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> Hunter practiced shooting for wolf hunting
Wolf hunt begins the 2 januari. A few days before the start of the year arranged jaktvårdskrets are in Hagfors and Torsby gunnery wolf hunters in collaboration with the Study Promotion Varmland.
Hagfors jaktvårdskrets borrowed Tönnets shooting range to practice shooting. Niclas Kilhage, shooting instructor in Section hunting and dog in Studiefrämjandet Varmland, came up with new shooting material for today's shooting

> Vandalism of light wolves in Karlstad

Current predators information
If you see a predator, or track after such, it is very valuable to hear from you to the County Board as soon as possible.

> Experts |: "Starving polar bears will become a common sight"
A film that shows an emaciated polar bears fighting for his life has attracted international attention. But even if climate change makes the threat to the animal increases, we should not draw hasty conclusions, says the Swedish expert on polar bears.
> watch the clip

> They worry about the weapons hunters

> The county administrative boards JO-entered the complicated rules of nature tourism

Inventory of wolves
Viltskadecenter SLU

 Deep snow driving reindeer out on the roads

> Police prosecuted for attempting to help the wolf shooter

> Crossbow Hunters airing morning air

Sami Parliament criticizes predator control
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LULEÅSeven cearrus storm the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten.
The latest predator inventory imposed.
- In areas of the County Administrative Board states are blank areas at the wolverine looks herders daily traces of wolverine in the ongoing collection work for the round- ups, says Marita Stinnerbom, Chairman of the Sami Parliament Reindeer Husbandry Board.
Recently, the County Board this year inventory of predators and believes that both the wolverine population and lynx population in Norrbotten seems to be stable.

Inventory report shows that the number of lynx in the county is barely 200. Most are beatiful. The number of wolverines is estimated at approximately 200.
The survey shows strong increase of wolverine litters throughout the country except for Norrbotten, where they 36 wolverine regeneration area in the county is in line with previous years' inventories.
The report met with sharp criticism.
- Many Sami villages have been in touch about the severe inventory conditions during wolverine inventory. Seven Sami villages believe that it was not possible to survey a sufficient extent. If the weather varies with alternating thaw and snowstorm can not find traces of wolverines, even if they are there, says Marita Stinnerbom.
Sami Parliament Reindeer Husbandry Board believes that the provincial government is not listening to reindeer herders' knowledge and want to establish new consultation for the seven Sami villages that refused a request to cull the wolverine.
- If it was not inventoried in a satisfactory way, no one can say how big the wolverine population is truly in Sweden. Inventory The result is not only the basis for predator compensation, but also for decisions on protection yachts. There will be a moment 22 for samebys, emphasizes Marita Stinnerbom.
Mikael Leijon

No culling of wolves that hinder moose hunt
> the provincial government to take decisions on culling the wolf Södertörns

today the 27 November, the Administrative Court's answer to the appeals made on licensed hunting 2018th
> Here you can read the entire press release
The Administrative Court in Lulea, the decision on license hunting for wolves
[2017-11-27] The Administrative Court in Lulea has today delivered judgment in five goals, related licensed hunt for wolves in Dalarna, Gavleborg, Varmland, Västmanland and Örebro.

Vargmöte Sunne(+plus section)
> see page PDF document Beslut, applications etc.

Experienced hunter Bertil Forsberg from Western Ämtervik with wolves and hunting issues hobby, and predators accountable in Hensgård led the meeting with details of current wolf situation that arose in the Rack The territory.

Vargmöte Sunne
SUNNE / ARVIKA: Dense flocks of wolves
Friday afternoon was organized in haste a briefing on the state of the wolf situation that arose in the Rack The territory, Arvika in the west to the Western Ämtervik east. Experienced hunter Bertil Forsberg had with wolf tracker a well-attended meeting in the library in Sunne.
About one hundred people had gathered, it could be hunters, Accommodations in the neighborhood, pet owners and many people in general feel concerned by this sensitive issue. Everything is about to get additional permits to cull beyond the wolves already postponed.

large territory
The territory is at issue is what is called Rack territory stretching from Arvika in the west to the Western Ämtervik east, and from Kymmen / Grassland in the north and then down towards Värmelns beach in the south.
According wolf trackers may be several flocks simultaneously in different places.
- If you pass a road at a certain time during the night with several tracks, there could be further more tracks one hour later, was one of wolf tracks the comment.

According to Bertil Forsberg has territory escalated and become impossible to manage.
Wolf has been in the area for many years, but it has historically not been a lot of wolf attacks on dogs.
But the past year, there has been a dramatic increase of wolf attacks on dogs, both pet dogs, and hunting dogs. Only in recent weeks there have been several attacks, which eventually led to hunters applied for protective hunting of all wolves in the Rack The territory.

Wolf tracks
During the week, the days with snow, it has been tracked very closely by wolf tracks were, and in their opinion it is more with wolf tracks than elk traces, In short, four wolf tracks toward an elk traces, and just like the previously mentioned pops up constantly new tracks. It also appears that many of the wolves, moving in flocks, found a place a bit north of Western Ämtervik. Many elk have there been eaten.
Bertil Forsberg believes that there is no longer a huntable moose population left there. In other areas of the territory has been found several territorial marking and several wolves have been visible.

The County Administrative Board is the authority that grants permission regarding culling, and at the moment it is a new application for culling. It is hoped that there will be an announcement soon.
By Jan-Olof Johansson

> Suspected hunters get back weapons
One of the hunters in Hälsingland suspected to have hunted wolves illegally get back their weapons. Clearly, since the Administrative Court in Falun accentuates the police's decision to seize the man's arms.

Petter Bergner: Do not let extremists dictate the terms of predators hunt

> WINTER IN NORWAY wolf hunting was stopped!

The hunt can seriously damage the Scandinavian population…
Five wolves has so far killed. Today Tuesday stopped the district court Oslo ongoing licensed hunting outside ulvesonen.
It is a hunting state of 21 Wolves. The license outside ulvesonen was initially 26 animal.

> "Rights and responsibilities are not equal for all"

>JRF-base in the TV duel on the wolf issue
In the evening there will be a live TV duel on the wolf issue. Solveig Larsson, Chairman of the Hunters' Association (JRF), debate against Torbjörn Nilsson, Chairman of the Swedish Society for Predators (SRF).
 BBC1 clock 22 and also streamed on SVT Play.

> Debate: "Predator compound are strongly opposed"

Minister: The government can not have views on provincial offices wolf hunting decision

> The catastrophe protection to Saami paid
> Changed playing field in the EU for carnivore
> Large attendance at the information session on wolf

>Do not allow bow hunting! 
By Uffe Stridsberg

The judgment in hunting target, B 2074-16
> [2017-11-10] Luleå District Court District Court has today delivered its judgment in the so called. hunting target.

> Want wolf free ten mil around sameby

> Decision on protection hunting in Rackstareviret, Varmland

Original letters of Marlen Fauglsang (unpublished)
>Scandal that some hunter wants to shoot the whole wolf territory Racken_20171107 MF

 "Natural wolfbehaviour" ( is a + article in VF)
wolf hunting.
Many hunters think that the measure is heaped with regard to the wolves. But it also makes the wolf friends - but from the opposite point of view. - Löshundsjakten must be removed, says Marlen Fuglsang, member of the Swedish Society for Predators and Hunting critics.
This is because of the hunters in the area around West Ämtervik applied to the provincial government about the culling of all wolves in the Rack The territory, with reference to the wolves attacked where several hunting dogs and killed a. - We are very upset about it and also very upset that the provincial government is considering culling, says Marlen Fuglsang.
- The problem with löshundsjakt is that wolves do the will, that is, attack dogs intruding on their turf. It is a natural behavior for wolves. - Löshundsjakten is vital. You can go in the drive in place and let the dogs when you see ungulates nearby. In this way scared the wolves away when they hear people in the forest and the dogs do not run, and seek out the wolf. Marlen Fuglsang feel that she and her co-thinkers in the Swedish Society for Predators and Hunting critics are fighting an uphill battle. - hunters are a well-oiled lobbying organization with great resources.
We are not as strong. And the county administrative boards is most often the hunters line. They talk all about that acceptance of wolves will increase by licensed hunting and culling, but although both forms are granted, it is the poaching of wolves remains high. Marlen Fuglsang emphasizes that she is not against hunters. - We accuse certainly not all hunters poaching. Most of the hunters are well-behaved, it is only one percent of the hunters who engage in this. But the small proportion down to the very great harm.
Marlen Fuglsang also calls for greater protection for the wolf. - We think that clause 28 overused. That is hunting regulation provision on the right to defend their livestock from predators attack. According to Marlen Fuglsang is the section of loosely worded in terms of proof. - There is no way to find out whether the animal owner really fired warning shots first. And also no way to find out if it was really an attack on time. She also thinks that the county administrative boards should be given more responsibility to investigate to pet owners trying to protect their animals and give examples of where she and her colleagues contacted the provincial government to call attention to predator fences are in good condition on a sheep farm, but received the reply that outreach controls are not part of the mission. Marlen Fuglsang and several other members wrote in a statement to the New Folkblad that it should not be allowed any culling at all in the Rack The territory. - You can not go out and shoot a wolf, then maybe one of the alpha animals are killed and it is not good for the puppies' education. The population is also far below the maximum level of 300 animal. Others claim the opposite, there are many more wolves than the maximum level.
- It's a deliberate strategy from those who want to remove the wolf.
054-17 56 78

Predators Critical surveyor Göte Johansson kicked by the provincial government

Predators Critical surveyor kicked by the provincial government

Police swerved lynx female – chicks killed

More cameras in the forests

How is it possible that almost nobody cares a damn thing?

To hunt with bow and arrow in urban areas may be possible in the future

> Four organizations appeal wolf hunt

SRF to stop wolf hunting with dogs

> Wild boar is suspected of killing lambs

> Police have launched a preliminary investigation for threats against the provincial government

> "Chase racing season has started"

> Elks shot – Mixed reactions in Skogstorp

> DNA technology provides telling them about predators damage

> Decisions on predator hunting should be tried in court

DNA technology shows that inspections of suspicious predatordamages usually correctness

Lynx killed in hit and run accident

>Leif GW Persson: "This is qualified cruelty"

Bievalparna killed for the sake artskyddets

Picture of one of the 2 black puppies which proved Hybrids acc. DNA

Dead wolf found on the E4 level with Gävlebro - hit by truck

> The prosecution of hunting skein: The evidence is strong

Puppies in Bie noted hybrids

> Family in uncomfortable wolf meeting on the plot

Hunter cleared of hunting crimes

The State criticized in connection with a large hunting tangle

Energized West should frighten the wolf

Startled wolf hunter is still a plus

Wolf pairs were shot from helicopters in the Jamtland 30 september 2017

Protection hunt for a wolf in Riala area extended

Disappointed hunters want to see much greater hunting: “Slide 166 Wolves”

Dissatisfaction after notice of wolf hunting

Decisions on licensed hunting for wolves 2018 came the 28 september

Genetically important wolf in Tiveden have puppies

> How will the wolf hunt go to: has two specially trained dogs

Secrecy surrounding the wolf hunt: “Attempted to disrupt earlier”

>Culling of Vallentuna Wolf appealed

First the bear shot in Varmland

Hunters shot the attacking bear in self-defense

> Draft legislation will increase the threat against predators

> Prosecutor satisfied with jaktbrottsdom

Hunters' National Association: Slide 30 wolves in Västmanland

DNA samples taken at the shot wolf - few reports of wolves in Västernorrland year. (+page)
“-Using DNA samples should county government is now trying to find out if the shot wolf west of Ramvik and near Viksjö can be “Habborn-Wolf”. A wolf that last winter spent part north of Viksjö.

> Shot the wolf that threatened hunting dog - the investigation is dropped by prosecutors
Last Saturday was shot a wolf during moose hunting season when it threatened a hunter's dog near Viksjö in Härnösand.
The investigation has now been closed down by environmental prosecutor Christer B Jarlås.
New data on Vallentuna Wolf: “Something attracts to stay here”
> Stockholm wolf - this has happened

> Wolf was shot west of Ramvik

A wolf was shot on Saturday morning west of Ramvik in Ångermanland. The wolf attacked a dog in connection with moose.
The dead wolf to be sent to the National Veterinary Institute, SVA for analysis.

>Here is the picture of the dead wolf - may be the same animal as in Kolsva
For those of you who do not have + the service then the text below.
“Kolsva wolf may be dead. County Board does not rule out that it was the one that found the tågspåret in Fagersta Tuesday.
- It is impossible to answer, one can only guess. The wolf that we cull in Kolsva is the emigration of age. This means that it is quite possible that it may feel that it is time to draw from his hemrevir, says Tobias Deer Jet, game administrators in the County Administration Västmanland.
The Kolsva wolf so, just to show up at a different place in Västmanland is not obvious.

- If it is lost, it can just as easily turn up in Varmland, says Tobias Deer Jet.
It was at 15:40 pm on Tuesday, a dead wolf was found on tågspåret from cramp and bark marsh in Fagersta. Police suspect at this time that serious hunting offenses behind the wolf's death.

On Monday, den 11 september, the wolf to the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) Uppsala Investigation. Among other things, you should determine the gender and identity of the wolf. Caroline Brojer and we, says that the body now lies frozen.

- They usually are usually stored in the police and in some cases that the provincial government will take care of it. When we receive the wolf will thaw because we will then be able to investigate the cause of death, she says.

Read more: > Dead wolf found on railroad tracks - hunting suspected crime: “It looked strange”
Caroline Bröjer says the study itself can be started in the middle of next week and should be finished before the weekend.

As we previously reported, the wolf seems to have been a rather tragic demise. Banteknikern Andreas Rosén, who was one of those who saw the dead wolf at tågspåret, did not think the animal has been run over by a train.

- It was the middle of the track but it looked weird for did not have any broken bones and stomach was cut open, says Andreas Rosén.
He did not want to draw their own conclusions without referring to the investigation will be made. But he noted that it was strange that only one bowel was outside the body.

- Normally, it tends to be more guts such as stomach and liver, among other things,.
It has also been speculated that Kolsva wolf is the one who took a cat in early September.
Plus customers: If the wolf coming back - Lorenz would have the right to shoot it then.”

Eric Blomqvist
0223-466 16

Management Plan for large carnivores in Gavleborg

> County Administrative predator expert visits Nyhetsmorgon 

Want instant search of immigrant wolf

Varg attacks get in Tyresta city

Löshundar be deployed against wolf pairs in Jämtland

> Hunters are encouraged to reduce the trail

> County Board attacked - person requesting the 8000 actions

> Incurable mad älgsjukan be here
> Suspects unauthorized baits at bear hunt

> 45 bears shot on the first day of hunting
> 15 bears shot in Gavleborg before noon 09.00
> So took the bear out between the chambers of predators fired
> Truck collided with bear
Extensive culling of wolf in France
Köpingbo get 20.000 Dog killed by Kolsva wolf. The owner asked 50.000, significantly more!
> The animals are in danger of extinction in Sweden
> Predators establish in Denmark
> Suspected cases of preparation for serious hunting offenses
For the first time in 200 years, it has been born wolf pups in Denmark
> Sweden could have far more wolves

> Prosecutors expect to bring charges against the wolf shooter who shot Sjundarevirets Alfatik