolf shot

No wolves have been shot during the day. Traces going and snow has fallen in Vimyren today.

Oslo District Court today came with the judgment of the Norwegian licensed hunting of wolves. The court does not stop the hunt, but it must continue as planned.
> Read more

Wolf hunting four days in Sweden and Norway were combined 27 wolves shot.
So far, the wolves hunting in the Norwegian ulvesonen have 11 wolves killed by the 16 assigned in 2 territory, Osdal and Julussa.
Skaninaviens licenjakter this year is about 64 wolves lives extinguished.
The hunt in Norway tartade the 1 januari.


The little snow that fell turned into rain but it lasted tracking after all.
In Värmland, Vimyren went 3 shot, 2 at 12.42 ? 1 pM; 12.57.
No wolf was shot that day also confirmed by the County Administrative David Hook. The day was mostly a cat and mouse game.
Today 1 jaktlag out when 3 shots were heard in small residence that was clocked. Today was no wolves shot this, none in the carbon and none of Tyresta.
> The hunt was canceled in Dalarna och
we light candles for the 2 last who died there today.
Rest in peace 

Here are some pictures from the day.

03- Day 2
9 wolves kill

Excursion to Vimyren territory, Varmland
This day was no activity where we were.
Today was a better day for the wolves here, but more were killed in other places in both Sweden and Norway.
Rest in peace

Number of hunters in Sweden now










02 Day 1

We eventually found some hunters who sat along a little path between Ekshärad and Torsby.
We exchanged a few words, however, there was no further information from these men but continued until we KomFram to a large collection of hunters, where I asked if we could take photos. They said that the provincial government inspector was coming so we waited for the person who was a woman and had to shoot the wolf male that we post pictures on here. They are copyrighted to vargskydd.se.
He was a handsome male at 42 kg. He had scabies but clearly visible was the plant back on his left ribs. In 1 decimeters bar part synthesis, however, a bit down from the tail head. He lived in Vimyren Värmland and was about: 3 years old. Closes his eyes and asks.
Death 2 januari 2018
 Rest in peace
All pictures are private & Wolf protection for copyrighted
Hunters meeting with activists passed off quietly

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Here Kim closes his eyes and asking for rest in peace