Uppaterad 2018-09-15

The most significant in the case of the deferred wolf at Ulfborg, who will stand trial on 28. september 2018

A 66-year-old man was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with shooting a wolf in a field east of Ulfborg.

Central- and West Jutland Police received Monday 16. april kl. 14.26 a review on, that a wolf had been shot in a field about 13 km. east of Ulfborg.

The notification came from a witness, who had recently seen a man come driving by car to the field, firing shots from a wolf from the car and run away from the place again.

At the scene police found a young she-wolf, who was shot dead. There was further include. found a recently fired cartridge case.

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> Danish hunters shot the German wolf

First rejection of wolf hunting in Denmark…
A private landowners in Jutland has requested search of a wolf that has mean is intrusive.
“It is not a problemulv”
Says the Environmental Protection Agency, and thus is the first wolf hunt in Denmark in modern times stopped.
To shoot a wolf in Denmark is the last resort to remove problem animals, First you should try other measures, says the Environmental Protection Agency.
Wolf family who discovered early this spring live around Ulfborg in Vestjylland.

> Researchers invite Danes on wolf hunting

> The wolf frightens only a minority of Danes

> Danes claiming the wolf defense
The farmers in Denmark requires getting the right to defend their livestock against wolves. Current regulations regarding wolves in Denmark are from 2014. But since then, more wolves have established themselves and there are at least a rejuvenation.

Wolves Family has taken hold in the Danish countryside
New photos of Denmark's preliminary single pack of wolves at least six rapidly growing wolf pups cements, that wild wolves now and become a lasting reality in the Danish countryside.

A game camera at Ulfborg in West Jutland has caught the wolf family with now six cubs.

What is a Danish problem wolf?

Danish Hunting Confederation wants the concept of problem wolves to be defined in order to make decisions for protective. They also want the establishment of a management plan for the growing Danish wolves.


Research manager at the museum of natural history in Århus, kent olsen, provides a current status of wolves in Denmark.
> Wolf in Denmark

> DF supports farmers: The wolves must hegnes into
There must fence between the wild wolves on one side and we humans and our animals on the other – and it is the state, to put the fence up.

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> Driven: Click through Wolves travel to Denmark

> In Hunting & Hunter writes the> EU no to Danish wolf hunting

> Agriculture Top people disagree about the shooting of wild wolves
The dispute over the floors is a matter of feelings and not a loss for agriculture, says agricultural representative in flooring group.



The EU and not parliament, that determines, we must shoot wolves in Denmark – Whether they appear close to houses and livestock.
It says Henrik Bertelsen, Vice President of the Family Agricultural section Board of Agriculture & Food and agriculture representative in the Wolf Group under the Wildlife Management Council.
EU-svar: Denmark can not shoot wolves
Majority in parliament and agriculture would shoot could shoot more wolves than now.
It prohibits EU rules.

On the trail of the wolf: Meet the man, have a freezer full of wolves shit
Since the wolf was first documented in Denmark 2012 i Nationalpark Thy, Thomas Boesdal been searching for facts about the animal, that after 200 years have returned to Danish nature.

Every week since the day he sat behind the computer screen to read about the animal and been out in the wild to study and observe the wolf up close.

Wolves, raccoon dogs and gray seals: Denmark has new predators

V and DF will make it legal to shoot wolves

> Farmers on wolf pack: They must be able to be pushed

First native Danish wolf puppies 200 year
Three puppies were registered this weekend in West Jutland. Environmental Protection Agency had previously received reports of a wolf pairs south of Holstebro, and probably the same pair who now has puppies.