> Green light for lynx hunting

After processing in the Earth- and Environment Ministry 29. January is the appeals predator Tribunal in region 6 its resolution on quota for lynx hunting in the region 6 i 2018 not upheld. It is thereby given the green light for the lynx hunt starting 1. February.

Remaining wolf belonging to herds that should be removed
Norwegian Naturefound last week DNA traces wolves remaining in Julussa- and Osdalen Revír, and sent samples to the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) for analysis. Now the samples are prepared.

- It was traced one årshvalp from Osdalen herd in Osdalen Revír. In Julussareviret was slot two wolf, one half årgammel tispehvalp from Julussaflokken and a half year male who comes from another Juvberget. This may indicate that there is a new establishment, but it's a little early to tell from the DNA samples, says Susanne Hanssen, senior advisor at Environment Agency.

We get the number of dead wolves to 30 including the three that are shot inside the boundary.
The rest of Norway is hunting in the winter on further 14 wolves.

Uppdaterad 2017-12-30

WINTER IN NORWAY wolf hunting was stopped!
The hunt can seriously damage the Scandinavian population…
21 November 2017
> Oslo Tingsratt_adeb_7078507_v_1_kjennelse_i_sivil_sak_21_11_2017

> SNO will control the wolf hunt
When license hunting of wolves starts up again 1. January, To Norwegian Nature Inspectorate also be in place.
Environment Agency explains that the SNO will control the hunter's papers, and collect data on the felled beast. That means figuring out gender, weight and age, and to ensure DNA. Your information will be added to ROVBASEN, which is a repository of information on predators.

> Wolves in Hedmark and Oppland
Utformliga events of the wolf's fate in Norway
 Will trap Slettå troop
SP promotes today's proposal in Parliament to trap Slettå troop. They ask the government issue permits for wolves in line with the local predators Tribunal's desire. The rationale of the party is that the herd threaten local industries and behave aggressively.

>WWF appeals Norwegian wolf hunting again

World Wildlife Fund, WWF, Norway appeals once again to the Norwegian government's decision on licensed hunting of wolves. This is the second time in a month that the WWF draws the Norwegian wolf hunt to court

> No majority to trap Slettå troop
In the vote, it became clear that only eleven representatives voted for the proposal, mens 91 voted against, confirms Sp.
- It is disturbing to those who over the years have had to live with this aggressive wolf pack. This is the crowd that disturbs the locals most, says party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum NTB.

> Extreme inbreeding among Scandinavian wolves
New research has revealed little genetic variability and extreme degree of inbreeding in wolves in Scandinavia. It can eventually threaten the population, because bad genes continue and may lead to reduced reproductive capacity and lower survival. NINA = Norwegian Institute for nature research

Five wolves has so far killed.

Today Tuesday stopped the district court Oslo ongoing licensed hunting outside ulvesonen.
It is a hunting state of 21 Wolves. The license outside ulvesonen was initially 26 animal.
In addition inhibited the planned license pursuit of 24 wolves in the three territories inside ulvesonen which would start in January.
The court listened to Norwegian WWF which claims that the ongoing and planned hunting does not follow Norwegian law and the commitment Norway made internationally.
The court wrote in its judgment that hunting scope also likely to cause serious damage to the Scandinavian wolf population.
Wolf hunt is stopped

4 wolves shot in the Norwegian License hunt
Since the pursuit 1 October, four wolves so far been put in licensed hunting outside ulvesonen.
Last Saturday was shotfourth wolf. A local hunting teams in Åmot municipality in Hedmark shot a male wolf that was in the area around Skramstadsetra.
The area is located within the regions 4 och 5 who has 12 of them 26 wolves may be shot outside ulvesonen.
regions 4 och 5 comprises parts of the counties Hedmark, Östfold and Oslo / Akershus. The same regions whose Rovviltnämnder taken the decision to a full three family groups should be put in ulvesonen in winter. The hunt has been appealed to the Ministry of Environment who want an inventory / tracking of the Norwegian wolf state before the appeal is processed.

Norway Follow these links
> predator praised,facebook
>web Site
Built People for predators

Hunting License 26 wolves in Norway starting on 1 october 2017
How it looked in Oslo 1 years ago. Good job NORWAY (Y)

> Leonardo DiCaprio (43) throw themselves into the Norwegian wolf debate

WWF does the Norwegian government on wolf hunting
World Wildlife Fund, WWF, Norway does the Norwegian government, and also demands a new wolf management.
- Wolf hunting is lagvidrig and must be stopped before it is too late to save a critically endangered species, says Ingrid Lomelde, Environmental political leader of WWF, in a press release

PART FORWARD: The wolves in Norway and WWF needs your help!
WWF is suing the state to rescue the wolf in Norway, and require new wolf management. The authorities have agreed to shoot 50 wolves in winter! WWF need YOUR help to finance the lawsuit against the state. WWF has 100.00 the estimated costs of approximately. 350.000. 
Help to raise money by sharing case further. Do you have the opportunity to contribute, counting every penny.
WWF is suing the state to rescue the wolf in Norway
WWF World Wildlife Fund is suing the state and requires new Norwegian wolf management. - Enough is enough. We have tried all other means. Wolf hunt is illegal and must be stopped before it's too late to rescue a critically endangered species, says environmental political leader Ingrid Lomelde WWF.

Trysil Municipality will still not use their "wolf money" to investigate the wolf rise
Trysil Municipality will use “Wolves million hits”, allocated for municipalities with a wolf territory, to examine wolf's geographical and genetic origin, but now says Norwegian Environment Agency no to such an investigation. Directorate believes that such an investigation falls outside the meaning of aid scheme.

Four wolves felled by a Norwegian hunting license
A total of four wolves convicted at the Norwegian license hunt this year. The hunt began on 1 oktober.
On Saturday, the fourth shot the wolf, one hanvarg in Hedmark. In total, 26 wolves felled outside the so-called wolf zone at the ongoing licensed hunting

> Wolf shot in Engerdal Sunday

Wolf shot in Åmot
- It was a male wolf was brought about in time 16.15, says senior advisor at the County Department of Environmental Hedmark, Øyvind Gotehus to Østlendingen.

Two wolves fields in Stor-Elvdal
- It was a bitch and a male was brought by a local foul blow. How big wolves were I do not know at this time, but Norwegian Nature Inspectorate is headed up there now to check, says Gotehus.
The bitch was shot around the clock 14, before the male was fouled just off about ten minutes later.







Of them 26 wolves may be shot outside ulvesonen get 12 pushed in regions 4 och 5 which includes the Hedmark beyond ulvesonen.
Just a few days into the licensed hunting started 1 October was shot the first wolf in Romedal in Stange

This is one of the wolves was brought in Stor-Elvdal
A young female and a male was shot in Stor-Elvdal municipality in Eastern Valleys Hedmark Wednesday. Meanwhile speculation whether it could be even a wolf in the area where the animals were felled.

Two wolves fields in Stor-Elvdal
It confirms senior adviser at the State Department of Environmental Hedmark, Øyvind Gotehus facing Østlendingen.
- It was a bitch and a male was brought by a local foul blow. How big wolves were I do not know at this time, but Norwegian Nature Inspectorate is headed up there now to check, says Gotehus.
The bitch was shot around the clock 14, Hanna was precipitated as by circumferential

> Up to 60 percent of Norway's wolves to be shot

Norway is preparing for the big hunt wolves

In total, 50 wolves will be shot in Norway in winter. Also included in the so called wolf zone, where the wolf been protected.
Now the appeal WWF to the Norwegian government to stop the hunt.

> Allow multiple wolves folds

> Wolf shot in Stange

 Here is the wolf in Jessheim: - It was actually there for a little while

Under license of wolves starts 1. oktober

Government approves felling 26 wolf outside wolf zone
>  Clear: 26 wolves may be shot in Norway

> First report on ulvegenetikk is ready

> Lierne container record

Licensed hunting for wolverine 2017 – 2018
> Sheep taken by wolves

Opens for felling 113 wolverines
Sunday 10. September started the period for permissions to kill the wolverine which lasts until 15 February. This year, the regional predators committees have opened for felling 113 wolverines.

>Norwegian decision on licensed hunting 36 Wolves
Rovviltsnämnderna in Norway ruled yesterday that 36 Wolves will get suspended during the autumn hunting license.
> At the same time came 19 appeals

It has come into 19 complaints, both the quota is too high and that it is too low.

  • NOAH - believes the decision contrary to national laws and ask that it be declared void or be reversed.
  • predator voice - requires that no hunting either in or outside the wolf zone.
  • WWF / Society Our Predators - requires rescinded.
  • Naturvernforbundet - requesting that the quota be reduced significantly outside the zone and that none of the herds within the zone removed.
  • Norwegian Farmers' Union - believes the quota is too low.
  • Norwegian Peasant- and Smallholders - believes the quota is too low.
  • Hedmark Bonde- and Smallholder - believes the quota is too low.
  • Built People for predators - believes that it should not be fired any wolves now.
  • on Baksporet - believes the quota is too low.
  • Green Warriors - not accept licensed at all.
  • Norskog - believes the quota is too low.
  • Norwegian Saug and Goat - will take one wolf pack territories to.
  • wolf's day - complaints of procedural errors.
  • NJFF-Hedmark, Akershus, Østfold and Oslo - believes the quota is too low.

We will shed more wolf

> Bjorn shot in Eastern Valleys

Jonas Kindberg Photo: Jan Henricson

> Female is from Sweden reefs 300 get in Norway
DNA analysis is complete. The wolf that was shot on Monday in Eastern Toten in Norway is as described in more detail 300 får.
The wolf comes from the Swedish Kindla-territory in Örebro County.
- The parents come from two different Swedish territorial: Siljansringen and Acksjön. They had a litter in 2013, and has given birth to a total of four hills. However, it is unclear whether they had a litter this year, says Jonas Kindberg.


>Norway: The country that hates nature

Nothing is sacred in the Kingdom of Norway, not even the celebrated fjords themselves. Whereas other countries bemoan underwater ecosystems collapsing due to climate change, the Norwegian Environment Agency, after severe pressure from the government, has given the green light for thedumping of mining waste in the pristine Førde Fjord, something that will probably annihilate virtually all life there.


Hobby Photographer took unique photos of wolf puppies









First of several years
SNO got it 18. July saying that someone had seen and also captured images of three wolf pups at a dirt road in Kynndalen in Elverum, within the range used by wolf pair in Kynnareviret.

> Asks more support independent study about wolves and genetics

New wolf coal proven
Norwegian Nature Inspectorate received documented observation of three wolf pups in Kynnareviret.

OK Protection hunt wolves with dogs in Norway
On Wednesday announced Fylkesmannen, equivalent to the provincial government in Sweden, Oppland driving dogs to be used in the culling of wolf.

Nine complaints of shooting 36 wolves
The deadline for appeals has expired: More wolf trouble in store
Roviltnemndenes decision to shoot 34 wolves creates fronts. Nine organizations have appealed against the decision.










 ULVEN become extinct IN NORWAY

The researchers will now find out about Norwegian wolves dog implicated in the genetic material

> Felling Permit on wolves in Hedmark

Predator Tribunal will withdraw 36 wolves
> NRK >https://www.nrk.no/ho/rovviltnemnda-vil-ta-ut-36-ulver-1.13576193 

Predator committees in Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold met today to establish quotas for next winter, licensed.
There it was decided that it is now to be withdrawn 36 wolves in and outside the wolf zone in Akershus and Hedmark. It includes Julussaflokken and Osdalen Herd, who has turf outside wolf sona.
Decisions on Norwegian vrgjakt
> Read in Sv hunting

Warns after several sightings of Østmarka-wolf: - Use care

15 wolves killed outside ulvesonen Hedmark / Ackershus
Licensed hunting of wolves in Norway license has been increased on the stages since January and were finalized on Friday 31 mars.
Since 1 april 2016 to Friday 31 March, 18 known wolves dead i Norge.
Källa; SRF
With it's quota for permissions to kill the wolf outside the wolf zone filled, and all hunting stopped immediately. The male weighed just over 41 kilo, while the bitch was measured at just over 32 kilo.
Two wolves were shot - the hunt is stopped

> Who was the wolf that was shot at End Laus marshes?

License quest for wolf is over 2017-01-11
Kvota is thus filled, and all further hunting of wolves terminated with immediate effect.

Five wolves shot in Hedmark 2017-01-11
While the debate over whether it should be hunted within wolf zone or not in Hedmark progress, underway looking outside wolf sona.


The decision: Wolf hunt the neighbors stopped 20/12 2016
The Norwegian Environment Ministry says no to hunting 32 wolves in four wolfterritories, among other things, in the so called wolf zone adjacent värmland limit.
The pursuit of the 32 the wolves would have started in Värmland neighboring counties Hedmark January 1.
> http://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/varmland/beslutet-ingen-vargjakt-hos-grannarna

licensed hunting on 24 wolves are beyond all reason
Nina Jensen, WWF reacted strongly to the decision on licensed hunting of wolves. - This is frightening policy.
> https://www.nrk.no/ho/_-lisensjakt-pa-24-ulver-er-hinsides-all-fornuft-1.13137477

Norway Licenjakt wolves will total 47 of Norway 65 wolves to be shot !
Hunting season passionate 1 October 2016-31 March 2017 outside the wolf zone and 1 January 2017-15 February 2017 inside the so called wolf zone.
>>Petition <<

Signatures 203 592 and the Petition has been sent to ALL recipients with letter & signatures.
Despite…many inscriptions were started license hunt.

Not satisfied with killing 70% of Norway’s wolves
> http://rovdyrpredators.blogg.no/1475698017_not_satisfied_with_ki.html
Sign and share this >  Change.org Petition

petition: Yes wolf in Norwegian nature! No Parliamentary extermination policy

NOAH on Facebook

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Four (4) Wolves have been shot in Norway we know about. However we have a tip that 7 wolves have been shot.
Viewing the facts about it !








Last; Oslo 2016-10-15
Environmental activists protested against Ulvejakt




© Photo Jon Natvik

This is the last article regarding license hunt in Norway. Here it is determined that 1 – individual's field .
We have 8 rovvilnemder with different resolutions. It is fact is that 15 of these wolves adopted pålisensfelling outside breeding zone, is appealed and rejected.
So these must we unfortunately see lost! This is mainly vandrerre from Sweden!

The remaining 32, there is no quorum on when most organizations involved in today's demo star board has appealed vedtakte.
Appealed to Rovviltnemdene concerning permissions to kill within the zone – 2 territory up 8 individuals – 1 territory marking pairs Up 23 individuals + Osdalsreviret (up to 8 individuals) happens during novemder ( Rovviltnemdene shall consider complaints 31.10.2016. Then there is the climate and environment ministry which has the final say!
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