Sjundareviret, Gnesta;

County :Stockholm / Södermanland
Status winter 2014/15 :Family Gruppe
Min :3
Rejuvenation 2014 : and

New turf for winter 2014/2015
Honan The territory is from Forshaga 1 G1-14
The male The territory is from Sandsjö 3 G108-14

Analyses of wolf droppings and urine shows that there are at least three wolf pups in Sjundareviret in southern Stockholm County. In Sjundareviret there are at least three puppies, shows the analysis made on the droppings and urine.
> At least three puppies in Sjundareviret

The County Administrative Board is waiting for genetic testing to ascertain how many wolves currently available in Sjundareviret around Järna and Mölnbo.
> The male wolf may have left the territory

Hunting Area culling wolves from April to June 2016

Hunting Area culling wolves from April to June 2016

Molstabergs Fårhagen, criminal bait without passing fencing

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Riala; the wolves gone 2014

The wolves in the neighborhood Riala

In an area between Norrtälje and Åkersberga there for some time a wolf territories. In the territory there are two adult wolves. In April / May 2010 Four puppies were born in the territory. At least two of the puppies were left in the territory by July 2011.



Riala The territory has its approximate distribution within dashed marker. Revirvägen limit can change with time, but since the territory was established, all wolf sightings in the county that could be confirmed carried in or immediately adjacent to the defined area (force in August 2011).

Riala Wolf hit by car

A canine, which was probably a wolf, was run over by a car on the old Norrtäljevägen at the South Hall last Saturday. According Norrtälje police survived the wolf and does not seem to have taken any major damage from the collision
Ouch 20121005

Wolfterritories formed in noröstra Uppland
A wolf territories may be starting to form around Öaterbybruk in Uppland. Wolf has in all cases observed in the area for about a month Sv Hunting 20120529


Dead lynx found in jakttor (RovdjursAkuellt)
LST 20120510

Wolf traffic killed north of Riala The territory
A traffic killed wolves were found on Tuesday morning, a few mil north of Riala The territory. - The accident occurred on the E18 at Södersvik. It is a ungvarg that has been badly damaged
Ouch 20120508

Confirmed that wolf puppies born in Riala The territory 2011
In autumn and winter, there have been indications that even in spring 2011 born wolf pups in Riala The territory
LST Stockholm 20120405

The territory dissolved Riala?
Alpha bitch in Riala remains missing. Now the question is what will happen to the attention wolf territory outside Norrtälje. According wolf researchers are all options open: For example, the territory dissolved.
Hunt & Destroyer 20120309

Rancorous battle over wolves in Roslagen
A battle for the remaining wolves in Riala Reserve is currently underway in Roslagen. The hunters feel extremely vulnerable to an anti-poaching group, which in turn suspect that several wolves have been killed by poachers
Skärgåden 20120301

“Someone has notified the police in my name”
Claes Bäck denies having JO-notified Norrtälje Cops. He has notified the person behind the letter of forgery
Norrtälje newspapers 20120228

At least four wolves in Riala The Lost bitch is still a question mark
There are at least four wolves left in Riala The territory. - It is clear as a bell four wolves. But they can also be five. Get tips on hunting violations – police inspects revire
Norrtälje newspaper 20120214

Wolf Rumors investigated Unclear whether she is alive
It flourishes numerous rumors about what might have happened to the missing female wolf in Riala The territory outside Norrtälje.
On various Facebook groups and discussion forums on the Internet speculated wildly about someone or some have killed the wolf
Norrtälje newspaper 20120210

Female wolf in Riala The territory suspected to be gone
The County Board has at winter's traces so far found traces of three wolves in Riala The territory. According to preliminary information, one of the tracks of the male, as turf denotes alone, which suggests that the bitch has disappeared. - In late March we expect to get answers from the analysis of DNA samples, says Andreas Zetterberg, predators officer at the County Administrative Board
LST Stockholm 20120208

The wolves in territory

In the territory there since at least November 2009 an adult wolf pairs like spring 2010 had four puppies. At least one of 2010 years puppies have walked out of the territory, but it was hit and killed on the E18 between Örebro and Karlskoga in May 2011. At least two of the puppies were seen in the territory by July 2011. The adult female wolf ran in early spring 2011, but we have no indication of whether it bred some new puppies.

County Board receives a large number of reports of wolf sightings from the public (bl.a. by These reports are of great value to our work. Many of the observations are made outside the territory. We have checked 50 of those in the field and they have been shown to effect other than wolves, usually a dog or fox.

We also have approximately 3 000 geographic GPS positions from the adult wolves during the period until their transmitter stopped working. With a few exceptions, all of these positions within the dashed boundary of the territorial map above. (In late April 2011 we got the bitch from the transmitter individual positions just outside the territorial border, west of the E18.)


We know quite a lot about male in Riala The territory. He was born in early summer 2008 in Galven Hälsingland and the offspring of a wolf that wandered into Sweden from Finland. Riala male wearing because of new genes that are important for the entire Scandinavian wolf population. He was fitted with transmitters in their parents territory in December 2008. The reason that this particular wolf got transmitter was that they want to follow where he went when he walked out from their parents territory and that they wanted to be able to exclude him from the hunting license because of his genetic importance for wolves. He has been in the area around Riala since mid-July 2009. He goes along with a bitch and mark territory.

The bitch

DNA analysis of droppings show that female wolf was born in Lokareviret, on the border between Örebro and Värmland. There is anecdotal evidence of a female is in Riala region since summer 2009. I november 2009 photographed male and the female together by a private person. The photograph was the first task confirmed that there were two animals in the neighborhood. Since the first snowfall in mid-December 2009 the County Administrative Board's field staff made several traces in the area. Each time, two animals traced along. In late January showed the bitch the first sign that she runs.

Scandinavian wolf research project put the 9 februari 2010 a transmitter on the bitch. The reason they did it was that they wanted to study more closely how she lives and what she lives by.