On Monday, the Norwegian government announcement that it will shoot a wolf pack in the so-called wolf zone. But only a herd may be suspended, instead of three as the Norwegian rovviltnämnderna previously given the green light for.


It is the so-called Slettåsflocken, moving close Varmland border in the area around Trysil, to get pushed under the new decision. It will be the first time that hunting may be conducted inside the wolf zone.

The Norwegian rovviltnämnderna had approved the three territories would be removed, but on Monday the government changed the decision. Two of the three flocks must not be postponed, but Slettåsflocken must be removed, as it has caused more problems and created more conflicts than the other two, says climate - and environment minister Ola Elvestuen to the newspaper VG.

Wolves may only be in wolf zone
It is not the only wolf hunting in Norway in winter. From 1 October underway licensed hunting of a maximum 26 wolves wolves outside the zone.
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