NOAH behöver alla att hjälpa till att stoppa vinterns vargjakt ! Brevet som ni kan kopiera och skicka finns på sidans Anteckningar.





Despite the demonstrations and letters sent to the government and politicians last winter, the Norwegian government has not shown signs of departing from their policy of keeping the wolf at the verge of extinction in Norway. Last year 31 wolves were killed and the Minister of Climate and Environment has already given a green light to the killing of 26 wolves this autumn/winter.

However, the Minister’s decision on the fate of three wolf packs (altogether 17 wolves) is still awaited. These packs are living in an area called the wolf zone that makes up around 5% of the territory of Norway and is meant to give better protection to the wolves than in the rest of the country. The regional wildlife management board has decided to exterminate these packs mainly for the reason that they do not want the wolf zone to be a wolf reserve. Now it is up to the Minister to decide whether this decision will be upheld.

If the Minister upholds the decision, then the total number of wolves that can be slaughtered in Norway this autumn/winter is 43. This is half the wolf population in Norway.

We therefore reach out to you for help and ask you and your members to send as many letters as possible to the Prime Minister of Norway and to the Minister of Climate and Environment to express protest against the decision to kill 26 wolves and to call upon the Minister not to allow the killing of 3 wolf packs within the wolf zone.

We have attached a template letter to where you will find the e-mail addresses to which the letters can be sent. You can send the letters either by e-mail or normal post, but we encourage to use electronic means, as it will be faster.

Please feel free to publicize information on the Norwegian wolf extermination policy on your social media and website. You can use the attached banner for illustration (however, we ask you to ensure that NOAHs logo and the name of the photographer remains visible). We also appreciate if you can send this e-mail further to anyone who might be interested in engaging for the wolves in Norway.

Katrin Vels
Project consultant/lawyer
NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter
Dronningens gate 13
0152 Oslo

Letter to Norw gov protest wolf hunt 20182019   


Letter to Norw gov protest wolf hunt 20182019 PDF


Brevet till Mrs. Erna Solberg The Prime Minister & Mr. Ola Elvestuen Minister of Climate and Environment

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