Districts in the Hunters' Association (JRF) requesting hunting licenses totaling 336 lynx in Sweden this winter. Last winter it was only a quota of 76 lynx in March in the affected counties. Lynx effect on hunting and cattle are too high and the only way to deal with the problem is by reducing the strain of hunting, JRF considers.

As for the southern predator management area like JRF-districts to the county boards that are in the area decides on licensed hunting totaling 85 Lynx next year.
It's a hefty increase over last winter, then it could only be folded two lynx in Västmanland, the southernmost lojaktslänet.

175 in lynx north and 76 in central Sweden
In the northern predator Administrations requesting JRF hunting 175 lynx and in the Middle District 76 Lynx.
According to the last count, there are in Sweden overall, as many lynx as last year, around 1 200 Lynx. Thus gives EPA the green light to the county administrative boards decide on license hunting of lynx, which in this case takes place in March next year.

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Note: Most counties in the administrative will decide Lynx Hunting.
These loans are; Dalarna, Varmland, Västmanland and Stockholm ect.