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People had named her halter, the little female wolf that since last June stayed at Södertörn southeast of Stockholm. The bitch, alone, had, according to experts wolf walked all the way from Norway, Slättåsreveriret. Despite lots of appeals, popular protests and massive criticism was the provincial government attached decision without caring about the protests. 47 000 people had written to protest against the decision to cull the Halter. She was shot to death on 10 Januari 2018Read more about Grimma


Snapphanevargen. DNA analysis shows that this is on the same timid male wolf who moved in the border between Skåne and Kronoberg County for five years, and that we have identified on several occasions by droppings samples. The 16 August shot the wolf during a hunt in northeastern Skåne. Hunter suspected of serious infringement of the law hunting.

> Snapphanevargen


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metropolitan wolf:
The wolf that wandered around in the Stockholm area for several weeks 2005. It swam including outside Lidingo. on E4:An became the hit and died instantly. Probably it was a ungvarg who wandered from Dalarna, Varmland, Narke


This is the only picture that exixterar on ULRIK & His last girl who was shot. The photo is in private ownership & amp; is a scanned bild.Ulrik: The male wolf who became the most famous and oldest wolf in Sweden. Ulrik lost several females, but then he sat up with a bitch from Halgan he received several hills along with. He was still winter 08/09, but winter 09/10 he was replaced by another male from Gråfjell. Last winter, however, was not he or bitch from the left Halgan, but in the territory now called Ulriksberg 4 where in winter a female born in Ulriksberg The territory along with a male from Trang. It is still unknown what fate he met. Ulrik was approximately; 12 years old. The image belongs to Kim Aronsson. The photograph is of Vincent Kennards possession when he received it as a gift.

Read about Ulrik> sand-et-al-2014-Ulrik—one-Survivors-from-Scandinavia-wolves

Records Old wolf caught on camera. Female is believed to be about fourteen years has caught the image of Jang The territory. It shows the county administrative inventory of the area 2016.

The wolf is at the back in the middle of the right image above is also special. There is a girl who was provided with the transmitter collar 2006. When she was deemed to be 3,5 years old, which would mean that she is about 14 year old hou. - We have had other wolves become very old, but it is the oldest we have data on. We had a bitch in Bograngen that may have been twelve when she died, but this one is older, says Olof Liberg, research coordinator Skandulv, to Swedish newspaper Hunting. That makes her the oldest wolf ever recorded in Sweden. A wild wolf has a life expectancy of about 8 year, while they can be up to 18 years in captivity. According Olof Liberg has female wolf bred ten litters and at least 40 puppies total, recorded using DNA. This means that she also owns another Swedish record.


Lövsjötiken: Female wolf was shot during the hunting license in January 2011. She was the mother of the young Grangaerde bitch. Foto & © Kim Aronsson.


fans bitch: Female wolf found dead in February 2011 The fans at the lake. The bitch was chased by snowmobile and then run on one or two times to finally kill her with blunt trauma! Hunting accused and later became 2 persons convicted of this.

female is-loca-to-Riala-2009_vargar-we-remember

The Lost Alpha bitch in Riala. Loka female is from migrating into the area Riala (2009) She became the first female in parental Riala, with a charcoal 2010 and a litter 2011, she disappeared / died probably (2011/12) According County Administration, how where and when is unclear…


The wolf named Vargtass was shot 2014. More info coming

Picture missing

Anja Galventispa born in Galven and walked to Norway. There, she hit a lot of sheep but were not shot. She was anesthetized and the pocket transmitter in March 2010 and moved closer to Sweden. I maj 2010 silencing her transmitter and she was missing without a trace until January 2011 when she appeared she was in Eidskogsreviret and marked the territory with a male. Löpblod recorded Feb. 2011. Since then no one has seen any sign of life from Anja


introducing: Female wolf that was shot in November 2011 during culling outside Älmhult after being torn to death a number may, within its territory. fencing around the paddock was very rundown and oadikvat. not rovdjursstängslat. Blider at those.


Varghanen Idre: Wolf managed in conjunction with protectively northwest of Idre on the 9th February 2012. Idre male was considered to be two or three years, and that was pretty big

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The bitch, estimated is three years, Born in Korsåreviret and was fitted with transmitters in December 2011. She was pregnant when she was shot and would give birth to puppies within a month

spruce garde tiken_skjuten20110408

Ungtiken Grangärde: The small young female wolf was shot on Friday 7:e juli 2012 clock 11:00 for tips on where she was

Wolf Male shot HEDBY 20130202 Picture missing ( Photo Kjell Johansson-Lst.jpg)

Wolf Male shot HEDBY 20130202


Error wolf (hane) shot in the Ervalla 12 dec 2012 under skjyddsjakt

alpha couple-in-Almunge. What happened to the 2 2014 ?

Alfa couple in Almunge The territory


Susi disappeared in March 2014

ockelbo wolf-death

Ockelbo wolf shot 2009. -“I'll stop it up and have the home says shooter”. Read link. http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/han-skot-ihjal-ockelbovargen/

3-Adults-Dropped-2-boys-2-bitch-Lövsjön-20160103_ photo-Lars-Henrik Andersson

3-Adults-Dropped-2-boys-2-bitch-Lövsjön-Licensjakten20160103 Photo Lars-Henrik-Andersson.jpg


license hunt 2015 Olsjöreviret. This was Lövsjöhanen who was shot in the Olsjöreviret. It turned out that it was wrong wolf shot and Lst limited hunting area. © Kim Aronsson


license hunt 2015 The territory Forshaga , heat Country. Foto: Carola


license hunt 2015. Alpha female in Olsjöreviret shot 29/1 i Gonäs. © Kim Aronsson


Alpha bitch in Sjundareviret were killed in the southern part of the county 2015-09-29 Allegedly it was about to attack a dog a few mil from Nykvarn. The dog owner brought the wolf with reference to section 28 in hunting regulation that involves culling of individual initiatives to Friday tam- and pets. Inspectors from the Stockholm County Administrative Board has been in place and noted that it is about the so-called alpha female in Sjundareviret. The assessment is that the bitch is convicted under the section 28, and the animal has now been transferred to the National Veterinary Institute for further investigation, says Arne Soderberg in Stockholm County Administrative Board.

vargtikolsjoreviret-hunt-2015 _blotberget

Vartik shot on the licensed hunting 2015 Olsjöreviret i Blötberget. © Kim Aronsson

female wolf-nora territory

Female wolf in Nora territory shot on the licensed hunting 2011