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Culling and hunting license

Culling to prevent and minimize the damage wildlife can cause. Such hunting can be the case even though hunting is not otherwise permitted in the relevant species or the time of year when damage occurs. Although wild inviolability, t.ex. large carnivores, may be allowed to hunt.

Culling sometimes go out to remove any single individual that is especially troublesome. Other times seeks protection hunt primarily to intimidate and disrupt gatherings of wildlife.

Unfortunately, culling often only limited and temporary power loss prevention method. Therefore, it is important to try to find other solutions.


Hunting of predators can be run as licensed hunting or culling. Hunting License is mainly used to limit the size of predator populations. Culling is mainly to take care of problemdjur.Naturvårdverket is the overall authority for decisions regarding protective and licensed hunting of all large predators. Authority determines the annual livestock regulating the allocation of bear and lynx for each county. The County Administrative Board can make decisions about culling of individuals of wolf, bear and lynx.

Right to intervene in ongoing attacks by predators

Pet owners themselves have a certain right to intervene to pacify their animals if the animals are in an emergency, For example, because of an ongoing rovdjursangrepp.Grunden of this right are the 24 kap 4 § Penal Code, which states that when danger threatens lives, health, property or otherwise of important public policy interests safeguarded, may intervene by acting in a manner that the circumstances are not oförsvarligt.Hur to do in order to act in a responsible way is regulated in more detail in 28 § jaktförordningen. These state that a predator may be killed only if it is not going to scare it away or in any other appropriate manner cancel or avert angreppet.Den that killed a predator may not move without the permission of the police and is obliged to immediately report the incident to the nearest police department.