Two wolves have quickly been put on the Finnmark plateau in the northernmost part of Norway. The wolves were believed to have wandered in from Finland, and have attacked and killed in the clean area.

Reindeer owner Mikkel Nils Sara says to NorwegianNRK There is great concern that, and that they fear a future with much wolf in Finnmark.

- After these episodes, I have come to believe that there could be a new vargtid in Finnmark, says Mikkel Nils Sara.

A wolf was shot a month ago in Karasjok after 57 reindeer found killed. Last week, the track was a new wolf in the area, and Thursday sacrificed the wolf from helicopter. The decision was taken by the Norwegian Environment Directorate and implemented by the National naturoppsyn, SNO.

several wolves
Meanwhile, there are reports of other tracks in the area, which may indicate that the number of wolves wandered in from the Finnish-Russian population.

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