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Illegal hunting of large carnivores > Hunting Offenses
“Slide, digging and tig” is an expression that is sometimes heard in reference to illegal hunting. Several of the large carnivore species hunted illegally with weapons, traps and poison.
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Aggressive wolf growled at age 11 in Kolsva - are still hunted
Earlier in July granted the County Board culling of an intimate wolf in Kolsva.
Status after more than ten days: Still no convicted wolf.
–  What could be the reason for this story believe. …extended culling ?

Köpingbo get 20.000 Dog killed by Kolsva wolf.
The owner asked 50.000, significantly more!

> The decision to postpone Kolsva-wolf arouses reactions 
Since Saturday conducts County Board culling of an intimate wolf in Kolsva. In social media spread an image of the wolf, and it is speculated that it concerns a cub - which County Board now deny.

The decision to start culling has brought both positive and negative reactions from the public.
- There has been a whole range. People find both that there is good and bad, says Daniel Mallwitz, game administrators in the County Administration.

FILM: See movies on Södertörns Wolf

 It was on Thursday that the reader Hakan Anar drove along Dalarövägen heading to Gålö to fish. Then he saw the wolf move in the field beside the road. So he stopped the car, got out and started shooting.

Culling by wolves in Norrköping Municipality

The board has decided to cull a wolf oskyggt deleted by children and killed pets in Kolsva, in köping municipality.

The wolf has been close to children, in gardens and along walkways in society without fold away when people come near.

Authorities gave false information about the number of wolves
County Administrative Board of Gävleborg has stated incorrect figures from winter wolf inventory. Now uncompromising authority away 15 Wolves. But still the wolf population, well above the agreed target.
Reduction of wolves and lynx in the county

Wolf pairs may have formed new territory in Jämtland


> Debate: Stop the licensed hunting of wolves until the illegal hunting stops
As long as the authorities do not manage the task to stop the illegal hunting of wolves, you have to put a stop to licensed hunting. Efforts to combat the illegal hunting is not about individuals' private interest in the wolf ".

> LST Stockholm> Radio-marked female is in Haninge
LST writes -” livestock owners should review their fences so that they are in as good condition as possible in order to reduce the risk of attack”.
A radio-marked wolf has in recent days been in Salem and in Haninge, Wisconsin. Last winter, a major management labeling of wolves in Norway. A handful of these have since migrated into Sweden. A transmitter wolves is managed by culling Värmland on Sunday and another wolf is thus right now in Stockholm.

Wolf numbers fell by a quarter in a year
175 wolves dead in Finland since August 2014

In Sweden, the number of dead wolves 164 desde. Augusti 2014 Tom. 7/6 2017
Källa; compilation kill wolves 2010-2016
compilation 2017
Summary kill wolves in Sweden per year
2014 = 48 stycken
2015 = 66 stycken
2016 = 42 pieces
2017-06-07 = 39 stycken
Total = 188 stycken
(+ The illegal hunting which is expected to kill about; 50 wolves annually. This happens in every country)

> Norwegian wolf was shot in Värmland
A Norwegian ungvarg as it has been culling on since the attacked sheep in Varmland was shot on Sunday evening.

257 wolves in Sweden - not 355
Swedish Society for Predators,”- The report on winter wolf inventory Viltskadecenter compiled indicates that at the end of winter were about 257 wolves in Sweden. The figure 355, the Environmental Protection Agency went out with yesterday, does not reflect real fox population size.”

Facts about wolves
Small changes in the wolf population
Environmental Protection Agency
The results of counting 2016/17 shows that there are about 355 wolves in Sweden. It is roughly the same as last winter when the survey results showed 340 Wolves.
EPA gives the county administrative boards the right to decide on licensjak

New Värmland magazine 2/6 2017

 Web Decisions transfer the right to decide on the licensed hunting wolves

DEBATE: Inaction from rural minister makes it illegal predator hunt can proceed


Now it must be examined whether predator fencing works

> Dog owners are denied compensation for wolf attack - County Board: “The dog ran loose without supervision”

> Illegal hunting of predators-Swedish Parliament

> new data: Junsele wolf was killed - and was put in the freezer

She was Sweden's most written about wolves.
Then she disappeared without a trace.
Now, new details of what happened Junsele wolf “Red Riding Hood” / Susi 2014.

It is journal filter which in its latest issue tells about Junsele wolf. The wolf, genetically vital for the Swedish wolf population, moved from reindeer pastures four times over the years 2011 to 2013.

The last move took place in March 2013 to Rimbo outside Norrtälje. But after all, move the she-wolf turned north again - the reindeer. In the fourth move, she put a straight course towards Junsele and walked through Sweden along the coast - she was seen among others in Viforsen outside Sundsvall and then proceeded to Junsele region. There she stayed over the summer, and when autumn arrived I noticed the Sami village in the area that she was left.

23 april 2014: Many tips on Junsele wolf

17 april 2014: reward on 100 000 for Junsele wolves

3 april 2014: Uncertainty about Junsele Wolf

27 mars 2014: Junsele wolf still away

24 mars 2014: Where is the wolf?

6 februari 2014: Junsele wolf living dangerously

16 december 2013: Junsele wolf is back

 > Lock Lord of the world's most expensive wolf

The wolves threatening elk king
The royal elk hunt in Malingsbo Kloten threatened by a rapidly growing wolf population. In one year, the wolf population has quadrupled in the area.

The king in a former hunting in Bergslagen. Now threatens a fourfold wolf population in the area, the traditional royal hunt for Malingsbo Kloten. Foto: Jan Henricson

> Wounded wolf not be found

Wolf wounded - tore lamb in thong

Hour of the Wolf scares me more than the wolf itself

New suspect in the hunt crimes Hank detained - is believed to have shot the wolf


Madness! That said, this is Jägarkrens response to Breivik.

Swedish Hunting of wolves No. 2 - Exclusive video
Kungsbacka (JJ) Now the Swedish Hunting of wolves No. 2. The film was released at Elmia Game Fair in a month, but Jaktjournalen can already show you clips from the film.


> 62 wolfterritories secured to date

26 territory have been found in the Värmland






"Sweden could have far more wolves"

Several wolf attacks during Easter weekend
Saturday and Sunday, there were two attacks in two different crews in Lysvik in Sunne. On Easter Sunday, seen a wolf with a transmitter or necklace attacking a lamb in a herd in Strandvik south of Lysvik.

> Wolf shot in Härjedalen for decisions on culling

> Illegal hunting of predators
PDFip_201617__453_Illegal search of being rovdjur_Brev from Jens Holm

> Decision to prosecute wolf shooter delayed
Environmental prosecutor Christer B Jarlås has not yet decided whether to press charges against the man who shot the female wolf in Sjundareviret to pacify his dog. According to the prosecutor determined his decision of how Section 28 Hunting Decree should or could be interpreted.


Coarse hunting quarry in Ljusdal - another arrested


How did the animal? - Police are investigating


The County Board took the 9 April an oral decision skyddsjakt after a wolf in Mittådalens and Handölsdalen Sami villages calving.

PDF > Cull-Wolf-Handolsdalen-Mittadalen-2017-04-09


Prison for illegal wolf hunting


Samebys applied the 7 April on skyddsjakt after a wolf

> 100 000 SEK in reward for tips on poaching
Swedish Predators association publishes earmarked 100 000 kr reward.
How much are you leaving data
poaching of wolves, bear, Lo eller Lake, somewhere in Sweden, leading to conviction.


> Investigation on hunting violations continue: Suspicious men questioned during the day
On Wednesday held interviews with the four men in Uppsala.
- Tomorrow morning (read: Thursday) we must decide whether they should be requested in custody or not. In that case, it will probably detention hearings on Friday, prosecutors said Christer B Jarlås.


> Autopsied wolves proves large illegal hunting
Since 2005 hair 447 pieces wolves autopsy at the National Veterinary Institute. The wolves autopsy has either trafikdödats, shot legally or found dead of other causes. Now it is clear that every tenth wolf autopsy have been killed illegally or have old bullet wounds.

>Large scale illegal hunting of wolves
Nearly one in ten wolf autopsied at the National Veterinary Institute have either been killed illegally or have old bullet wounds. But the illegal hunting harvests long more victims than this - it can be as much as 50 wolves per year.

> Four men arrested by police - are suspected of aggravated hunting crimes
” It was a long-planned crackdown. The police have done a search in at least four places, says environmental prosecutor Christer B Jarlås”
All the suspects are men from Hälsingland and large seizures made by blah weapons and scooters.
Listen to the recorded interview with police spokesman Mikael Hedström who says that the effort is to assess the extensive.

> How many wolves have been killed by poachers


> SLU test new way to count wolves

> The prosecution of the illegal predator hunt

50 wolf territories have been secured by inventories

> The Green Party will continue the chase for hunters

The dog frequent Oxberg they live happily with wolves
More difficult granted protectively

> Unnecessary hunting must be banned
Wolf not cause älgbrist

More cameras will be watching for wolves in the forests around Järna and Mölnbo

Culling of wolf as described reindeer
Shortly after the decision to cull the wolf could have been felled.
> No charges against wolf hunter - “not justified”


> Sharp criticisms of länsstyrelsen- accused of accelerating culling
New turf marking couple of Brattfors The territory

Prosecution in hunting Hank shortly
leading the investigation. Prosecutor Åse Schoultz's investigators. She expects to be able to prosecute hunting scandal in late March.
The investigation of the large hunting Hank goes into the final stage and the prosecution is expected in late March. Two bears and a wolverine was shot in Vidsel neighborhood.

Rural Party Independent party executive starting in Värmland
OBS, have listened to ! Helene Stensby talks about the party's philosophy.
Once completed wolf hunting
> The wolf inventoried
Now, an inventory of the wolf population in Värmland made. It is the County Administrative Board of Värmland who has received the Environmental Protection Agency's mission to find out how many wolves there are a total of, within and outside the territories. Hunters' Association New members will participate in the inventory.
Game Center chose not to grant special permits for wolf hunting more

>  The County Board is the police - last wolf should have been postponed to late
Wolf hunting last day Wednesday shot the last wolf. But according Dalarna County Administrative Board convicted the five minutes late, and has today made a police report about a suspected breach of the hunting regulation.
> confirmed: Not a wolf found dead in Åmot

>The last wolf shot - minutes before year hunting license would be interrupted
Just minutes before the wolf hunt would end the year discovered a hunter wolf and shot it.
- It was really the eleventh hour when this was the last day of this year's hunting license, says Christer Gruhs as information officer at Hunters Association.
> No new cull

> Spies but not poaching
Wolves from the three territories were convicted under license hunting

> No more wolves will be shot in Varmland
The last wolf elude hunters
> Culling of Viksjö-Wolf

Wolf felled in the area Raseborg-Salo
Finnish Wildlife granted in January dispensations for hunting of a wolf in wolf territory located in north-west Raasepori and the southern parts of Salo.
The wolf was convicted on Tuesday (7.2) 16.30-time. It was a young female who was shot in Perniö in Salo near Vihiniemi.


> Viksjö wolf to be shot
WAS lost about Bracke Wolves
Suspected hunting crime outside Åmot - dead wolf lay frozen in the ice
After recent wolf attacks decisions on culling

Wolf Ambassadors dispels fears - rewarded with the natural price

Clarify who have standing
This article think that's good for this very reason
-quotation”Wälimaa question that a FB group would be comparable to a "real association" with the so-called legal capacity. The alleged board consists of group administrators and the lack of documents proving Annual Meetings, membership fees and the like needed to be a legal entity. Thus lack the basic legal premise to sue in court. Remarkably expresses through administrative law some doubt in the decision, but still allows the network to appeal.”- end quote

It would be devastating if groups on Facebook that are not registered associations would have locus standi. better would be if the appreciation of a certain men's group would be paying members of the already registered associations / organizations.
Further information is awaited and come out here.
Increased poaching Kinnekulle
>  New game requires equal rights for all  
A new party set up in the Sami Parliament elections in May. Sami referendum Party wants all Sami should have hunting- and fishing. “The goal is to get to a referendum”, says party chairman Lars Wilhelm Svonni.


Trial for hunting from car

No investigation into hail shot wolf
> Suspected illegal hunting of wolves

Empty wolf territories in Torsby
> The wolves are living a hard life
> Seven people in total, over 60 000 SEK animals infested by wolves

> Wolf appeared in the middle of breakfast
It is the males time now to form their own turf.
These are called mavericks when they left their families in search of a female and forming his territory.
It will not appear there more.






Who was the wolf that was shot at End Laus marshes?



Appeal before the protective- and licensed hunting
Interpellation 2016/17:210. Letter from Runar Filper(SD)
BrevTalerätt_ Runar Filp SDip_201617__210
the Minister of Environment Carolina Forest (MP)
Here she responds to this letter. The compounds WAS & Nordulv locus standi.

>Vargjakten resumes this weekend – new attempt to trap the bitch who remain in the territory

>Scabies Vex wolf pup had stayed in progress
PREDATOR: 13 wolves autopsied

>Wolf was dumped in Gullmarsfjorden
Defence divers have found a shot wolf lowered in Gullmarsfjorden outside Uddevalla. Prosecutor's theory is that it is the missing Kroppefjäll male found

> Shot wolf was full with hail
The wolf that regard is the heaviest of the 24 wolves, in 44 kilo rooster. He was shot on Saturday 7 January connection Hårssjöns firing range within Brattfors The territory.
> Suspected poaching of wolves
Vargjakten in Värmland can get a legal penalties, type SVT. Today the police prepared a report on illegal hunting.

> The wolves shot in Blyberg The territory has autopsy - no sign of inbreeding
Here you can see an autopsy on the wolf, and listen to what is being done in the survey.
- These wolves were healthy and fine before they died. We found no pathological (diseased / abnormal) changes on them. It is seldom we see it. Most wolves we obducerar are healthy, says predators coordinator Tomas Meijer at the National Veterinary Institute. It meant also that there are a large number of unrecorded cases of dead wolves, Thus, illegal hunting.







> Sami communities got 53 million in compensation predators - not enough according to the Sami Parliament: "Does not cover the actual damage"

One wonders how this people can call themselves Nature People or Indigenous !
Most were Tåssåsens Sami village where compensation landed on 3 702 433 SEK. Deta is the Sami who applied for the most protective hunting of wolves and got it, and that there has ” a number of wolves disappeared”, Susie blah Wartikeँ. Where does this road?
The suspicion is that this Sami village operates an extensive poaching.

Hunting of wolves taking a break

> Autopsy shows: Alfa bitch shot during the hunting of wolves

New application for protective hunting
PREDATOR: Bild på med Olsätersreviret Varghanen.

> A wolf is pushed in Orsenreviret – but it was a bomskott

> Latest from SVA- wolf pushed

> Now missing the valuable wolf

>The bloody wolf hunting

It happens to the wolf after being shot

> Unclear if more wolves will be pushed – Maria Falkevik “It is too early to say”

> Four wolves and lynx felled on culling

>Five decisions on culling during the holidays- Jämtland County Administrative Board

  • Tisdagen the 3 January was decided to cull two lynx application by Njaarke Sami. One of the animals is hands down.
  • The County Administrative Board decided on the culling of three Jarvar in Tåssåsens Sami Thursday 5. None of them are convicted.
  • Friday 6 January adopted an oral decision on the culling of two wolves in Bracke. Both wolves are felled.
  • On the same day was made an oral decision on the culling of wolf application by Njaarke Sami. Wolf is convicted.
  • Monday 9 January was decided orally about the culling of a wolf in Tåssåsen. Wolf is convicted.


> Requires extended culling Munkfors
New application for extended culling of the remaining male in the territory submitted to the County Board in Värmland.

15 wolves in five days – Varmland
In just five days, the whole 15 Wolves have been felled in Värmland. Twelve precipitated under license hunt, a protectively and so were shot are also two Wolves with mange. And it may very well be more wolves still fired.

> Vargjakten in western Dalarna running again – pushed the wolf was undamaged

> Decisions on extended assignment for licensed hunting for wolves in the hunting area Loka in Örebro County

Additional applications for licenses to hunt wolves in Dalarna County 2017

>Decision Örebro;  218-104-2017-Orebro decision-if-extended assignment

> Decision Dalarna; 218-170-2017-Decision-about-extended assignment


> More wolves can be shot?


> Sixth wolf folded - wolf hunt ended in Gavleborg

>Two wolves felled during culling
According Wildlife management Varmland there a decision on a (1) varg.
We await decisions by e-mail.

> Vargjakten expanded in Loka, and the pursuit of Brattfors The territory is Embargoed

> End of the hunt in Blyberg The territory - last wolf shot

> Five of the six wolves felled in Gavleborg - in just five days
>Vargjakten Loka:Sixth wolf convicted and another to be shot

Seventh wolves can be hunted in Lokareviret

>Vargjakten Orsa: Four of the six wolves shot - the quest can be completed during the day


>"One sees the wolf shit everywhere nowadays"
An obnoxious Article ! 

>Applying to trap more wolves
>Third and fourth wolf felled in the Loka area
> Controlled hunting of wolves in Bracke today - the results announced in the afternoon


>The first wolf licenses granted in South Häme and North Karelia

>Wolf convicted in Brattfors The territory
> The second Lokavargen has been postponed


Wolf in Lokareviret first draw – They trace back the night saying

Scabies Wolf shot - but do not count

> http://nwt.se/filipstad/2017/01/04/skabbvarg-skjuten-men-raknas-inte?refresh=true

First the wolves shot in Orsenreviret

Wolf hunt has begun


First the wolves shot in this year's hunt - follow the wolf hunt here
> http://www.helahalsingland.se/gavleborg/forsta-vargarna-skjutna-i-arets-jakt-folj-vargjakten-har

Greider: License hunt is shameful!
> http://www.dalademokraten.se/opinion/ledare/greider-licensjakten-ar-skamlig

People on the quads disrupted hunting

Lack of snow stop the hunting of wolves
> http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/snobrist-stoppar-jakten-pa-varg/

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