The Norwegian government continues to keep their wolf populations at the verge of extinction. The Ministry of Climate and Environment gave the license to kill 26 wolves already for this season. Three more wolfpacks are awaiting the decision for their future. If the Ministry allows also killing of these 17 wolves, half of the wolf population will be dead by the start of 2019. The Norwegian organisation NOAH approached European Wilderness Society to support the efforts to stop this. Together with many other organisations, we will urge the Norwegian Prime Minister and Minister of Climate and Environment to reconsider the decision. Support the efforts to avoid this catastrophe.

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Wildlife management asks for killing

In Norway there is a so-called wolf zone, which takes up 5% of the country. In these wolf-zones, legislation should protect wolves better than in the rest of the country. However, the regional wildlife management board now decided that it is better to kill every wolf in there. The board wants to prevent that the wolf-zone becomes a wolf reserve. This raises the question, why

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