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predators Contact: Can move on four wolves in Tölby-Vikby area.

Predators contact person in Tölby, Kjell Friberg, think that the discussions on the school road safety is justified. Three days in a row, wolves observed in Tölby-Vikby area the past week.

Tölby Vikby-school and school Solf in Korsholmsent on Thursday letters to the guardians to open a dialogue with the homes on the way to school because of the wolves seen moving in the area around Tölby-Vikby.

Kjell Friberg, predators contact in Tölby, think that the discussions on the way to school is justified because the observations were so close.
– It is very appropriate that they take precautions until we know more about the situation.
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Dog killed by wolves on Kimitoön – “Enough has been waiting for this kind of thing to happen”
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Skärgårdsvägen maybe get a game fence within a few years - "Many good investments are competing with each other"
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In Swedish Ostrobothnia in Finland is growing protests against wolves. It has gone so far that local politicians joint call for action. Seven Ostrobothnian municipalities through letters requesting increased hunting in the area.

 Finnish central game is accordingFinnish public service broadcaster YLE GE message during Fridays.
Swedish Ostrobothnia in Vasa that the capital has ever closer wolf, affecting both hunting and outdoor.

Local politicians worried
According to the seven municipalities that signed the document are the wolves changed their behavior and will now ever closer to communities and people.
- It is wrong that we should be afraid of the wolf. Wolf should be afraid of man, says Håkan Knip, Mayor of Maalahti in an interview in Yle.

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> The game management associations preparing for the future
In Finland 295 active hunting associations. They take care of the necessary information, as the organization of shooting tests and large game assistance, for countless hunters and society. Game management 'actions financed by the game management fee collected by hunters, but the business is based on voluntary work.

The hunters ages and it is estimated that the number of hunters reducing creates challenges for wildlife management. It is necessary for the game management part of developing the business, so that the services at the local level is preserved. It is now looking to the future for decades to come

> Varg- Luonnovarakeskus
According to the latest estimate of the wolf population, there were 150-180 wolves in Finland in early March 2017. Wolf population is strongest in southwestern Finland and North Karelia.
There were a total of 14 wolf packs wholly or mainly moving on the Finnish side. Seven flocks moved on either side of the border between Finland and Russia. In addition, it was estimated that there were 21 territories with wolf pairs, three of which were located on both side eastern border.

> Nykarleby want to hunt wolves.
City Board of Nykarleby want to help a local game management in its application to hunt wolves. The Board hopes that the letter lends weight to the license application.

It was the alpha male who was shot – future uncertain for the wolf pack in Snappertuna
The wolf moves on large areas and it is unclear how it will go for Snappertunaflocken now that the alpha male is likely to be shot. It arrived on a wolf meeting in Karis on Monday (6.11).

The area for the collection of DNA from expanded wolves - new method provides increased reliability in inventory of wolves

Volunteers Finns collected wolf droppings in Ostrobothnia and Southwest Finland

Third shot killed the wolf in Kudiby in Karis
It took three tries before the wolf could be folded in Karis Friday (27.10). The wolf was shot in Kudiby.

 > Vargbeståndet there were 150-180 wolves in Finland in early March 2017.

Wolf shot in Karis
Finnish Wildlife Agency says that a wolf was shot in Karis of Raasepori Friday.
Game Center received change notification today.
The shot wolves are said to be male.
Game Planner Antti Piironen at the Finnish Wildlife Agency says that the wolf was shot in southern Karis in the areas where the pack has moved recently

The wolf was hit by a car Whitefish River - had to be put

Administrative Court of wolf decision provides guidelines for the future
Last week included Eastern Finland two administrative decisions regarding wolf dispenser Finnish Wildlife Agency granted last winter. The recent decisions provide guidelines for future exemption decision.
Administrative Court concerned two decisions on wolf exemption under the so-called. economic and social grounds. In one decision rejected the trouble, and in the second lifted the wildlife center's decision.

Starting from the Administrative Court can conclude that decisions on wolf exemption under the economic and social grounds is possible to continue. A positive decision requires that they have tried other satisfactory solutions, som t.ex. displacement and protection, but observed that they have not had the desired effect. It is that the general level tells us that "they have tried", according to the Administrative Court's decision is not enough, but the results should be described accurately in the application and in the decision.

Hunters can shoot oskygg wolf in Inkoo and Raasepori

Environmentalists hit list: On average, four murders per week

The extent of poaching uncovered: More than half of the band hunted wolves have been killed illegally
> Several wolves moving in Jeppo
SK: More than half of the wolves with transmitters have been killed illegally



> 175 wolves dead in Finland since August 2014
Wolves are a valuable part of the Finnish nature. to save the endangered wolf wolf we need effective information, attitude education, active prevention of prey damage, as well as the lack of strict hunting of wolves, as well as poaching. The wolf is in accordance with the European Union's Habitats Directive endangerment classification of a highly endangered species, and strict protection of demanding sport in Finland. Finland must act according to the spirit of the Habitats Directive and provide space for the wolf to live all over the country's natural herd of the species of life. Here the European Union MEP Sirpa Pietikäisen wolf themed video greeting.

Wolves are a valuable part of Finnish nature. To save a highly endangered wolf, we need proper wolf, attitude, active prevention of predators and strict action to hunt wolves and poaching. The wolf is a very threatened and rigorous sports in Finland in accordance with the endangered classification of European Union Habitats. Finland must act in accordance with the spirit of the Habitats Directive and give the opportunity to live in the entire country's natural scenic. this is a wolf from the European Union.
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> Finland has far fewer wild wolves than previously thought, census shows
Data reveals there are 150 to 180 animals in Finland, where government awards licences to hunt them
The Commission shall adopt the wolves kaadot grudgingly - violations may take Finland to court

YLE > Wolf numbers fell by a quarter in a year


> Two wolves were shot courtesy of Lapinlahti

Game Center chose not to grant special permits for wolf hunting more

> An alpha female wolf was killed during the hunt again

> Wolf felled in the area Raseborg-Salo

wonderful Nina & you Andr. Congratulations !

Wolf Ambassadors dispels fears - rewarded with the natural price


Summary kill wolves FINLAND
During the two-year experimental hunting 106 wolves were killed with authorized orders or permissions.

> thank you! Thank You! Thousand thanks! Thank you!
Our petition to save Finnish wolves reached more than 3300 signatures all over the world in a short amount of time. The petition has been delivered today to Commissioner Karmenu Vella and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Kimmo Tiilikainen.

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The second year 2015-2016Licensed hunting: 43 wolves

Damage-based licenses: 12 wolves
Police orders: 15 wolves (new record!)
Traffic accident: 5 wolves
Other reason: 3 wolves
Summary: 78 wolves

Season 2014-2015
(firs year of licensed hunting). Mortality of wolves (known):

Licensed hunting: 17 wolves
Damage-based licenses: 15 wolves
Police orders: 4 wolves
Traffic accident: 2 wolves
Other reason: 4 wolves
Summary: 42 wolves.



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urgent appeal! Sign and share! Thank you that you care about.
Hunting two years of the experiment showed, hunters that are unable to comply with the recommendations and restrictions, that hunting must be set according to the Directive. As a result, ended up caught in a substantial proportion of the effective population. Finnish wolf population is far from the target, which would guarantee the long term survival of the species, and increasing mass slaughter of individuals with regard to the situation corrects.

Appeal! Print and share! Thanks for caring.

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