Billionaire Karl Hedin, 69 demanded in vain to become free.

He is one of the main suspects in the hunt harness which includes wolves are suspected to have been killed.

- Karl Hedin denies arrest claim and claims to be put on the loose, said defenses Sven Severin when omhäktningsförhandlingen began.

Continued detention of Karl Hedin

The arrest then continued behind closed doors. After more than half an hour was rough man David Viktorsson Harryby finished its decision: the continued detention of suspects for serious hunting offenses.

The judge ruled there was a risk that Hedin could hamper the investigation if he were set free.

Hedin disappointed in the decision

The defender, Chambers Sven Severin, said after the hearing:

- We are disappointed with the position of the district court has taken and will appeal the detention order to the Svea Court of Appeal. There is again an opportunity for Karl Hedin to obstruct the investigation or eliminate evidence in any way.

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