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New Värmland magazine 2017-06-02

The police will no longer handle the animals.
Under a new bill county administrative boards should take over the responsibility of managing cared for animals from Police, reports SVT News.
The government think that police activities should be more focused.
– The boards' staff are better trained for these tasks, and also released the police who can then engage in ordinary police work, says Interior Minister Anders Ygeman (S) SVT News.
The bill means according him a hundred police officers may be released. (TT)

Lag (2007:1150) on the control of dogs and cats

introductory provision

1 § Dogs and cats must be kept under such supervision and managed in such a way that in view of their nature and other circumstances necessary to prevent that they cause harm or serious inconvenience. Specific rules on the supervision of dogs found in the Reindeer Husbandry Act (1971:437).

Marking and registration of dogs

2 § A dog owner should be the mark of his dog so that it can be identified. This reference must be made.

3 § Swedish Board of Agriculture shall keep a country central register of dog owners (hundregistret). The dog owner shall register its ownership of the registry. The government or the authority that the government may issue regulations 1. obligation for the dog owner to pay a fee for registration and equipment to read the label, 2. calculation of the fee.

4 § the provisions of 2 och 3 §§ comes to dogs that habitually found in Sweden.

5 § Dog Register may be used to determine who owns a dog. Customs Service, agriculture Department, county boards, police and the municipal councils performing tasks within the environment- and health protection should have direct access to the register.

6 § Agriculture is the data liable under the Personal Data Act (1998:204) Dog register. The government or, authorized by the Government, Agriculture may decide to entrust management of the database to another agency or to an organization.

7 § For the processing of personal data apply, beyond what is said in 5 och 6 §§, Data Protection Act (1998:204). the provisions of Data Protection Act rectification and damages also apply to the processing of personal data carried out under this Act.

Orders and prohibitions

8 § If any deficiencies in the oversight of, or management of a dog, Police will issue the orders and prohibitions that are necessary to prevent injury or substantial nuisance. Both injunctions that ban may be subject to penalty.

9 § The police authorities may issue the orders necessary to the rules on labeling and registration of a dog in this Act shall be followed. notices under första stycket may be combined with fines.

10 § Anyone who is under fifteen may not be issued injunctions or prohibitions under 8 eller 9 §.

Disposal of dogs M.M..

1 § To prevent a dog causing injury or substantial inconvenience to get police, unless other, Less restrictive measures are considered sufficient, decide that it must be disposed of.

12 § If a dog has been seized by virtue of 11 §, be the owner or holder does not dispose of the dog without permission from the police. The police authorities may, after investigation, decide that the dog is to be sold, given away or, if the dog is a danger to people or animals or if there are special reasons, killed.

13 § If there are no longer grounds for disposal, the police authority shall decide that this must cease immediately.

14 § Encountered a dog loose in the area where the farm animals are, get your dog, if it can not be captured and if it is necessary to prevent damage to farm animals, killed by the owner or caring for farm animals. Whoever killed a dog is obliged to urgently notify the police.

dog Ban

15 § The police authorities may issue a prohibition to take care of the dog (dog prohibition) for those serious deficiencies or have failed in the oversight of a dog. In determining whether a dog ban should be notified should be considered especially if the person against whom the prohibition is intended to apply have committed crimes which he or she has used the dog as a weapon or have repeatedly been the subject of an injunction or prohibition under 8 § or has been in charge of the dog who has been placed under 11 §. Dog Prohibition shall be refused if it is obvious that the circumstances giving rise to a dog ban is being considered will not be repeated. Dog ban may cover a fixed period or until further notice. Anyone who is under fifteen years old are not notified dog ban.

Supervision and care of dogs in the grounds where there are wild

16 § Under tiden den 1 March to 20 August, the dogs kept under such supervision to prevent them from running loose in grounds where there are wild. During the remaining time of the year, the dogs kept under such supervision to prevent them from pursuing or harassing wildlife, when not used for hunting. The government or the authority that the government may issue regulations that differ from första stycket. If required for the protection of wildlife gets such regulations mean that a dog must be on a leash.

17 § If a dog running loose in an area where there are wild, get jakträttshavaren or someone representing him or her take care of the dog. Once identified, the dog's owner or holder without delay. If he is not known to be rather police authority informed. If jakträttshavaren or anyone representing him or her does not want to take care of the dog, should instead dispose police dog. Can not the dog is taken care of, get police kill dog, if this is set state from wildlife management standpoint and defensible even taking into account other circumstances.

18 § Has not the owner or holder, after the costs incurred in a 20 §, regained the dog within five days after he was informed of the care or, if the owner or occupier is not known, within ten days after the police were notified, get jakträttshavaren keep the dog or police authority, after investigation, decide to sell, give away or, if the dog is a danger to people or animals or if there are special reasons, killing the dog.

Animal Protection (1988:534)

Searches related to Animal welfare Act

Animal welfare Agency

Animal welfare Act horsekeeping

Animal welfare Act dog alone

Animal welfare Act Grey

Fireworks are regulated by several laws

Pyrotechnics is regulated by several laws, rules and regulations. According to a review of the Animal Protection Agency made the rules about fireworks covered the following.

1. Ordinance on flammable and explosive goods

2. order Charter

3. Animal Protection Act

4. The Criminal Code

According to the law

• Barn under 18 years may not purchase or use fireworks. Buying out the fireworks to anyone under 18 years counted as drug dealing.

• Not even an adult can, in most cases, shoot fireworks without written permission from the police.

• Fireworks may not be postponed in the pet's presence if there is the slightest risk of an animal can be frightened.


Do you see someone who breaks the above so sign to police. The likelihood that police will prioritize such notifications are not great, but if enough people sign, Maybe something happens.

get active

We can reduce the misery with fireworks, but we must help each other. get active, talk to your dog club, your veterinarian. Interact with other affected groups, as a doctor, police, brandskyddspersonal. Dog Clubs can organize meetings and seminars with representatives of the above mentioned persons. Spread the above knowledge to schools and other places. There is much we can do. Do not sit and wait for others to do something, was active himself - for all dogs' sake.

Animal welfare and pyrotechnics

on Jordbruksverkets website you can take advantage of the current legislation in this area that apply.

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