Kill the wolves in 2017
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63 Incl. 3 suspected criminal
+ 5 Hybridvalpar
which 25 license hunt, January 2017
> See page Vargjakten 2017

Hunting license 25
culling = 25
P28 = 5
accidents = 1
Suspected hunting offense = 5
P40 = 3

1+5 license hunt & (3) illegal Hunting
(Updating Norway for licensed hunting out) Ended with WWF Norway on 21/ 11-2017 WELL DONE NORWAY!
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Norge; 18 + 9= 27          Finland; 
We hope to get the updates regarding these countries.
Annual SVA>large-predator-2016

The picture shows the area of ​​the protection hunt. In total there are about 44 000 hektar.

> confirmed: Three wolf hybrids and mother shot

County Board: Probably more hybrid wolves
This weekend was convicted a normal colored male in controlled hunting area, and the animal will be analyzed by the SVA and Grimsö Research.

hybrids – skyddsjakt
In the current culling by wolf hybrids between dog and wolf dropped the 13 December, a black male in controlled hunting area in Eskilstuna, Katrineholm and Vingåker. The 14 December dropped two normal-colored animal, a male and a female. The animals are delivered to the Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA) in Uppsala for assessing the age and pedigree. County Board are now awaiting assay results from SVA. Protection hunt continues as planned.
It is 2 wolves + 5 Hybrid Puppies shot
Number of felled animals: 7

>Protection hunt the wolf is completed in the Rack The territory, Varmland. 4 Wolves shot

Wolf shot in skyddsjakt south of Idre
A lone wolf was shot in skyddsjakt inside the Vedungsfjällets nature reserve on Monday.
It was the third wolf that was shot in a short time.

Third wolf shot close mown moose
A third wolf was shot at skyddsjakt Sunday afternoon in Rackstad The territory. The wolves were breathtakingly we lunchtime. When the trackers came Lopan into the area, they saw several wolves ate on a mown moose.

> Other wolf shot during culling in Rackstad The territory /Skyddsjakt
A second wolf was shot Thursday in Rackstad The territory. This time it was a male puppy.

>  Two wolves killed during the cull in Idre
They went and shot from helicopter, confirms Linda Vedin, game administrator at the Provincial Office of Dalarna. Skyddsjakt
County Board has postponed even a wolf hybrid for the ongoing protection pursuit of hybrids and its entire herd in Bie. Skyddsjakt
A young male wolf was shot during the cull in height with Humsjön in Mangskog, Arvika, Wednesday.

> The first wolf was male shot in Bie
Shot on granted skyddsjakt ang Hybridvalparna.
The first animal is found guilty at protecting the hunt for wolves and hybrids between dog and wolf in Sodermanland.

Dead wolf found on the E4 level with Gävlebro - hit by truck
It became hit by a truck on Monday night. Wolf died on the spot.

Two wolves attacking dog – female is shot
It is the third wolf that attacked a dog in the county since Monday. The dog owner who defended their dog is employed by the provincial government. Female wolf was shot directly at P28 i Gördalen, Idre municipality.

Even a wolf shot after attacking dog
It was on Wednesday morning as a hunter who was out with her dog suddenly saw two wolves attacking dog. Hunter responded by shooting one of the wolves, who died at the scene. P28 !

One of Riala-wolves felled - culling ends
“At quarter to three in Tuesday afternoon went County Board out of the news: a hunting party that performed the controlled hunting in the area around Riala has precipitated a wolf in the municipality,.
According CAB release precipitated wolf at lunchtime.
There have been two wolves in the area, a male and a female. The wolf is now convicted was a male.
As the wolf convicted stops County Administrative Board's decision on culling apply.”

>Wolf shot after attacking dogs during moose hunting
During Tuesday morning shot a wolf east of Folding in Falu municipality - this is for it to have attacked a dog. P28!

Hunting dog was attacked by wolves: “Shouted and fired a shot in the air”
- The dog's owner heard the barking, ran back and saw this wolf standing over dog, bite and carve. He yelled and fired a shot into the air and then let the wolf go and ran into the woods. This was in Mockfjärd, in Gagnefs municipality.

Two wolves killed in Jämtland
The two wolves County Board previously granted skyddsjakt på, were killed during Saturday 30 september.

> Wolf was shot west of Ramvik
A wolf was shot on Saturday morning west of Ramvik in Ångermanland. The wolf attacked a dog in connection with moose. P28!
The dead wolf to be sent to the National Veterinary Institute, SVA for analysis.

Dead wolf found on railroad trackshunting suspected crime: “It looked strange”
- It was the middle of the track but it looked weird for did not have any broken bones and stomach was cut open, says Andreas Rosén.-


The female is described as closer 300 sheep in Norway came from a territory outside Örebro. Foto: Ole Knut Steinset/SNO

Female is from Sweden reefs 300 get in Norway
Swedish territory
DNA analysis of stool samples taken the 31 May in Hurdal show that the wolf comes from the Swedish Kindla-territory in Örebro County.

- The parents come from two different Swedish territorial: Siljansringen and Acksjön. They had a litter in 2013, and has given birth to a total of four hills. However, it is unclear whether they had a litter this year, says Jonas Kindberg.


Norwegian wolf was shot in Värmland
The wolf was seen in the area around Bective Bridge, Meath east of Charlottenberg Sunday. P28!


(Since 1 april 2016 to Friday 31 March, 18 known wolves died in Norway.  The first 5 had shot at Licens utanför wolf zone in fylkena Hedmark).


> Wolf shot in Härjedalen for decisions on culling


County Board took the decision on Thursday skyddsjakt a wolf.
Shortly after the decision to cull the wolf could have been felled.


> The last wolf shot - minutes before year hunting license would be interrupted
Just minutes before the wolf hunt would end the year discovered a hunter wolf and shot it.
- It was really the eleventh hour when this was the last day of this year's hunting license, says Christer Gruhs as information officer at Hunters Association.


Suspected illegal hunting of wolves
The female suspect to be killed by shooters at a forest road in a new territory west of Mora. (Misstänkt jaktbrott)
County administrative boards nature watcher discovered a place with a lot of blood, wolf tracks and traces of both people and vehicles on January 10 this year.

>A wolf is pushed in Orsenreviret – but it was a bomskot

>Notification from SVA current felled wolves in Gavleborg
Of the six wolves killed during the hunting license 2017 in Blyberget-territory was half females and half males. The autopsy shows that the alpha bitch in all probability it is the female that weighed very least, only 23 kg. Alfahanen Gabru 43 kg and a chip marking shows that he was born in Tandsjöreviret years 2013. Of the remaining wolves believes SVA (National Veterinary Institute) two probably born 2016 and the other two are 2015


• Friday 6 January adopted an oral decision skyddsjakt two wolves in Bracke. Both wolves are felled.
• The same day was made an oral decision skyddsjakt Wolf application by Njaarke Sami. Wolf is convicted.
• Monday, 9 January a decision was verbally skyddsjakt a wolf in Tåssåsen. Wolf is convicted.

It has convicted two wolves in the County Administrative Board culling decisions & § 40b i Olsätersreviret 7/1 2017. 

It has also been convicted a wolf with mange with the support of § 40 b jaktförordningen i
Värmland / Örebro / Loka who do not belong to licensed hunting.
It was thus shot off Brattfors hunting area. It was a wolf to (7) assigned to this common territory.

License Hunt WOLF 2017

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Read more> WOLF 2017

Quantity; 24+ (2-§40b +1 protectively)=28
Blyberget / Gavleborg; 6 döda / Hunt canceled
Brattfors / Värmland; 6/The hunt was canceled
Loka / Värmland, Örebro; 7 (Scabies 1) The hunt called off
Orsen / Dalarna; 5  ! 6e påskjuten. Hunt Embargoed and started again on 9/1

SVA License Hunt

SVA data 24 Wolves 2017-01-10



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Update 2017-01-06, 21.00











SVA manages the wolves from licensed hunting

Värmland / Örebro



Managing a convicted wolf




Information on previous year license hunts can be found under the following links: 20102011, 2015, 2016.













Note this !

Last 2 licensjakter 2015 och 2016 A total of 5 wolves autopsy had earlier gunshot wounds in their bodies.
totally unacceptable !!
The worst was the male in Lövsjöreviret 2016, 1 tap with 10 hail in the main shoulder and foot.
In Ockelbo The territory had 1 Male scar tissue but no hail electricity. bullet found.

2015 Ludvika 1 Bitch with hail damage.
Varmland Kil 1 Male with older kulskott the forelimbs.
Orebro / Nora 1 Male he, too, with older kulskott the forelimbs.

With this reading and statistics from SVA will be afraid of the dark over what it is downright incompetence in the forests !

These injuries are painful for the animals and the hunting violations.
Unfortunately solved these crimes are not up.
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Total quantity kill wolves in Sweden fr.o.m 2010 year

year Number
2010                              60
2011                               40
2012                              56+5 unborn
2013                              33
2014                              48
2015                              66
2016                              42
2017-10-11                   46

Total sum   396