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Bear hunting is completed in the country 10 October when the last bear was shot in Idre.
219 of 216 assigned bears shot excl. 3 thrusts !!
See the article below in Dalarna 1
>Bear Hunting License 2017

The most current news you can find here
 http://nyhetr.se/sok/?q = predators
 Search for the respective county which has licensed hunting of lynx.

> Organizations' right to appeal the decision of the authorities

> Contributions to non-profit environmental organizations. Environmental Protection Agency

Illegal hunting of large carnivores
“Slide, digging and tig” is an expression that is sometimes heard in reference to illegal hunting. Several of the large carnivore species hunted illegally with weapons, traps and poison.

> Former License Hunts lynx

Hunting Crimes Hank 2017

County Administrative Board of Jämtland lose again if culling of wolverine
Even Appeal has now concluded that the county administrative board has been too liberal when culling the wolverine granted.

County Board chose a completely new approach when it would be decided whether culling of wolverine. According to a calculation, it announced it would 13 wolverines that are removed as a preventive measure in the end lead to 3 500 renkavlar spared from attack.

Long wait for news about the wolverine hunting
In the shadow of all appeals concerning the hunting of wolves fighting two Sami villages since one and the half years to get the culling of twelve wolverines. County Board and the Predators are fighting against and now settled the matter in the Supreme Administrative Court.

Protection Raiders of the wolverine should be reduced - the goal is a strain on 600
Protection Raiders of wolverines need to be minimized.
It believes the Environmental Protection Agency to surrender the right to decide the county administrative boards.
Dalarna County Administrative Board has also assured that they intend to comply with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

No hunting of lynx in the county in 2018
County Administrative Board in Örebro County will not make decisions on license hunting for lynx 2018, This announced during Friday afternoon.

> The board has decided licensed hunting of lynx
The County Board has today decided licensed hunting of lynx in Dalarna County. Adult lynx may be held within the approved hunting area.
Year lynx hunting starts 1 March and lasts at most until 31 mars. The hunting area is resolved to an area in southeastern Dalarna basis of density of lynx and sheep flocks. How many lynx to be fired is determined based on levels of harm, density of the lynx and density of domestic animals crews.

Hunters national associations want more lynx hunting
Hunters national association wants to shoot 95 lynx in just Jamtland in the spring. There is a sharp increase in the number of animals.
This year, 79 Lynx pushed for licensed hunting in Sweden. Next year we hope
Hunters' National Association to get through a proposal to postpone 355 Lynx.

Hunting of Lynx: “Hunters Association requests that the 300 animals to imprint”
Hunters Association requests 355 lynx may be folded at 2018 year license hunting. In the middle predator management area where Dalarna included hopes to trap 62 Lynx.

JRF asks licensed hunting 356 Lynx
Hunters Association (JRF) requests that the county administrative boards in the three communities of predator decides on licensed hunting totaling 356 Lynx. Last licensed hunting was only a quota totaling 79 Lynx.

Culling the lynx was stopped - now appeals the Administrative Board decision
The Administrative Court in Lulea overturned the County Administrative Board of Jämtland decision on the culling of eight lynx in the county. Now appeals the Administrative Board Decision to Appeal.

> Truck collided with golden eagle

Sweden's birds of prey coming is a good example of successful conservation
Several Swedish raptors have less than 40 years gone from critically endangered to now have very robust population - peregrine, eagle and red kite. Anders Wirdheim, editor of the latest edition of Fågelåret tells more.

Conditions that Wolverine inventory, corresponds county government
Now answer the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten to criticism from Sami communities about the outcome of this year's wolverine inventory.

> Sami Parliament criticizes predator control

Cull granted on three wolverines
The County Board decides on the cull after three wolverines in the part of the Vilhelmina North Sami village in Västerbotten.

 Decisions on culling on 8 Lynx

No shot lynx in culling

Culling the wolverine Embargoed

The District Court has today delivered its judgment in the so called. hunting target.
The judgment in hunting target, B 2074-16
[2017-11-10] Luleå District Court
The district court has sentenced 37-year old man with two counts of aggravated hunting crimes, consisting in that he shot a wolverine and a choker a bear, and for weapon failure and failure of the arms Act, to imprisonment for one year and three months.

Fearless lynx young Raises Concern
Bertil Larsson, inventory of the provincial government, it was no problem to get close to the camera.
- There is a årsunge, born sometime in May, he says

Culling the wolverine inhibited
 > Forvaltningsrattens-decision of inhibition-of-hunting-pa-wolverine 


> Uncertain who should pay for the culling of wolverine

Norrbotten County Administrative Board has at her own decisions on culling on 11 wolverines in Norrbotten without culling applications from Sami villages. It is common that the applicant for culling bears the cost but it is not clear that the provincial government is responsible for the.

>Scientists want more bears will be shot in the reindeer herding areas

Atvidaberg Raven will killed

Police swerved lynx female – chicks killed
A police car on emergency has suffered drive killed two lynx cubs at Östra Frölunda in Svenljunga.

FinlandUnusually many bears dropped this year
According to the Natural Resources Institute's brown bear population larger than last year, especially in Eastern Finland. Before the hunting season consisted bear population of around 1 700 individuals, and now barely 1 500. Brown bear hunt in southern Finland in the trunk enforcement purposes and the reindeer herding area according to fixed quotas. Most bears shot in North Karelia, Kainuu and South Savo. The native bear population meets the criteria for a favorable conservation.

Lynx will cam monitored in the woods

Two hundred cameras forest in West Bengal will help scientists and the County Board to understand the elusive feline better. As the population grows, so does the attacks on domestic animals.
More wolverine litters found this year
In this year's survey of the wolverine population, the number found females with cubs, so-called regeneration of the country increased from 58 to 97 compared to last year. Wolverine population is estimated at approximately 522 wolverines in Sweden. The population is still below the reference value for the favorable conservation status which is at least 600 individuals.

>  Over 3.100 björnspillning samples submitted
Björnspillning inventory was launched on 21 August and ended 31 oktober. The inventory has hunters gathered björnspillning in special sampling kits and sent them to Viltskadecenter. Yet, not all manure samples entered in Rovbase, but Viltskadecenter state that 3.114 dung samples have been received by them.

Police have launched a preliminary investigation for threats against the provincial government
The staff of the provincial government have been threatened by the decision on the culling of wolf hybrids in Bie. The police have now launched a preliminary investigation.

Further 125 cameras to monitor lynx

Now have banned lead in hunting ammunition

Police investigating the hunting of lynx in Nyköping
Police suspect that a lynx have been shot outside Nyköping. - It is so, illegal predatory hunting, a serious crime, says Helena Ljungquist, group manager for police environmental group.

>Good year for golden eagles in Gotland
This year has been a pretty good year for the country's golden eagles, reports the sitenatursidan.se But there are geographical differences, while breeding results in Skåne is the worst in the 2000s are hurdles connections record number in Gotland.

> Hard winter waiting eagles on Gotland
It has been a record year for the approximately 50 nesting kungsörnsparen Gotland. It was long ago, they managed to get as many kids this year. Good access to food is one of the reasons.
- There have been plenty of rabbits. Normally, when the eagles nesting pairs so they get just a kid. But this year, when there were plenty of food, so have twelve pairs managed to get two kids, it is the most I have experienced ever, says Stellan Hedgren, eagle experts to the provincial government on Gotland.

Inventory of golden eagle
Golden eagles are inventoried especially during the breeding season by looking for games flying birds, kids in nests or fledglings in known territory.
Golden Eagle inventoried by fältobesök at known during the mating season. New settlements can be detected by observing the eagles' behavior.

The capture of lynx creates even distribution
Before the hunting season starting December 1 grants the Finnish Wildlife Agency dispenser for the capture of lynx. The aim is stävjad growth and more even distribution of the lynx population.

Havsörnen kill eiders in the Archipelago Sea is a new comprehensive report

Sameby granted culling in two lynx
Two lynx shall be held guilty of culling within Luokta-Mavas village. The County Administrative Board of Norrbotten decided.

Lynx killed in hit and run accident

New method to reveal the county lynx and wolves

> Hit the golden eagle found north of Bracke

Decline of golden eagle

County Administrative Board of Kalmar gets permission for surveillance of predators

droppings from 401 different wolves found

Secrecy surrounding the wolf hunt: “Attempted to disrupt earlier”

 Genetically important wolf in Tiveden have puppies

How will the wolf hunt go to: has two specially trained dogs

First the bear shot in Varmland
The first bears during the hunting license in Värmland is shot. The bear was shot on Sunday morning at Ovansjö VVO:s land in northern Värmland.

Hunters shot the attacking bear in self-defense
It was on Saturday that the hunter was out with her dog on moose near Risarven in Ljusdal. Jowners were forced to shoot an attacking bear. The bear was shot at three to five meters.

 Lynx hung live in trees - mobile film evidence of hunting crimes tangle
A lynx snaras in a tree. Another thing that caught in a cage startled by a barking dog while a stick is pushed into the side of lodjuret.Om one month on the trial of hunting crimes tangle of Norrbotten where five men accused.
Aftonbladet has taken some of the films that show how animals are plagued.
> Link to film
Suspected of having tortured and killed predators - prosecuted
environment Director: "We want to make a decision that holds"
> Golden eagle found dead near the wind turbines
A golden eagle found dead today in a parking near the wind turbines off the scale west of ridges.
> Prosecutor satisfied with jaktbrottsdom
The prosecutor is satisfied with the district court's decision and does not question that the 38-year-old Öviksbon who used the illegal baits cleared of serious hunting offenses.
Draft legislation will increase the threat against predators

Bear Hunter convicted of criminal law against hunting
Hunters' National Association: Slide 30 wolves in Västmanland

So many attacks by predators has been   In Värmland
The hunters want to sell boar meat itself - but gets no
Bear hunting Embargoed Västernorrland
Bear hunting is finished for the year in Västernorrland. It also convicted two bears too much of the county.

License Hunting for bear
Success of the project - more arctic foxes in the county
Sweden's southernmost wolverine rejuvenation documented

Everyman's right should not sabotage the hunt

Hunter asks extended bear hunt

53 Bears felled in Jämtland + 1 wounded
Follow the link >License Hunting for bear 2017

Wounded bear is still not found - Police warns public not to go out in the woods

Suspected of having used illegal baits in the bear hunt
A 38-year-old man from Örnsköldsvik suspected for serious hunting offenses related to bear hunting in recent years. Today the trial was held.

> 45 Bears were shot a total of 5 of 6 County licensed hunting first day
Swedish predators Association to stop the bear hunt in northern Värmland
> Now begins the year's bear hunt
Bear hunt is on - this has several bears convicted during Monday morning

In Åland want the decisions taken tailed eagle
Cull the white-tailed eagle or efforts to limit their nests in some areas. It suggests archipelago keeper Johan Mörn to protect the eider.

prosecutor: Is a pit to bear enclosure

> Robert died in bear attack: “Dreamed of working with predators”



Dispenser for the capture of lynx on reindeer herding area can be searched

To start unique bear shelter for dog training

Upland may have their own bear population

Protection Jagat lynx were injured contributed

> Suspected cases of preparation for serious hunting offenses
Two men arrested in northern Sweden on Sunday, suspected of conspiracy to aggravated hunting crimes, alternative preparation to species protection violations.

Here are the five suspects in search Hank
Five men in Norrbotten prosecuted for involvement in what is described as one of the most extensive hunting violations tangles in Sweden. Here they are involved.

Man 46 year, ground:

  • Roughly hunting offenses - shot a bear 3 juni 2016 together with the 73-year-old
  • Roughly hunting offenses - choker lynx 15 januari 2016
  • Roughly hunting crimes - killed lynx using illegal trap 23 mars 2016
  • Roughly hunting crimes - killed lynx using illegal trap 24 april 2016
  • Roughly hunting crimes - killed a bear 31 maj 2016
  • Roughly hunting offenses - shot a bear 19 juni 2012
  • Incitement to serious hunting offenses - provided details of a wolverine to 36-year-old
  • Complicity in rough hunting offenses - provided advice and assisted with materials of snaring of bears
  • Aggravated larceny
  • Violation of the Weapons Act

Man 73 year, ground:

  • Complicity in rough hunting offenses - transporting bear trap
  • Roughly hunting offenses - shot a bear 3 June along with 46-year-old
  • Violation of the Weapons Act
  • Aggravated larceny
  • Species Protection Violation - bought a bearskin

Man, 36 year, Kalix:

  • Roughly hunting offenses - shot a wolverine 25 July 2016
  • Roughly hunting offenses - choker a bear 5 August 2016
  • Two cases of larceny

Man 39 year, Älvsbyn:

  • Jakthäleri
  • Violation of the Weapons Act
  • weapons Offenses

Man 63 year, Jokkmokk:

  • Roughly hunting Receiving, kept bear a skull in a freezer container
  • Violation of the Weapons Act

Embargoed bear hunt is questioned
Swedish Sami National Association questions the County Administrative Board's decision to call off this year's licensed hunting bear in Norrbotten.


County Board avlyser licensed hunting of bears in Norrbotten
County Board have announced that no license hunting issue in Norrbotten County in the year when the last count shows decreased bear population and a large number of bears have already been put under the protection hunt.

Almost twice as many bears may be shot Västernorrland
The number of bears that can be shot in the county during the hunting 40 stycken. Last year's award was 22 bears.

Swedish predatory association writing “quotation- 166 bears may be shot this fall in four of six björnlän. In the spring of this year, the County Administrative Boards of Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Jämtland taken the decision to cull 84 bears. 69 these bears are deferred until the middle of June.

The number of lynx decrease in the country.
1 220 lynx in the country according to the inventory this past winter.
This represents a decrease of over 100 animal.”-end quote
> Learn more at SRF facebook page

Decisions on licensed hunting for bear in Värmland County 2017
The board has decided to two (2) bears shall be held guilty of the 21 August and the 15 oktober 2017.

Nine county's own family groups of lynx in Varmland>

> License hunting bear in Dalarna 2017
County Administrative Board of Dalarna has decided this year licensed hunting bear.
48 bears may be held in the county starting 21 August and hunt under way at the most until 15 oktober.

> The County Board decides on the licensed hunting of bears in the county.

The board has made a decision on the license search of total 30 bears Gavleborg. The hunt begins Monday 21 August and will be permitted throughout the county, but divided into two hunting areas. The hunt is currently underway at the latest to 15 oktober, but may avlysas earlier if all bears convicted or slid.

> Moose may have been torn by bears


Why permitted the illegal hunting of predators in Västerbotten?

Hunting Hank Norrbotten grows

The lynx was shot in the culling
Authority: Let the bears in peace

> Hunting Hank swells - more animals have been killed

> See the meeting with the bear family: “A fantastic experience that we probably never will be again”


> Dead Sea Eagle found in Strömsund

Culling of lynx in Missouri

Remains of lead ammunition affects eagles

Hunting Crimes Hank: Lynx plagued movies


Two lynx should be put in Härjedalen
Culling after three lynx in Jamtland

new data: hunt grows skein
After more than six months of investigation begins inquiry hunting violations become clear. Two people suspected of serious hunting offenses, one for complicity in crimes hunting and two for receiving hunting. Several of them suspected now also for serious gun crimes.

> Wanted dead or alive

Several lynx felled the first hunting day


> After wolf – new battle for lynx hunting
After the wolf expected a new legal battle – This time around the lynx hunt. Swedish Society for Predators has turned to administrative law in Dubai with an appeal of the decision that seven county administrative boards in central Sweden made to allow licensed hunting of lynx from 1 mars.
It is the first time in several years that licensed hunting is allowed lo, writes New Wermlands-magazine. The trunk is considered to have recovered enough to total 31 animals can be folded in Gavleborg, Dalarna, Varmland, Uppsala, Västmanland, Örebro and Västra Götaland.

Adds this as individual post. (Then the hunt can be performed on them foulest ways.) cropped: (Two clipboard.)
“The County Board has decided on spring hunting license. A total of nine lynx shot - five inland and four coastal. In addition, the live capture and vehicles used in the hunt.
The hunt begins on 1 March and continues to 15 april.”
“Vehicles are permitted despite a ban.”
“Hunters who want to use traps to notify the County Administrative Board before the hunting season and they will be emptied at least twice each day.”

- Hunting Law prohibits hunting by the use of motor vehicles, but the board has decided that the vehicles will be allowed in this year's hunt.
- In lojaktsbeslutet there are strict rules, for example on how to use the scooter, as regards hunters read on about the rules before they go out hunting, says Linda Backlund.

> Activists surrounded and scared hunting dog
Note; It is never ok to leave the animals in any case. This was not OK.

Lynx makes nätsuccé
Watch the video on 47 seconds in the article

On March begins this year's lynx hunting. There are five animals to imprint the regional authority decides. But even before it has started to come criticism.

> After the wolf - new battle for lynx hunting

> Both sides appeal the decision on the license hunting of lynx

> Web Diarium

9 January

> Five decisions on culling during the holidays– Jämtland County Administrative Board

  • Tisdagen the 3 January was resolved skyddsjakttwo lynx application by Njaarke Sami.
    One of the animals is hands down.
  • The County Administrative Board decided culling of three wolverines in Tåssåsens Sami Thursday 5.
    None of them are convicted.
  • Friday 6 January adopted an oral decision on the culling of two wolves in Bracke. Both wolves are felled.
  • On the same day was made an oral decision on the culling of wolf application by Njaarke Sami. Wolf is convicted.
  • Monday 9 January was decided orally about the culling of a wolf in Tåssåsen. Wolf is convicted.



Sameby may not cull the lo
> http://svenskjakt.se/start/nyhet/sameby-far-inte-skyddsjakt-pa-lo/

Hunting License for lynx in Uppsala

More sick eagles found
> http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/smaland/fler-sjuka-ornar-har-hittats

Take it easy and do not be afraid of the woods
> http://www.unt.se/insandare/ta-det-lugnt-och-var-inte-radd-i-skogen-4465728.aspx

Lynx Mom was the victim of evaders - investigation closed

SVA, Bird flu detected on more wild birds
> http://www.sva.se/om-sva/pressrum/nyheter-fran-sva/fagelinfluensa-upptackt-pa-fler-vilda-faglar

No lynx hunting in Southern Sweden
> http://www.jaktjournalen.se/ingen-lodjursjakt-i-sydsverige/

Lynx has appear.The outside Skillingaryd
> http://www.jmini.se/nyheter/49252/lodjur-har-skymtats-utanfor-skillingaryd

Fewer wolverines found this year
> http://www.naturvardsverket.se/Nyheter-och-pressmeddelanden/Farre-jarvar-hittade-i-ar-/

Lynx increases but licensed hunting lingers
> http://www.ostrasmaland.se/torsas/lodjuren-okar-men-licensjakten-drojer/

They have come in hunting towers Hank - Man gets three months in prison

Prosecution in hunting scandal lingers

Contrived arguments for winter wolf hunting

Known more screams eagle Tonn has rediscovered

Young eagle owl was rescued by tourists
> http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/dalarna/berguvsunge-raddades-av-turister

Bear goes to Attack
Here the bear had gone to hibernate and become disturbed and awoken by a hunter.
The bear may be unfair to pay with his life, and this because of the moose hunt. >TV4

Intrusive bear in Lisselbo has been postponed

Romania prohibits trophy hunting of wolves, bear and lynx
> http://www.natursidan.se/nyheter/rumanien-forbjuder-trofejakt-pa-varg-bjorn-och-lodjur/
> Källa: The Guardian

Decisions on preventive hunting of bears in the municipality of Falun

message today total 24 wolves to be shot in this year's hunting license.
2016-09-29 (>See News page WOLF)

EPA gives green light for lynx hunting

Digital focus on predators
> http://ekuriren.se/nyheter/sormland/1.4398865-digitalt-fokus-pa-rovdjuren

License hunt for bear 2016 with start 21 August
205 of 219 assigned felled in total across the country 2016-09-15

Bear hunting-sverige_20160915

Hunting Hank: Another suspect released
- The police are working on with the questioning and I will take a decision on this matter tomorrow morning, said Schoultz.

Researcher: Therefore hunter hunts some predators illegally

Fewer wolverines may be held in Norway

Suspected violations hunting in Härjedalen - golden eagles found dead in anthill

Two suspects for hunting violations

Uppdaterad 3/9-2016
All the men in custody
Detention hearing regarding the fourth of five suspects in the hunt quarry is now ready. The 72-year-old man was arrested by the District Court on suspicion of aiding and abetting the crimes hunting.
> http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/norrbotten/nu-pagar-haktningsforhandlingar-i-jaktbrottet

Suspected handled the predator issues at the County Administrative Board
One of the five people from Norrbotten yesterday arrested and detained, suspect for aggravated criminal hunting of bear and wolverine, holds the official mandate of Norrbotten County Administrative Board of wildlife management.
> http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/norrbotten/hanterade-rovdjursfragor-for-lansstyrelsen-nu-anhallen-for-grovt-jaktbrott

Prosecutors in hunting violations Hank: The evidence has been strengthened.

Today 2016-09-02 the preliminary hearings of the five men suspected of, among other serious crimes hunting of bear and wolverine.

Five requested arrested for hunting violations
Five men have been requested arrested as suspects for serious hunting offenses in Norrbotten. Their crime, according to the prosecutor committed during the summer.
> http://www.allehanda.se/allmant/inrikes/fem-begarda-haktade-for-jaktbrott

Hunting Hank: Police beat in five locations simultaneously. 2016-09-01
A large hunting tangle is about to be rolled up in Norrbotten. Five men have been arrested in five different locations in the county and all are suspected of serious crimes in hunting wolverines and bears.
> http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=98&article = 6507701

There are bear hunting in Sweden 2016

The 21 August, this year's bear hunt that will keep on until 15 oktober.


151 shot so far in the counties of total 219 assigned in 12 County in Sverige.Jakten ends when the entire quota had been shot.

The following page is SVA = National Veterinary Institute where all the animals end up after the country's Quests for the count and autopsies. While hunting suspected offenses and special cases of pets and farm animals such as Sheep when it suspected was a wolf or lynx attack.

Here you will find summary information on licensed hunting of bear 2016 with the award and how many animals shot in each area.

SVA > http://www.sva.se/djurhalsa/vilda-djur/stora-rovdjur/licensjakt_pa_bjorn/licensjakt-bjorn-2016

Bear hunting Sweden 2016


The last bear is shot – now bear hunt in Gavleborg over

Bear Hunting License 2016, SVA
> http://www.sva.se/djurhalsa/vilda-djur/stora-rovdjur/licensjakt_pa_bjorn/licensjakt-bjorn-2016




Accidents behind hunting crime increase

Replaced lo-killed lamb

Half of the bears already felled

Now, the quality assurance of tracks from predators better

Appeal rejects SSNC bear appeal

OBS ! 30/6-16

Extended wolf hunting in Södertälje
tom 30/8 !!

The decision>  21811-24846-2016-Extension-culling-Wolf-160630

11 juni

Protective hunting of wolves in Sjundareviret outside Gnesta extended until 30 juni.
The hunt will continue until the 30 juni. The provincial government decided in Stockholm on Friday. The decision has been taken to reduce the risk to domestic animals should be harmed.

Protection hunt began on 3 maj, but so far no wolf has been shot.
Hunt leader Anders Broby'm not sure that there are wolves remain in the area.

- There may be a wolf, or more. Or you do not do it. I dare not actually guess, he says.
> Read more

26 maj
Protection Raiders of the wolf that is believed to hold to Sjundaområdetends on 10 juni. According hunt leader Anders Broby, they have so far only made dubious sightings of wolves in the area.

- On Saturday, we found half a fresh shit, but it may be that it has moved away from the area. There are hiking times for wolves now, says Anders Broby.

According to the latest assessment is three wolves to an area of 15 000 hektar, but only one of them may be postponed until 10 juni. Suddenly it can get advice from the public who saw the wolf or it's tips on fresh droppings. Then go hunting team directly.

- Then we have a good chance to succeed and are quickly on site. The wolf is very true to its trails so we follow the wolf roads or so we sit along with them. There tend to be decisive. One hour later, the wolf can be in the same place. It is important to follow these key behaviors, says Anders Broby.

> Read more

3 maj
As of today, one of the wolves in Sjundareviret folded in culling. County Administrative Board welcomed by Molstabergs manor that will still appeal to get all the wolves shot.

Protection Hunt underway at most until 10 June and hunting area stretches with few exceptions throughout Sjundareviret in the southwestern part of the Municipality of Södertälje.

Unlike the limited and inconclusive cull which was conducted last August, now allowed hunters use dogs, was, lamp and chasing around the clock. Nevertheless, Björn Aschan, Agents for Elisabeth Aschan and Johan Lundgren, who runs sheep production on Molstaberg, appeal the decision.

> Land

> The decision