It is imperative that the government defends the Swedish predators administration and the parliament made the decisions. All large carnivores to be managed in a responsible manner and the combined predator pressure needs to be kept at reasonable levels, writes Runar Filper and Mats Nordberg, SD.

Predator management has been hotly debated for many years. Gradually, we started bringing components to a management that might in time achieve acceptance by both the public and hunters.

In this sensitive position is now threatened predator management of a proposal from the European Commission, which involves a very restrictive interpretation of the EU:s art- and Habitat concerning predatory hunting, which would make impossible the Swedish and Finnish management models regarding predators. The 30 October this year, held a consultation meeting on the proposal in Brussels, wherein Sweden representatives chose not heard.

Swedish Hunters Association have written to the government pointed out that the proposal would prevent the parliament approved predator policy and that the government therefore should urgently clarify the country's position on the European Commission.

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